#AE11: the internet election? Yeah, right.

Having been busy at work most of the day, the most I managed was being a peeping tom on Mark’s live feed on Slugger.

Now, having had a couple of hours to carouse the web and check out the incoming numbers, it appears that, while lots of commentary is now available, few outlets are actually providing the basic count numbers. So much for the internet elections, then. Even Twitter, which comes into its own during election counts, requires an old-fashioned pen and paper approach just to keep on top of what is going on (since the counts don’t really seem to be being documented anywhere). I’m suspecting that the mainstream media have hoped that the web 2.0 social media and politicos would carry the geeky stuff like numbers for them this time around (while they hold onto the licence fee and/or advertising).

Anyone want to rate the various media outlets and maybe point up the ones that might even make an effort past Monday (you know, the council elections thingy…)?