A quick unscrambling of North Down…

Another on the fly.. I think this may be the place that is inspiring sooo many commentators to write off the UUP, soooo prematurely… But in North Down, the UUP haven’t gone away you know… They are now known as the DUP (now a three full quotas)…

Peter Weir was first elected as a UUP MLA… When the party looked around for another North Down candidate, they found the now poll topping Alex Easton… In every olifactory sense an nice modest, clean cut moderate UUP type beloved of most of this most peculiar constituency..

But they kept the best for the last… Gordon Dunne, ‘he gets things done’. is how he is known in Holywood… He was a shoo-in and may well have pushed Alan McFarland out of the final reckoning….

And even all of that was not enough to kill off the UUP… Veteran Leslie Cree (whose profile in as former mayor of Bangor rather than the UUP brand was foremost) in with a better than evens shout of taking the forth seat leaving only two seats for a last place scrap between Steven Agnew who has polled nearly half the total of the two Alliance candidates.

It’s an impressive run, but this is a direct fruit of ‘the broadening of the brand’ of the DUP’s success…

  • At count at the moment. To give you some idea of the uup competancy at vote management when I asked a UUP assembly candidate about how they chose candidate numbers he replied ‘we’re running x because we always have’. Alliance will certainly take 1. then the dog fight between 2 independents, a green, another alliance and 1 UUP for the last two.

  • Reader

    Mick Fealty: Peter Weir was first elected as a UUP MLA
    But he was clearly in the anti-agreement wing even then.

  • He was elected as a UUP MLA and by it’s own admission the UUP is a broad church.

  • Reader

    vanhelsing: He was elected as a UUP MLA and by it’s own admission the UUP is a broad church.
    I was taking issue with Mick’s implication that the North Down DUP are really the UUP in drag. Weir should have been in the DUP all along, and never got a vote from me.