If you are looking for the raw numbers, UTV has them…

And they are here...

  • RepublicanStones

    The 4% swing toward Sinn Fein in my own home turf of FST mirrors swing from SDLP. Tommy Gallagher nowhere near the profile of Michelle. It’ll be sore for Stoops if Shinners squeeze in one of their undercards at Tommy’s expense. Disappointing to see Hannah Su poll so poorly. She’s a nice girl.

    Just looking at the turnout %’s. There are four constituencies with over 60% coming out.

    FST – 69.0%

    Mid Ulster – 65.4%

    Newry & Armagh – 61.3%

    West Tyrone – 64.0%

    All places where Shinners come out top. So they can indeed ‘get them out’. Greatest apathy was among unionist electorate? Gildernew, Murphy, McGuinness all double-jobbing the bit out. Wonder what Cathal Boylan has to say about that…


  • JAH

    It confirms the utter irrelevancy of TUV’s back to the past message. If they can’t even muster 3% of the vote, then maybe it is time they were consigned to the same corner as the Monster Looney Raving Party and utterly ignored. Allister may find it a very lonely place if elected, representing almost nobody.

  • Mick Fealty

    Heads down over FST in SDLP… Fearghal probably should have run… this one place where the incumbency role has played against him…

  • RepublicanStones

    Just looking at the West Tyrone swings. Again Shinners increase mirrors Stoops decrease. But with Dr Deeny not standing, we can’t take for granted that all those additions to Shinners vote came from Stoops.

  • Valenciano

    UTV only gives the first prefs same as BBC and RTE. Are the full count figures available anywhere?

  • These are only the first preference raw numbers. Where are the proper statistics, count by count, with transfer numbers?