#AE11 Prediction competition…

For years Nicholas Whyte’s prediction competition has been a fixture in every Northern Irish election… For the second year in a row, he’s working with Stratagem who are offering a prize to the winner of their very own Ian Knox cartoon… You can make your entries for the Stratagem competition here, but if, like me, the big numbers don’t come so easily, you might try out this great site from whitebox.ie, which takes you carefully through each constituency and corrects your faulty maths as you go along. It is truly a thing of technical beauty.

  • john

    Very impressive whitebox – that will teach me to have submitted my prediction last week!

  • Thanks for the promo.

    The assembly2011.co.uk site will stop taking predictions the midnight before polling, so get your predictions in…

  • Mark McGregor

    Folks, are we not having the strength of our convictions and posting our predictions?

    I’m always willing to embarass myself (main thing in mine is SF breaking the all important 30 barrier):

    DUP 36
    SF 30
    UUP 16
    SDLP 14
    Alliance 7
    Green 1
    TUV 1
    PBPA 1 – McCann

  • Too late for the prediction sites, but never did get my £150 Betfair for the Irish election prediction so am disillusioned and not putting my full thinking hat on! 🙁

    DUP 35
    SF 28
    UUP 17
    SDLP 15
    Alliance 8
    TUV 2
    PBPA 1 – McCann
    Others 2

    Putting others as 2, but maybe only one. Not convinced Purvis will make it. McFarland an outside in a very odd constituency? Maybe a Green? A few other independents around and lower turnout may just produce a surprise – but too many in places will cancel each other out. Higher turnout may have left DUP at 36. May have thought SF would have gained more, but losing traction at the edge perhaps cancelling any marginal gain in the centre or among the more radical/ideological – letting in McCann, for example. But maybe an extra SF seat somewhere instead of an independent.

    Not really much change, but the oppositional voices gaining a wee foot in the door perhaps.