Revealing your true electoral colours…

Here’s a bit of crack. As it is Consulting have teamed up with the Belfast Telegraph to do a kind of Vote Monkey machine that lets you give responses to a range of policy questions and then advises you which party you should vote for. Couple of things come out of it for me.

One, the political differences on policy are hardly life and death. Most parties are sitting somewhere in the worried middle. Worried that if they be too bold, the voters will have the last laugh.

Two, I ended up being recommended to vote for one of the smaller parties (I’m not saying which), but that may be more related to the amount of ‘Open Minded’ options I clicked, than to positive (he said, hopefully).

I would recommend you have a crack at it. When you do, tell the rest of us how you get on. If it’s anything like me, you’ll have have a number of clustered possibilities.

  • Neil

    Stoops came in first for me *shudder*. Then the shinners.

    Then the UUs. The software analyst inside wants me to mess around with it a bit and see what way the thing’s set up. The Republican inside suspects the BT’s every offering.

  • The result for me came in at the Alliance Party 65%. That surprised me. As a Conservative, that sort of leaves me scratching my head a bit. I expected that I was nearer, policy-wise, to the UUP or DUP. That leaves me wondering if the system has been properly set up.

    I will be interesting to see if others are surprised or whether this more or less puts people where they think they are. I will be interested to know, particularly, what conservative and alliance supporters have to say about it.

  • Sean Og

    58% UUP and 58% DUP!!

    To say I’m surprised is an understatement.

  • nightrider

    A pity there was no question on the age of the Earth, that may have been too much of a giveaway.

  • 93% UUP, 63% DUP, 56% ALL, 50% SDLP, 45% SF.

    Pretty spot on for me.

  • Hi Neil/Seymour Major.

    If your looking more information on how we gathered and calculate the responses and results there is plenty of information in our FAQs. Just click on ‘More About True Colours’.

    In a nut shell; 2 points are given for a match; 0 for a mismatch; and 1 for open-minded if the user or party agrees or disagrees.

    Policy areas which you would consider important are given double weighting, while policy areas which you deem unimportant are given half the weighting of a standard statement.

    Where a statement is skipped, this statement is excluded in its entirety from the final calculation.

    All the responses and comments are as provided by all the party policy teams.

    We have some interesting early results, showing a clear left/right divide and one party very clearly in the lead.

    We will be tweeting further results as they come in during the election. If you want to keep up to date follow us on @AsitisConsult #TrueColours

  • there a difference between what I believe and what I want.
    eg….I believe there are too many hospitals but I want everyone to next door to a hospital with a gold plated ambulance to bring them next door.

  • Old Mortality

    Alliance (68%), just 3% ahead of DUP and UUP.
    Is Alliance just a teeny-weeny bit in favour of smaller government? The question on corporation tax versus lower block grant probably swung it.

  • pippakin

    I can’t resist these things.

    80% Shinner, again….

  • grandimarkey

    75% Alliance
    70% SDLP
    65% Sinn Fein

    I think it’s refreshing to look purely at policies and not the constitutional question.

    However on polling day it will still very much be an influence…

  • Lionel Hutz

    68% stoops
    63% sinners
    53% alliance
    50% uup
    40% dup

    Which basically means that all of this was decided by who I thought Id vote for and whether I’m nationalist or unionist. On the political issues it’s a complete mix.

    Still I hate parties who say things because that’s what a socialist/liberal/conservative etc politician ought to say.

  • USA

    SDLP 70%
    Alliance 65%

    Not suprised really. But I thought the First Preference question was a weak one as for me it very much would depend on where I live (not in the North), the type of election, local (council or Assembly) , British or European etc.

  • Drumlins Rock

    umm, seems I am DUP! when I checked the issues it I appear to be more capitalist than the UUP, and the DUP is much more big government that there polciy statments suggest I would say. But thats where it landed me!
    The one that has thrown me is agreeing with SF that local industry should take priority over overseas investment, but most issues are various shades of grey.

  • joeCanuck

    UUP 58% closely followed by SF at 56% (Are those two parties really so close overall – surely not?).
    50% Alliance
    45% SDLP,
    43% DUP.
    Someone is having us on shurely.

  • Mark McGregor

    I got 75% SF – totally understand that. A lot of what they claim to support is the same as what I actually believe 😉

  • Mark McGregor

    Did it again to get the other results and it changed a little:

    SF 78%
    SDLP 62%
    DUP 36%
    UUP 36%
    Alliance 32%

  • Kevin Barry

    65% SF and Alliance, let’s see how I square that circle…

  • AP 68%
    DUP 56
    UUP 50
    SF 33
    SDLP 37

    Alliance have policies?
    I agree with them?

  • Coll Ciotach

    Sinn Fein 70%
    DUP 58%
    SDLP 56%
    UUP 38%
    Alliance Party 35%

  • My wife has just done the test. The two parties that she is apparently nearest to are DUP and UUP 63% each
    BUT those are two of the parties that she said she would never vote for.

    At least in my test, I had the excuse that the party that I usually vote for was not included. I get the impression that this little toy is a good thing as it is forces a direct confrontation with one’s own party people’s political prejudices.

    Needless to say, this will get a bit of interesting dining table discussion going in the Major household.

  • lamhdearg

    58% shinner, did it again changed/swaped the last 4 over and still 58% shinner. What a croc of —-.

  • granni trixie

    I think you all know that I have APNI though me like a stick of rock. So this is the real test. Watsch this space.
    (if I can work out how to do it).

  • granni trixie

    Here it is folks (the results) da da…..

    APNI (56%,thank God for that) then:


    NOte:When I am voting I usually place DUP and SF (ie the extremes).

    I conclude this quizz thing is shite. (OK, give me a red or green card Mick – you know that as a non sporty person I dont know the difference).

  • granni trixie

    OOPs …(crucially) should have added “place DUP and SF at BOTTOM of list of preferences ….

  • They just give percentages for the five old failures. They don’t even include all the parties from the last Assembly, let alone reveal how close you might be to the BNP!

    Rather than intended bias, it is an example of journalistic laziness – if you pretend there are only 4 or 5 parties, you don’t have to make any effort to keep up with the policies of those who haven’t been mucking up Northern Ireland from the executive.

  • orly

    DUP 68%
    UUP 68%
    SF 56%
    SDLP 45%
    Alliance 40%

  • Turgon

    Surely the obvious questions which would help the discerning NI voter are not there namely: Are you a Prod or a Taig or are you too polite to be either / did you marry wrong?

    This instantly reduces the options to at most 2.

  • DC

    UUP 70%
    DUP 60%
    SDLP 58%

    Haven’t voted for the top one since around 1998 – GFA time.
    The second one – never. And for parties I would never vote for SF and DUP were recorded.

    It probably came out like that because of my strong preference for reduced corporation tax and political reform across the range, including evolution of the PSNI to have a community police force beneath it – for local people to join.

    I also responded with a lot of ‘open minded’ – for instance with integrated schooling – sure I would love to agree but know fine well – given the lay of the land here – that to agree outright would be utopia because a lot of suburban and rural communities are still on the whole deeply segregated; therefore if integrated school were to happen overnight a lot of rationalising of school stock would need to happen to maintain the ethos of the integrated sector, plus some pupils would need to do a lot of travelling!

  • Alias

    Alliance Party at 70%

    Oh dear…

  • Progressive Unionist

    SDLP 58%, SF 58%, Alliance 53%, UUP 50%, DUP 45%.

    As a left-of-centre Unionist I wasn’t surprised I came out a little closer to the nationalist parties in a survey which didn’t ask the constitutional question.

    Still, doesn’t it show how all five parties are more or less in the middle ground nowadays?

    As for me, I’m naturally UUP but planning to support Alliance then transfer DUP because the UUs are just heading out to the TUV fringes these days.

  • wee buns

    63% SF

  • The survey says the SDLP is open minded about revealing who its donors are.However, the SDLP opposed it in the consultation, no matter what they said beforehand. That’s a firm position, albeit a u-turn from a few months previously, rather than ‘open minded’.

    clearly someone has made a mistake or else taken the party at its word when its actions were very different.

  • granni trixie

    I wish Alliance had the SDLPs problem – how good it would be to have serious donations to declare. Seriously though, I do think that it is pretty important nowadays to show transparency in all ones dealingts. If it means that prospective doners are put off so be it. Anyway,surely declaring doners pre-empts problems with conflict of interest situations where doners might claim favours etc.

    Good if SDLP see the light even if belatedly.

  • between the bridges

    68% SF…….i didn’t realize the shinners where as open minded as myself! away to rethink my entire outlook and find an airborne hog