#AE11: the internet election? Yeah, right.

Having been busy at work most of the day, the most I managed was being a peeping tom on Mark’s live feed on Slugger.

Now, having had a couple of hours to carouse the web and check out the incoming numbers, it appears that, while lots of commentary is now available, few outlets are actually providing the basic count numbers. So much for the internet elections, then. Even Twitter, which comes into its own during election counts, requires an old-fashioned pen and paper approach just to keep on top of what is going on (since the counts don’t really seem to be being documented anywhere). I’m suspecting that the mainstream media have hoped that the web 2.0 social media and politicos would carry the geeky stuff like numbers for them this time around (while they hold onto the licence fee and/or advertising).

Anyone want to rate the various media outlets and maybe point up the ones that might even make an effort past Monday (you know, the council elections thingy…)?

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  • Ronan McDonald

    Agree – it’s astonishing that I can’t read count-by-count totals anywhere.

    RTÉ aren’t even providing a running total of seats, and, unbelievably, their article simply links to the BBC’s list of elected MLAs (http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0506/nielection.html). Even if RTÉ can’t have cameras and reporters in every count centre, you’d think they could at least update their own list of elected members!

    The BBC and UTV have enough people on the ground to keep an updated total on later counts, but instead just give the results of the first counts. It’s a pity. Especially for insomniacs like me.

  • Nunoftheabove

    I can’t be the first to mention this but why does the protocol observed by the returning officers announcing first count results in count centres differ ? Specifically, why do they mention the party each candidate belongs to in some count centres and only their names in others ?

  • Mick Fealty

    Boys, I was on Tipp FM two days ago and did my best to make this election sound compelling. Not sure I was very convincing.

    So http://url.ie/b1w1. And http://www.u.tv/election2011/results.aspx

    After 12/15 hours we have less than half the Assembly seats (45/108) declared in an election where there will be virtually no changes till we get down to the last 15…

    The SF vote is up. And the DUP have bridged their gap in vote management skills with SF and look like extracting a small seat bonus…

    Both are using the Marty as FM card on the doorsteps to the nth degree, and it seems to be paying off very nicely.

    Return match, erm, 2016…

    Virtual, I’m afraid, has diddley to do with it…

  • John Ó Néill

    A lot of people were throwing ideas around about voter apathy yesterday, when all you had to do was look at the mainstream media outlets and their provision for reporting counts etc (cf RTE who, for all their flaws, did a great job on ge11 earlier in the year). They look like they gambled on randomers posting up count details etc online which they could draw in as feeds (rather than gather and post the basic data themselves).
    There is an odd concordance between voter turnout, the speed (sic) of the counts and the limited detail in the output being provided by msm.

  • Mick Fealty

    UTV John. It is the ONLY place you can get the figures.

  • Mr Crumlin

    is there any sites that is showing the results of counts 2,3 etc – which shows where redistributed votes are going?

  • USA

    John, I agree that RTE has had excellent coverage over the last number of elections. Have not checked them out this year, was watching the BBC feed online. Quite good.

  • Barry the Blender

    I actually think the best coverage was on radio ulster when I was driving home last night. It gave out the declarations and numbers at each stage. I was surprised when I returned that this wasn’t online.

    The UTV is the best for results, but that is in the most relative possible way.

  • hashtagaffix

    The #ae11 hashtag worked great on Twitter until the polls closed. The #ae11 hashtag the “official” hashtag for the elections and people started using it when tweeting about slow counts, and a host of other issues, the best one was the bbc tweeting a photo of their producer in bare feet. This created lots of noise around #ae11.

    It was impossible to filter out the “noise” surrounding the #ae11 hashtag. (Look at the Twitter search results for #ae11 http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23ae11)

    However there was another hashtag used post polls – #ae11_rslt which signified tweets associated with results of the elections.

    The _rslt is a Hashtag Affix* appended to the main #ae11 hashtag. We created the Hashtag Affix to sub categorise main hashtags.

    Prior to the votes being counted we contacted a number of the NI media and political parties asking them to use it when tweeting results.

    Only Sinn Fein adopted it and they used it primarily to report on results. (Look at the Twitter search results for #ae11_rslt http://twitter.com/#!/search/%23ae11_rslt – specific tweets)

    I believe that the NI media need to take a lesson from the 2011 Assembly elections when it comes to Twitter.

    By using a variety of Hashtag Affixes it would allow journalists, commentators and the general public to use the advanced Twitter Search, to find specific information on the results, or photographs or breaking news on the election.

    The following hashtag affixes combined with #ae11 would allow the general “noise” around #ae11 to be removed allowing specific Tweets to be identified.

    _rslt [#ae11_rslt] = to be used in tweets that contain actual results
    _p [#ae11_p] = if the tweet contains a link to a photograph
    _v [#ae11_v] = if a tweet contains a link to a video
    _bn (breaking news) = used if it is breaking news, like the wet ballot papers

    Other affixes can be created such as _lh for “light humour”

    More information on Hashtag Affixes can be found at http://www.HashtagAffix.com