POTD – Dead End Politics

Some of the folks who put the posters up really do have an irony alert deficiency

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  • Just heard the glorious leader say on Nolan

    “We’re not North Korea.We’re Northern Ireland”

    Perhaps that should be his election slogan

  • Zachariah Tiffins Foot

    You’ll find that it’s actually Irish Republicans who are (again) involving themselves, and others, in “dead end politics”.

  • joeCanuck

    Great spotting MP.

  • Is that Wolf Toan?

  • PJ Maybe

    1Toan? As good a summation of this guys wearying photography as you’ll ever read.

  • wee buns

    Bah….Nevin beat me to the ‘post ‘with the Wolfe Tone connection. In fact other than him, I have never heard tell of a ‘Toan’. According to ‘Irish Surnames’ it’s extremely rare and dates back to C11th.

    What an education these election posters are…