Everyone loves a mandate…maybe even a couple?

In response to Mark McGregors [limited] piece about double jobbing/dual mandates I thought I’d expand it a little and look at a comparative piece on the Alliance Party – candidates who are running for both Local Council and NI Assembly. At the end of this post there are also some percentage figures on MPs who are also running for the Assembly by Party. Choice of party for the first study was simply down to time limitations – I would love to have analysed everyone but I simply don’t have that space at the moment – Alliance seemed the quickest.

Skipping the maths 64% of Alliance candidates are running for the Assembly and the Local councils – exactly the same as the DUP! No fixing – promise. The list is as follows:

Anne Wilson – North Down

Trevor Lunn – Lagan Valley

Judith Cochrane – Belfast East

Billy Webb – Belfast North

Dan McGuinness – Belfast West

Barney Fitzpatrick – East ‘Derry

Gerardine Mulvenna – East Antrim

Stewart Dickson – East Antrim

Hannah Su – Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Michael McDonald – Mid-Ulster

Jayne Dunlop – North Antrim

Kieran McCarthy – Strangford

David Griffin – South Down

Sheila McQuaid – Upper Bann

Some other number crunching then – the percentages [by party] of the current MPs who are also running for the NI Assembly elections:

Alliance 0%

UUP 0%

DUP 25%

SDLP 66%

Sinn Fein 100%

Sinn Fein wins hands down [although not perhaps in a good way] 🙂 Perhaps someone else may want to take up the mantle and run Assembly /Council on the SDLP / UUP and Sinn Fein?

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  • StewartFinn

    Thanks for the comparison.

    Doesnt really come as a surprise. While the DUP were the party who torpedoed Dawn Purvis’ Private Member’s Bill to end double jobbing, the Alliance Party opposed it and voted against it repeatedly.

    They (Alliance) may not have approved of the DUP’s Petition of Concern tactics, but they did whip their members into voting against the bill at various stages. Stephen Farry was a particular supporter of retaining the right to double job.

  • SethS

    As a few others have pointed out, I’ve less of an issue with council/MLA doubling up as plenty of people hold other jobs whilst being a councillor. Its the MLA/MP double jobbbing I object to as these are full-time positions.

    That said, you could argue the SF are not really double-jobbing as they don’t take their seats, and the worst offenders in reality are the SDLP as they do.

  • Stephen Blacker

    This is not a shock that Alliance wants to have dual mandates, as Stewart Finn comments above that they consistently voted against the Dawn Purvis sponsered bill. The thing that shocked me was the fact that even after Alliance knew that the DUP actived “Petition of Concern” in a disgraceful and unprincipled way Alliance still supported the DUP?

    Alliance were in a “no lose” position but they were so keen to kill this bill they did not stage a protest at the amoral use of “Petition of Concern” something that leaves the Alliance & Greens with no vote each time it is used.

    I do not think it is a problem running for two seperate levels of Governance it is what you do after or if you win both positions. On the subject of a sitting MP running for election that is disgraceful. The DUP have made big steps towards this but the two who are running seems to be a law onto themselves. The SDLP two have no shame and the Shinners are denying large numbers of their constituents a voice at Westminster including their own people.

  • vanhelsing

    Cheers guys – waiting for the flack from Granny Trixxi 🙂

    Just thought it was disingenuous of MMG to not include any comparative figures – would love to see someone take on the rest of the work although the arguement itself doesn’t really hold water.

    Most Councillors have other jobs anyway so the interesting figures are really at the end…

  • StewartFinn

    It holds water in the sense that the majority of the assembly have already voted to end the practice.

    It holds water in the sense that it will open up politics to a greater and more diverse number of people. With more young people, women and ethnic minorities, all enthused to be there and giving 100% of their political thought to representing the public at council level – our councils and hopefully our political talent pool would improve.

    I wouldn’t say the original post was disingenuous, the DUP are making the biggest noise about how they support bringing an end to double jobbing and how they have already taken steps to do so. However here we are at another election, so Mark highlighted the figures. They also claimed they wanted legislation to outlaw it – and then voted against legislation when it came.

  • vanhelsing

    Sorry Stewart I meant councillors ‘double jobbing’ on a practical level – most already have jobs, teachers, shop keepers, civil servants etc – I would need convinced that in some way there is a difference between a teacher being a councillor part time and an MLA doing it.

  • IJP

    You’d need to check your facts though – Trevor Lunn is in fact giving up his Council seat.

  • vanhelsing


    Thanks for that I see the Alliance have updated the website and made a few changes. Thanks for pointing it out. Trevor was on the old list,


  • vanhelsing

    Oh and as an aside my wife has just gone into labour, happy slugging for a few days…