Peter Robinson on politics and new media…


Peter Robinson was pretty relaxed last night after the polls closed. No real sign of worry, or stress. Indeed he had some useful insights (not to mention some gentle criticism of colleagues too keen to use Twitter to propagandise on the subject of their performance on the doorsteps…

With his newly poetic experience with of campaign with social media, I asked him about whether it would affect more prosaic forms of government.

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  • PR: “Unfortunately, the Government, under pressure from either Sinn Fein or the SDLP or, both changed it and breached the St Andrews Agreement but I’m sure we’ll come back to that issue again”.

    We’re still getting mixed messages about the changes that took place to the St Andrews Agreement during the drafting and ratification of the St Andrews Agreement Act. Will the fog ever be lifted? How significant are these side-deals in relation to good governance?

    PR: “The days when people got their news … from a quality newspaper back home have long since passed”

    The reference to our quality local newspapers will raise an eyebrow or two – and a few chuckles! The speed with which information is now transmitted gives readers and governments indigestion!

    Facebook provides an interesting forum for the exchange of information and ideas as well as an opportunity to explore networks. I had a ‘bizarre’ experience yesterday – but I’ll leave it at that 🙂

  • On a fluffier note, I have been very impressed with how Mr. Robinson has taken to the use of Twitter. He is very natural and engaging. Indeed, many politicians (and myself) have a lot to learn from his tweetabilities even though he has only been a member for a matter of weeks.

    I still disagree with his politics of the man even though I have a new-found appreciation for the human face he is letting slip 🙂

  • Ciarán, has Peter discovered the placebo effect, the ability to disarm your opponents without resorting to the familiar medicine? He may have learned that one from Martin 🙂

    I’ll leave you with the image of the smiling cat and the unwary mouse – or the fluffy little bird.

  • The Raven

    Indeed, Nevin. A leopard really never changes its spots. It doesn’t matter what channel our First Minister speaks through; I know he will never speak for me.

  • Nevin, lol,

    A wee fluffy bird with a maroon beret on it 🙂

    I obviously don’t know the man personally but there seems to have been a sea-change in him since the revelations regarding his personal life became public. It has had an almost humanizing effect on him. Martin’s very human and dignified support of him was, to my mind, the catalyst. Martin, or Felix, as he prefers to be called now 🙂

  • Ciarán, I was thinking more of the bereted Cheshire cat, you know, the one that got the cream from those electorate clots.

    “Quis separabit – from our berets?”

    Have the berets gone to War on Want or are they nestling in their drawers? As the great IPjr once said, and I hope I’m quoting him precisely, “There’s no smoking gun in the empty drawer”.

  • Nevin,

    How times change – it all seems a bit “Frank Spencer” now (minus the gun licences)

  • Jack2

    Peter tells others to tone down their inane tweeting yet feeds us his “story” of falling into his fish pond.

    Yet more hypocracy from the swish family Robinson who brought us such gems as…
    : Land for a fiver but it was all above board.
    : Ranting on radio about sexual deviants all the while bonking your teenage lover on the side.