Uachtarán na hÉireann – SF within a whisker of nominating a Presidential candidate?

With 14 TDs and now 3 Senators elect, SF are a mere 3 Oireachtas votes away from the magically twenty that permits nomination to the 26 county Presidential election.

I have no idea if SF would want to face a heavily tipped David Norris but two things do stand out;

-just how much some of those close run Dail contests SF missed out on can really matter (also losing former members like Thomas Pringle TD)
-just how far they’ve come in a decade where they are now within a whisker of being able to put up a direct Presidential nominee.

But surely SF could find 3 votes across both houses if they really fancied a run at the big house? Or with some of the others in the Dail they could easily force through a different kind of candidate – Joe Higgins for President 😉

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