Everyone loves a mandate…maybe even a couple?

In response to Mark McGregors [limited] piece about double jobbing/dual mandates I thought I’d expand it a little and look at a comparative piece on the Alliance Party – candidates who are running for both Local Council and NI Assembly. At the end of this post there are also some percentage figures on MPs who are also running for the Assembly by Party. Choice of party for the first study was simply down to time limitations – I would love to have analysed everyone but I simply don’t have that space at the moment – Alliance seemed the quickest.

Skipping the maths 64% of Alliance candidates are running for the Assembly and the Local councils – exactly the same as the DUP! No fixing – promise. The list is as follows:

Anne Wilson – North Down

Trevor Lunn – Lagan Valley

Judith Cochrane – Belfast East

Billy Webb – Belfast North

Dan McGuinness – Belfast West

Barney Fitzpatrick – East ‘Derry

Gerardine Mulvenna – East Antrim

Stewart Dickson – East Antrim

Hannah Su – Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Michael McDonald – Mid-Ulster

Jayne Dunlop – North Antrim

Kieran McCarthy – Strangford

David Griffin – South Down

Sheila McQuaid – Upper Bann

Some other number crunching then – the percentages [by party] of the current MPs who are also running for the NI Assembly elections:

Alliance 0%

UUP 0%

DUP 25%

SDLP 66%

Sinn Fein 100%

Sinn Fein wins hands down [although not perhaps in a good way] 🙂 Perhaps someone else may want to take up the mantle and run Assembly /Council on the SDLP / UUP and Sinn Fein?