Sinn Fein’s (all island) PEB…

Sinn Fein making a virtue of the new haul of seats in the Oireachtas, with a great crowd shot of their cross border reps on the steps of Stormont fading into silhouette at the end…

Your thoughts?


  • Upper Bann featuring heavily I see.

  • Mick Fealty

    Yep, potentially two way win there. Use the Martin line to either split the constituency 50/50, or push Delores out in the process. You’ll be doing well there if it works, after Dessie picked up Banbridge vote for you.

  • pippakin

    SFs front man never ceases to disappoint me. And Catriona Ruane! Have they no shame!

  • Mick Fealty


    Really, we’ve been here before. You are a quality commenter. No personal stuff. If you have crits, make them loud and clear.

    Innuendo takes us only downward…

  • This PEB was the subject of criticism in the Irish News on Tuesday: “Principal criticises SF after pupils appear in party political broadcast”. The school is St Michael’s Grammar School in Lurgan and the headmaster who spoke out: Gerard Adams.

    “I am not happy that the school was not consulted about this before the broadcast,” he said.

    “This school is politically neutral and so I am not happy that the children was put in this position. It really should not have happened.”

    The IN shows a screenshot of the DFM in conversation with two SMGS pupils.

  • I think any Party will play to its strengths. And just like (for example) the Alliance PEB featured the voice of Naomi Long and referenced East Belfast and Westminster, its entirely logical that Sinn Féin will feature the all Ireland dimension….and indeed their stunning Dáil success.
    Its no good saying “but this is Norn Iron …how dare they do that”.
    As for Upper Bann, SF are presenting two SF seats as three “nationalist” seats. They claim they have the numbers worked out and got it wrong in 2007. Anyone saying they are voting for Dolores Kelly is asked for a #2 to get a unionist out.

  • granni trixie

    Whilst emphasis on their all Ireland foothold will, ofcourse, go down a treat with their core vote, it could put off others who might be prepared to vote for them on their record ind ealing with bread and butter issues – esp. in NI.

  • Neil

    Whilst emphasis on their all Ireland foothold will, ofcourse, go down a treat with their core vote, it could put off others who might be prepared to vote for them on their record ind ealing with bread and butter issues – esp. in NI.

    Quite right GT, he should have lied about the Party’s core aims in an attempt to defraud the electorate. It’s usually a great idea to lie about that kind of thing to get everyone on board then spring the bad news on them later.

  • pippakin

    Mick Fealty

    I didn’t want to repeat the obvious and I was not being personal. The video started with GA who is too divisive and has too much unclaimed baggage, then lead to Ms Ruane who has managed to take a subject (education) that should cross all boundaries and completely subvert it to Catholic/Protestant, even though the south has a very good education system which could have been held up as an example.

    SF should be pushing the excellent work of Martin McGuinness who has not only overcome the terrorist baggage but has also worked quietly and tirelessly to promote SFs agenda.

    Btw I had noticed SFs attempts to work within loyalist areas. Its a good move but I can’t see it working until they are seen to rid themselves of some of the aforementioned baggage.

  • granni trixie

    I’m all for honesty, Neill. If it is that SF are communicating that narrow consititutional question is what is most important to them, so be it. It is after all what the IRA killed for. But it is not what matters to many potential voters. People who are struggling in a bad economic climate for instance.

  • I didn’t think the video was very good. The speakers all talked a lot slower than is natural which gave it a very strange feel.

    Also Pearse Doherty is a real star of the party, some footage of one of his excellant speeches in the dail would have been fantastic. When he speaks his voice is full of emotion and impossible not to listen too. In this video he sounds nothing like the Pearse Doherty I’m used to listen too.

    Content wise it was pretty bland too. Full of meaningless uninteresting statements like “strong leadership”, “Building a better society” that all parties use.

    Sinn Feins been doing some great work and I’m a big fan, but that video didn’t appeal to me in the slightest.

  • “As for Upper Bann, SF are presenting two SF seats as three “nationalist” seats. They claim they have the numbers worked out and got it wrong in 2007. Anyone saying they are voting for Dolores Kelly is asked for a #2 to get a unionist out.”

    The numbers are definitely there but SF’s biggest problem is getting people to believe it – not least some of their own members. I’m told it’s something in the order of 51/49 nationalist/unionist. We’ve come a long way from the days of Harold McCusker, Tom French and Brendan Curran – though I note Brendan is back in the fray this time for the Knockiveagh ward in Banbridge.

  • “fading into silhouette at the end”

    If only they would just fade away and take their organised crime and intimidation with them. They can’t even say sorry to those victims who ask merely for that simple gesture.

  • Nordie Northsider

    I’m with DanielGillen on this one. I thought the content was pretty bland, very reminiscent of a poorly received broadcast they out out for the second last Dáil election – complete with the trad music background.

    Thematically, it doesn’t get much beyond crowing over successful SF has been electorally. Their gains can’t be can’t be denied but is that going to win anyone over? It just supports the SDLP accusation that SF is a party obsessed with its own advance.

    And I know I might get scolded for this, but every time Gerry speaks Irish a cainteoir dúchais dies.

  • iluvni

    About this average industrial wage…do elected Sinn fein reps in the Republic get more than those in Northern Ireland, given the average industrial wage would, I’d assume, be higher down south.

  • OneNI

    The UK’s external debt as a percentage of our GDP is 428.8%. That means we owe $149,281 PER CAPITA. Things are bad, tough decisions have to be taken. (That’s why David Cameron cant afford time to meet you Marty)

    The Republic’s external debt as a percentage of GDP is 1,305%. Yes 1,305%
    Everyone in the Republic owes $535,529. This is THREE times as bad as the UK situation

    So an Independent United Ireland is completely, utterly and comprehensively out of the question.
    Unless the Republic wants to try to convince the UK to let it merge….

    This would free Irish citizens of a huge tax burden and enable the Irish economy to get back on track much quicker.

    I know this is ‘outside the box’ thinking but the situation demands it. The alternative is year’s of grinding poverty and emigration

  • This is a piece of hardcore piece of sectarian politicking

    Michelle Gildernew left the audience in no doubt:
    “In the 2010 general election we faced a combined Unionist and Orange order to reverse the political and democratic process…”

    And she provided a nice little reminder of the deal done in Fermanagh South Tyrone. As it happens, Rodney Connor, was not an Orangeman but what did it matter? The rumour worked and sectarianism helps the Shinners to squeeze the SDLP.

    Michelle Gildernew’s appearance was part of a wider show of triumphalism. When you strip that triumphalism away, there was nothing to take on board about their programme for the next administration.

    Will it keep their voters on board?

    It will satisfy their hard core support, I guess.

  • pippakin

    Seymour Major

    Thats the problem it looks as though the video is unlikely to change any minds. I think most ‘independents’ would have switched channels inside the first minute.

  • andnowwhat


    Have you seen the US debt calculator? It’s online. I haven’t looked at it for about a year. It’s PP debt is truely frightening.

    Back on topic. I think SF have all the material in their achievments to make a great PEB. A missed opportunity here IMHO

  • Mr Crumlin


    so in your view it is simply about economics – whateve is the best value for money? Whatever saves the taxpayer more? There is no emotional element?

    Ok – while I disagree I will listen to your reasoning.

    So you would be in favour of an all Ireland Police Service? Not only would it make economic sense for both jurisdications but it would cut the feet from those using violence.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    “This is a piece of hardcore piece of sectarian politicking”

    That is dreadful misuse of language.

    DanielGillen, Nordie,

    I think they are trying to get a message of achievment across, both in government in Ulster and in the elections in other 3 provinces – and I’m not sure the boul Pearce’s speech feeds into that – though they could have given him better lines.


    The fact that you dont like the boul Grizzly and keep repeating it will not make him any less box-office with Nationalists.


    ” I’m told it’s something in the order of 51/49 nationalist/unionist.”

    Am I misunderstding you or is someone suggesting this constituency has a Nationalist majority?

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    …and I wasnt talking about your syntax.

  • pippakin


    You are doing it and you are wrong. This is about an election video that was, I assume, meant to persuade the maximum number of people to vote for SF. Its not about SF supporters, SF don’t have to worry about them at election time. Its about persuading undecided people to support SF and through them eventually a united Ireland. I believe there are people, especially young people, who are open to persuasion.


  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    “I believe there are people, especially young people, who are open to persuasion.”

    Thats why they correctly emphasise their achievements electorally and in government – and not a whiff of digital cordite.

  • pippakin


    No, an achievement in the south will not attract waverers in the north possibly quite the reverse. Plus the last thing SF needed to do was remind the electorate of the failures in education. I can’t understand why they did not make more of Pearse Doherty he is very electable either side of the border.

  • RyanAdams

    Ulick 51/49 your a*se, the nationalist combined vote hasn’t breached a bench mark of 39% it set itself here in 1998 assembly election. Fair enough they managed 38% here in the 2007 election, but your initial suggestion is nonsense.

    In fairness though there are enough unionist candidates running about here to hand them the seat, but it will not be on merit, It will be a split vote.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Have to titter @ the shinners * stunning Diall(?) success ?? I mean to say……..I could have stood for election in Eire,and achieved * stunning success*,in the current climate !! 😉

    We know when all is said and done,El Beardo’s dream of ” Brits Out”,can never,be achieved !!

    Never mind Gerald,keep looking on the bright (Orange) side,of life…….ahahaha 😉

  • fordprefect

    I agree with a lot of people on here, i.e. Pearse Doherty is an asset (he would be an asset to any political party), my problem is, as soon as “Beardy Buck” comes on, people tend to switch off. Imo the reason for this is because he’s told that many lies (and continues to do so), and, people don’t want to listen to more guff from him. I would really love to know, that, if McGuinness didn’t admit being a member of the IRA on that documentary, if he would follow Adams’s lead and pretend he never was, either.

  • fordprefect

    Better still, I saw MMG on that broadcast saying: “we are the only ones that “blocked” the £4 billion cuts”. Blocked? No they did not! And neither did any other political party here in the north. As I said on an earlier post, here on Slugger, SF and all the rest will wield the cuts axe as bad as, if not more so, than any ConDem true blue Tory! Watch and see, because the B******* have 4 to 5 years after this election to do what they like!

  • Zig70

    Stirring stuff, I do think for the UI idea, to work, it’s something the south has to convince the north off, not the other way round and the all ireland stance makes more sense. But don’t really care. Back to bread and butter. Did SF get us free prescription charges? Was that not UUP? nice steal.

  • fordprefect

    No, SF did not get us free presciption charges, Barbara de Bruin (or Barbara the Ruin, as I call her) was in “charge” of health, and, then sold a huge part of the RVH to PFI’s! Socialists, my hole! Ghengis Khan was more of a socialist.

  • Tomas Gorman

    Seymour Major,

    You said…

    “This is a piece of hardcore piece of sectarian politicking”

    I disagree. It was a republican describing a scenario when her organisation overcame the opposition. That’s electoral democracy in action. Republicanism versus unionism is not sectarian politics in itself but two world views competing for dominance.


    It’s easy to state the obvious regarding debt levels but the trick is to analyze as to why the scenario exists.

    Grannie Trixie,

    The potential constitutional reconstruction of this island and it’s relationship with Great Britain is hardly a narrow issue.

  • granni trixie

    Tomas: perhaps ‘narrow’ is not the word I ought to have used. I do think I make a valid point though. The all Ireland project may be key to Republlicans and many Nationalists (though not necessarily all) but does not appeal to others beyond their core vote who want to see evidence that SF will give attention to pressing bread and butter issues not pie in the sky aspirations. I can see why it is obvious that SF want to publicise significant gains in the South – its just that to give it Central place in their publicity is not strategic at this time.
    Let me clarify my own position. Intellectually, I do see that an all Ireland community makes sense. But it will only happen as a result of a change in hearts and minds – a long term project (and the physical force tradition has been an obstacle to this).

  • HeinzGuderian

    An Oirland community only makes sense in the Notion that one Island should be as one ? Why ?

  • JeanMeslier

    Some lovely sour grapes here:
    “I didn’t want to repeat the obvious and I was not being personal. The video started with GA who is too divisive and has too much unclaimed baggage…”

    “If only they would just fade away and take their organised crime and intimidation with them…”

    “About this average industrial wage…”

    “but every time Gerry speaks Irish a cainteoir dúchais dies..”

    I sense a figure coming to mind folks.
    Does the number 15,072 mean anything to you luvvies?

  • OneNI

    MMr Crumlin – open to persuasion on the mertis of an all island police force. Obviously this would be as part of the ‘United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland’.
    All arguments for economic efficency north/south are obviously equally true for creating one state in these islands.
    Over time this is happening anyhow. Note the gradual take over of food retailing in the South by the UK retailers. The much hailed ‘single energy market’ in Ireland is really a political guise for integrating the Irish market with the GB one – hence the gas and electricity connectors.
    As part of the UK the interest bill due on the Republic’s debts would be hugely reduced at a stroke. The Republic or Ireland? Would be free to have its own devolved Parliament and possibly retain its own corporation rate. Obviously a modernised version of the Barnett formula would be required.
    The alternatives?
    Default is not really an option as the Republic’s standing would be so tarnished that future FDI would be scared away.
    Increasing taxes, high unemployment and emigration.
    Surely a united Ireland as part of the UK with a stable economy would be better?
    Surely the modern Irish identity could be accommodated within a new UK – it works for Wales and to a large degree Scotland?