#AE11 Open Thread: East Londonderry (#el11)

East Londonderry constituency is mostly remarkable for the deselection of an incumbent UUP MLA David McClarty by the local Association. On the face of it, it seems, well, a bit nuts. Accordingly, you’d nearly have to back McClarty as a decent bet to retain his seat. But given the party is running two official candidate, they could of course all find a way of helping to elimate each other early.

Keep an eye on the TUV here. Unlikely they will take a seat, but it will be a good indication as to how well there message is going down in a very traditional unionist seat. And Barney Fitzpatrick too. If anything the Portstewart Alliance councillor’s posters predominate in Dungiven. He polled nearly 2000 votes last time, and its clear the party are investing in him as a future west of the Bann breakout (which at the least should get him a seat in whatever follows the current council set up).

But what do you think?

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