UUP PEB 2: The counterattack

They say you should never mention your opponents, but this more in the line of a US attack ad… Main point seems to be about tying Sinn Fein-DUP together in the minds of the voters… (and to some of the lower end issues of the first term of the Assembly, like double jobbing – cleverly done – and roads gridlock)…

Does it work?

  • Lionel Hutz

    This takes several viewings to fully grasp the horror of this PEB.

    Who thought this would be a good idea? The double jobbing thing is clever enough I suppose, but it could have been done so much better.

    Just awful. All I learned was that the UUP have a plan for water, though we dont know what it is.

    Why? just Why?

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    Dont agree with you Lionel, I think it is good, quirky and original and well presented even managing to keep Tommo the Orangeman’s (he is actually less inspring than Enda Kenny) appearance to a minimum – though it does arguably lack a little in substance.

    One word of warning though – Lesley Mac has got the Iris Robbo hairstyle.

  • Lionel Hutz

    Certainly quirky. Well presented – not so sure.

    But the point is that if you have the DUP doing a PEB talking about “real issues” and then you have the UUP doing a gimmick really, surely the voters wont take them seriously.

    Agree that it was good to keep Tom’s appearance to a minimum

  • Langdale

    To the best of my knowledge quite a few of the UUP’s Assembly candidates are also standing for election to their local council.

    Doesn’t that count as double-jobbing? Or are they simply expecting to do so badly for the Assembly that they hope to have the consolation of being a glorified parish pump representative?


  • braniel unionist

    Yes, M.L.A. and councillor equals double – jobbing! michael copeland is standing for both stormont and castlereagh council, if elected to both is he going to turn down the least attractive option? and if so what way is that to treat the voters of the borough of castlereagh?

  • joeCanuck

    It was well done, Pete.

  • Hopping The Border

    Has Sinn FeinIRA become Sinn FeinDUP?

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    10 out of 10 for effort but not particuarly well executed.

    Prefer the alliance one

  • iluvni

    Is that the ‘Just for Laughs’ bloke?
    How apt.

  • otto

    Which parties MP/MP’s have had the principle to resign from MLA positions voluntarily on winning a Westminster seat?

    Getting chucked out of the Westminster seat doesn’t count btw.

  • Mark McGregor

    I suppose if you think pitching politics at the Fox News level is a good idea then this PEB is top stuff.

    To me it just looks like pitching politics at the Fox News level.


  • tinman

    Have the Ulster Unionists conveniently forgotten that they too were part of the Stormont ‘shambles’? We didn’t have a Sinn Fein / DUP Executive, we had a Sinn Fein / DUP / UUP / SDLP and latterly Alliance Executive. If you want a seat at the ministerial table then you have to take part of the blame when it all goes pear-shaped. (A pear-shaped table, now there’s a thought.)

  • tinman

    By the way, I don’t see a link to the UUP manifesto anywhere on Slugger so it’s here. If you like the term ‘Game-Changer’ you’re in for a treat. It also contains 112 semicolons, which must be some kind of record.

  • Mac

    My favorite bit was showing shipquay street, which is a slippery street, to slide upon, at the best of times, gritless (aptly enough).
    I hope the UUP candidate in the area can capitalize on that…
    ….ohh wait

    Other highlights included the Podge (or was it Rodge) lookalike and the notion that if the UUP hadn’t been wiped out as far as westminster is concerned, they would play the double-jobbing card at all.

  • andnowwhat

    No double jobbing?

    Erm….is that because the only MP you had left the party and you could not return a single MP.

    Reminds me of an old Frank Carson joke; Guy goes to buy a car battery. The guy in the garage says, “that’ll be £50”. The customer says, “but the garage across the road only charges £25”. The garage guy says, “why didn’t you buy it there then”, “They had none”, the man replies. The garage guy says, “when we don’t have any, our’s are £25 too”.

  • The UUP were on the right track in terms of where to direct their criticisms. I felt, however that it lacked a cutting edge.

    The only argument which really stood out was double jobbing. The trouble is, there are only a very small number of double jobbers left – very much a non – issue.

    Other issues – no water, no grit and money down the drain!

    It is all very well to make those kinds of crticism but to be effective, you need specifics. There was no detail about what the DUP and SInn Fein actually did wrong. Also, there were no figures when it came to talking about wasted money.

  • fairdeal4all

    .Thought it was clever but a bit gimmicky. Anyone think McAuley sounds like Margaret Ritchie. Thought their first one on health wasn’t bad either although it was a bit rich that they had Sandra Overend praising McGimpsey when it was him(and her father) that closed the Mid Ulster Hospital A&E.

  • Production just awful. This is not clever, and it is not funny. Does anyone else think Macauley sounds like Ritchie? Or was that the impressionist bit?

  • andnowwhat

    She did indedd sound like Ritchie.

    I scrolled down to read the comments just before she came on and I thought “Ayeup, this “opposition thing’s gone a bit far”.

  • Driftwood

    pretty dire stuff, but it doesn’t matter.
    Everybody over 50 votes for the ‘tribe’.
    Nobody under 30/35 will vote unless they’e a complete arsehole. (Free P or GAA)
    Leaves the muddled middle. Most will not bother, or tick a box, whatever. The few (BT9) will make a point of voting Alliance to brag later at the WI/Golf Club/Tatler thingy.
    Most will not bother, because it means absolutely nothing to them. This is the growing sector among the electorate.
    It doesn’t matter.

  • andnowwhat

    I don’t vote Driftwood. Never have but I would love to.

    If I could actually spot a real political philosophy in any of the parties I would go for it.

    What am I meant to vote for? Green (as in nationalist/republic), orange, ambivalent? What about the greens (the hippy one’s whose policies always end up costing us money we do not have)? Not a chance.

  • The Raven

    “Nobody under 30/35 will vote unless they’e a complete arsehole.”

    I’m now over 35 and I won’t vote for any of them. Another spoiled vote for me, I’m afraid, unless the Greens or an independent come a-tapping at the door with a suitably well-versed candidate. And that’s quite sad, really.

    I’ll be very interested to see the tallies at a few ballot boxes near me, after the collapse of a vote for…well…anyone at the Westminster elections. (mid-thirty percent mark in some cases) The lack of engagement – interest, even – outside of sites like this, and those areas where the tribal vote prevails is really very, very sad.

    When are we getting that “vote for none of the above” box…?

  • andnowwhat


    Maybe we need a “None of the above” campaign. I wonder (like as if they would count them but please stay with me on this) how many ballot papers would have it written on them?

    I m from a nationalist (actually, a republican) background and I feel that if I vote SDLP or SF I’m voting AGAINST “the other side”. That’s how it works here.

  • Driftwood

    Please don’t vote for any of them. We will not get any change until the vote is tiny. Then we can rebuild. The candidates are (mostly) religious sectarian . In an ‘assembly’ that’s really an England county council-without their powers-let’s leave these expenses filling charlatans exposed.

  • Dewi

    Fair play Mr Elliot’s accent is very cool – worth a vote for that.

  • iluvni

    We need to ‘re-balance’ the economy….

    How many times has that line been spouted so far? I think Ritchie is in the lead but they are all at it.

  • alex gray

    I have watched the 2 UUP party political broadcasts. Where are all the existing MLA’s ? Everyone who appears on them is a new candidate. McCusker, Nesbitt, McAuley, Overend, McCune and some more than once. Is there a big split here ? Where are the big hitters the voters know and who many identiofy with ? Where is David McNarry who exposed the black hole in the budget and double jobbing in the Assembly ? Where is Roy Beggs always a stalwart ? Where is Michael McGimpsey the Health Minister whom many in the health service admire for his defence of the service or does Tom Elliott consider him dmaaged goods ? Surely a mixture of new people and experienced people is better. Remember it’s the older voters who actually come out and vote. I would like to see more people I know and agree with. Clearly Elliott is writing off everyone who is older than he is – perhaps because they have done more than he has or have more experience ?

  • troubleshooter

    To some of the above comments.
    I find it so arrogant people in society who hold the following views:
    • None of the above.
    • All the politicians are useless
    • Not one of them is worth a grain of salt
    • Completely useless the lot of them
    • I’m not bothering to vote they are all useless

    Frankly this nothing more than a very lame attempt to remove yourself from actually taking any responsibility. Not willing to take a side however imperfect, yet not willing to suggest any alternative.

    There are approx 15-20 candidates standing in each constituency and not just from the so called “big parties”. Viewpoints rang across all kinds of different political spectrums.

    Yet not one of them is good enough for your vote!! Perfection exists only in you!

    If no one has a political vision to fit you – then stand yourself. Stop moaning

    I’d imagine the thought of trying to formulate a manifesto – hit the street and canvass votes – put down a £500 deposit. Nah! you’d rather just sit and take cheap shots on blogs and radio shows.

    You’re nothing more than perpetual moaners & responsibility shirkers.
    Sufficiently motivated to read a political blog like Slugger, register an account and comment.
    So you’re certainly not apolitical.

    I’ve all the time in the world for folks who don’t vote because they genuinely don’t care. Though they don’t complain nor carry the chip on their shoulder, just genuinely disinterested.

    However the types who are minded to blog or ring a radio chat show to voice the above opinion. Pathetic!

    Simply sheer arrogance!

    One a slight off point.
    I guarantee 99% of these people couldn’t last one minute if:

    * Put under some scrutiny in a say a Stormont committee meeting.
    * required to prepare a meeting with a visiting dignitary.
    * required to go to a studio to be grilled by the media

  • Obelisk

    Alex Gray

    He’s probably trying to present a fresh new face for the UUP in an attempt to present it as a dynamic force again.

    I am reminded of the ‘Lipstick on a Pig’ controvery from the US Presidential elections a few years back though in regards to this approach.

    The UUP remains to my eye a party without a clear vision or focus beyond engaging in bouts of fratricidal bickering. In fact, the achievement of many of these sidelined big hitters and party grandees has been to help reduce their party to irrelevance.

  • Greenflag

    Does it work?

    The gist of it seems to be that under the UUP the news headlines will be different.

    At least that’s an original . They don’t of course say how different or whether for the better or the worse and there seems to be a hint that they can control the weather.

  • That was absolutely awful.

    It’s a cheap shot to blame your opponents for the weather. No matter who’s in government and no matter how much grit they make available, there’s always cheap and easy political capital in claiming “They didn’t get enough grit, the roads are in chaos!”.

    The ad was devoid of content and full of accusations that any opposition party can and do make that are devoid of any real substance. Also, I’m starting to think there must be something wrong with my speakers as the UUP spokesmen sounded even duller and more boring than the SF ones.

    Is it too much to ask for some passion in one of these ads?

    Back to you Pete.

  • USA

    Not good at all. Suitable for YouTube, but that’s about it.

    The DUP/Sinn Fein mantra will resonate with the right flank of unionism, but Jim Allister is already there with his wee army.
    Using Nesbitt instead of Tom Elliot was smart.
    Lame concept which probably made production more difficult.

    PS..Heard Jim Allister speak on the Nolan show. I remember thinking, if he wasn’t so crippled by some of his positions he would be a very capable administrator. Some of his ideas are quite good, others have the stench of old animosities.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally


    “It’s a cheap shot to blame your opponents for the weather. ”

    My favourite blame speech (equine disorder and erosion) was that by the late John Smith, then leader of the Labour party in his attack on the Tory government which rounded off with

    “The man with the non-Midas touch is in charge. It is no wonder that we live in a country where the Grand National does not start and hotels fall into the sea.”

    troubleshooter – goodonye.

  • cynic49

    All the speakers looked well out of their depth. Not a public speaker among them except Mr Nesbitt. Why was there not a mention about Health??