Revealing your true electoral colours…

Here’s a bit of crack. As it is Consulting have teamed up with the Belfast Telegraph to do a kind of Vote Monkey machine that lets you give responses to a range of policy questions and then advises you which party you should vote for. Couple of things come out of it for me.

One, the political differences on policy are hardly life and death. Most parties are sitting somewhere in the worried middle. Worried that if they be too bold, the voters will have the last laugh.

Two, I ended up being recommended to vote for one of the smaller parties (I’m not saying which), but that may be more related to the amount of ‘Open Minded’ options I clicked, than to positive (he said, hopefully).

I would recommend you have a crack at it. When you do, tell the rest of us how you get on. If it’s anything like me, you’ll have have a number of clustered possibilities.