“somehow it still fails to address or secure the foundations of a quite different future…”

Despite the statements by the ‘great and the good’, as the BBC reports

Police officers have come under petrol bomb attack during disturbances in Lurgan, County Armagh.

The police said there were also reports of a firearm being seen during trouble in the Bell’s Row area of the town.

Several attempts were made to hijack cars and one hijacked vehicle was later recovered.

The officers were attacked while carrying out searches in relation to a hoax object in Victoria Street.

The UTV report adds

…police say calm has now been restored.

Officers had been examining waste ground at the old Glendinning factory, amid claims that a bomb had been abandoned in the area. The alert was later found to be a hoax.

In a separate security alert in north Belfast, army bomb experts were called to deal with a suspicious package below a car close to Tennent Street police station.

In Craigavon, a suspect device was also found on the Tullygally Road.

Both those alerts were later found to be hoaxes.

As Peter Preston argued earlier

One dead policeman, blown up by a car bomb outside his Omagh home; so many voices from north, south, east and west condemning any hint of a return to random killing.

You can choose to be reassured if you wish. Northern Ireland’s grand coalition still functions (with Robinson, not Paisley). In the 13 years since the last, traumatic Omagh bomb signalled a formal end for even the Real IRA, peace has survived, flourished, become normality.

Why, isn’t the Queen off to Dublin soon? Didn’t Chancellor Osborne dip his hand in our pockets to bail out Ireland’s tottering banks? Who on earth wants to see a few demented deniers, with leftover lives to kill, reignite the carnage because they are bored, mad or terminally stupid? There is surely no “continuity” for this soiled brand of republicanism, only oblivion? Globalisation, take it away.

Yet this commonsensical chorus only takes you so far. It clears the bloody detritus of the past; it provides a suitably united response to the murderers who remain; but somehow it still fails to address or secure the foundations of a quite different future.

Update  And the BBC reports two new security alerts are underway

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  • Pete Baker

    Update And the BBC reports two new security alerts are underway

  • Alias

    The condemnation of the murder is a form of mass hysteria whereby a farcical and pitiful attempt is made to keep The Process suspended in mid-air by the power of collective will in the continued absence of substantive underpinning.

    Yes, it’s terrible and all that, but it is the inevitable spawn of a dysfunctional arrangement. It’s as futile as condemning the rain.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Didn’t we hear all that ballix during the failed pira,murder campaign ??

    So bad,no future,civil war,armageddon…………

    You might want to let some slow learner,nat/reps piss on your parade,but it ain’t happening for the rest of us !!

    The future’s bright……………..the future is in the hands of the Ulster people !!

  • perseus

    “the inevitable spawn of a dysfunctional arrangement”
    can you suggest any other arrangement
    which would command wide-spread support ?
    to peteb and alias the serial whingers of the current system
    voted for overwhelmingly by the people of the North..

  • Alias

    There isn’t any state that can accomodate two sovereign nations. That is why one nation – the British nation – is sovereign and the Irish nation in NI has given up its former right to national self-determination.

    Or, rather, that is why the majority of the non-sovereign Irish nation within the sovereign British state have been led to do so and a (violent) minority have not.

    Dysfunctional arrangements, and all that…

  • Kevin Barry

    Don’t hold your breath Perseus.

    I would like to say I’m surprised about a hoax on the Tullygally Road but I would be lying, especially as I grew up there and the main man behind most of the trouble still lives on my Mum’s row.

    Many have said on this site that these guys can’t be reasoned with, that all they (dissidents) are offering is only incoherent violence and they are violence junkies and from first hand experience I can only agree.

    The one I have alluded to above is a complete idiot, so much so that he named his child after Che Guevara, to later be told by my Mum that Che was in fact Ernesto Guevara’s pet or knick name. Perhaps this seems like I’m being slightly petty but this is very typical of the stupidity of this outfit.

    It is a very base outfit that has a simple mantra of ‘Brits Out’, whatever that is. If/when (queue HG trolling after this) we have a UI these idiots would/will not recognize it as what they wanted or ‘fought’ for. I assure you, they cannot be reasoned with and are destroying an area that was great fun to grow up in.

    It saddens me as every time my brother or myself go home to see my Mum and Sister I can’t help noticing that it’s becoming more and more run down and where there were kids playing football, hide and go seek or whatever game we passed down from one to another, full of families who worked hard to make the lot of their children better than their own, now it’s just went to the dogs.

  • Carrickmoreman

    Careful, I think the wrongly named young revolutionary Kevin Barry mentions above had his picture in the paper a little while ago. I’m not sure if that makes it close to libel or what not.

  • Kevin Barry


    I think that’s a fair point, and if Mick feels that’s the case then by all means amend (he would also note he doesn’t require my permission).

    Unfortunately, there are a few Che’s in that area (why, oh why) and I would add that the post is vague enough but makes ultimately a valid point; these people are destroying lives and the communities they live in.

  • johnkingii

    If we are fortunate maybe some of them will not make it home after going to buy a pint of milk for their mammy at 2am in the morning in the middle of a riot god bless their wee hearts

  • Carrickmoreman

    Hey, just putting it out there. I forgot that “Che” and “muamarr” were big Irish names, so may not even been the same fella.

  • Kevin Barry

    No, not having a go Carrickmoreman. At the end of the day, this site is an excellent place for all of us to voice our opinions on matters in NI.

    No one wants Mick, Peteb or anyone else getting into any trouble for voicing an opinion to help move the debate whether by inches or quite a bit.

    I can tell you now, there’s a number less than 5, all related, with the name. Like I said, why, oh why, I have no idea.