DUP Election Broadcast Preview…

Upbeat for most of it, finishes with a beautifully oblique reference to that old Martin McGuinness as First Minister schtick (or the simple fix as Lord Trimble would have it)…

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  • Drumlins Rock

    So who said the DUP will not use a SF first minister as a scare tactic? it was the one any only message in that clip.

  • vanhelsing


    Hmmm not sure I agree. Prob think the DUP are more worried about people [Unionist voters] not coming out to vote than anything else – would expect all parties to have a crack at each other in one way or another. Actually think it’s a fairly progressive advert – nes’t pas?

  • Drumlins Rock

    From a wider point of view it is interesting in that it is very much a “ruling party” PEB, much as you would see from the governing party in any country, be interesting if SF have a similar slant with the UUP & SDLP falling into more of an opposition type broadcast, which would signify “normal politics” developing.

    However the “dividing unionism” dig was certainly a hark back to the tribal past and formed the core of the broadcast, everything else is just dressing it up, exactly as planned when the DUP rewrote the rules at St Andrew’s. Not so progressive really.

  • VanHelsing. I’m inclined to agree. It’s a continuing problem for both unionist parties, the diminishing voters. I first heard former Stormont minister John Taylor complaining about stay at home voters nearly 20 years ago, also Bob McCartney griping about it. but both parties have nobody but themselves to blame for the result. From my limited understanding of french, the apostrophe should be after the ‘n’ in this case.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Anyone else notice that the people are getting up at 8pm, having breakfast then starting to decorate the house? strange!

  • vanhelsing


    Agree with you on typography of broadcast. I guess if we’re being pragmatic about it I would expect the UUP will go for something a little more aggressive [being in opposition] so to speak.

    Ah election time again!!!

  • vanhelsing

    DR – suspect people on Slugger will notice that however not the pop as a whole:) You telling me you’ve never got out of bed in the evening, had breakfast, decorated a house and then got back into bed? Man you’ve never lived…

  • Anyone else notice that the people are getting up at 8pm, having breakfast then starting to decorate the house?

    Neighbours from hell.

  • note they couldn’t bring themselves to get up five minutes earlier.

  • Drumlins Rock

    ok I have, but it definitely wasn’t as organised as they were!

    It is a smart advert in that the main message is quite hidden at the end, question is is it too hidden and will people miss it? chances are most people will only see it once so I doubt it get that much of a chance to sink in.

  • Gerry Coyle

    Its like watching paint dry – literally.

  • USA

    This ad started with the usual stuff one would expect from political parties. But the ending was crass.
    If you don’t vote for us “themuns” will win. By encouraging viewers, and by this the DUP mean unionists, to vote for any unionist party they are essentially saying they would prefer UVF supporting PUP before they would accept a nationalist First Minister.
    I didn’t think the messege was hidden at all. I thought it screamed loud and ugly. But perhaps you see this much more that I and are somewhat immune.
    I thought it was scaremongering of Paisleyite proportions. Sad really.

    As for the “neighbors from hell”, perhaps they are the precise embodiment of the young Protestant voter who, living with their nominally Catholic partner, would rather stay home and decorate than go out and vote DUP.
    The young people who vote DUP don’t have living rooms that size on the housing estate. Although, I’m sure Peter could use his estate agent skills to find them a nice place with a garden, for an extra fiver.

  • Carsons Cat

    Drumlins Rock,
    So from 11:52 till 12.36 the DUP’s broadcast went from having “one and only message” to having a message that is “quite hidden at the end” and which you think people might miss.

    At least pick a criticism and stick to it!

    What is noticeable is that there are none of the usual “talking heads” featuring but features people going about their ordinary lives with a non-political voiceover too.

    No doubt the UUP will do “oppositional” as its just about the only thing they have to offer, but no doubt it’ll have a list of wannabe MLAs lining up to do their 2 lines to camera and we’ll probably have Tom Elliott sitting behind a desk with Carson on the wall and some suitably ‘heavyweight’ political book just coincidentally placed on the edge of the desk somewhere.

    Frankly I’d imagine that if the biggest criticism which people are levelling is some pedantry about a clock/calendar reference then surely they’re going to count that as a success.

  • OneNI

    dissenter? 19:58?

  • iluvni

    The DUP must be in horror that this hollow drivel is in the public domain today, of all days.

  • dennis the menace

    whats wrong with wanting to be the largest party – that after all is what teh final message is about and thats what politics is about, the greater your strength the bigger say you have.

  • dennis the menace

    The DUP must be in horror that this hollow drivel is in the public domain today, of all days….

    why? its on the DUP website. Should we all run away as the UUP are doing?

  • iluvni

    Perhaps ‘should be’ in horror would be a better way of putting it, but as we all know, the DUP dont do shame very well, otherwise their discredited leader would have left the FM post long ago.

  • dennis the menace

    Oh dear , tell me iluvni, how many seats will the UUP get this time around? I bet they come out with around 12-14.

    the DUP will remain the largest party

  • iluvni

    Dont mistake me for someone who remotely cares about the utterly useless UUP.

  • andnowwhat

    Hmmm, hardly a subtle message re. SF.

    That couple are bloody good at decorating, quick too.

    Anyone else notice that the improvements they boast about, health, education and roads are actually portfolios lead by other parties? Nice broadcast for SF and the UUP then

  • nightrider

    I hope the couple have rings on their fingers and are not ‘living in sin’.

  • Carsons Cat


    The Ulster Unionists and others can’t get too worked up about their “achievements”. Apparently everything bad which happened in any Department over the last four years was all Sammy Wilson’s fault because he’s the man who provides the cash.

    Therefore surely he, and the DUP, get the credit for the good stuff too.

    Or have they just been attempting to have their cake and eat it too….

  • One NI. Yes. Back on last ferry last night and home at 3am. Next time will leave commenting a day later.

  • nightrider

    all Sammy Wilson’s fault because he’s the man who provides the cash.

    Nope. The cash comes from HM Treasury.

    As for getting the clock time wrong, well DUP policy is that our planet is just over 6000 years old, so time isn’t their strong point.

  • Drumlins Rock


    was anyone expecting this tune to be the background music?

  • Ben

    I take Nightrider’s query about rings on their fingers, but even if the couple is married, here’s the DUP using sex to sell! Since when are they morally lax enough to show a lass putting on her shirt in the morning, or even the rumpled bed sheets of a couple getting out of bed? I’m not sure if this is the influence of Paisley’s departure, or of Iris’s… Ben

  • andnowwhat


    Works better if you download it and play that bit backwards

  • Lionel Hutz

    Very bad. Here’s the record:

    Increased Investorrs confidence and record inward investment – Well Done Reg and Danny

    Freezing regional rate – water charges – £150 Winter Fuel Payments – Essentially patting themselves on the back for not charging for things. Thats brilliant isn’t it.

    Schools +Roads (Sinn Fein) Hospitals (UUP) New Houses (SDLP) have all done a great job

    Free Travel, 25% discount on rates. Free prescriptions. (more stuff you dont have to pay for – oh and was’t Sammy criticising Michael for the prescriptions only a few weeks ago).

    Anyway, they quote achievements made by everyone else and then say AHHHHHH DONT VOTE for anyone else everything that they have done would be reversed.

    Don’t get that at all

  • Carsons Cat


    Err, exactly what role does DEL have inward investment exactly?

    You might want to go and read http://www.detini.gov.uk

    Given that the Ulster Unionist Party recently proposed to cut Invest NI’s budget they’re hardly big on inward investment.

  • Lionel Hutz

    Well I thought Invest N.I. came under D.E.L.

    But ok yes, I stand corrected in anycase, DETI is the correct one, so one fo the achievments mentioned in the PEB is down the DUP.

  • Obelisk

    I’m looking forward to the UUP political broadcast where the party can get it’s message across.

    Maybe the UUP should opt for multiple poltiical broadcasts so that the various factions within the party can ALL get their messages across, no matter how mutually contradictory they are.

  • Enjoyed the background music, nice and trippy- half expected them to light up a spliff round about 2 minute mark.

    And then the dark retro kicked back in.

  • Cynic2

    How did they get Kirk McCambley to do the advert for them? The resemblance is uncanny

  • Cynic2

    “I’m looking forward to the UUP political broadcast”

    Scene: Fermanagh Hayshed

    Background Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-BRNxprK28

    Message Tom Smiling for 3 mins. No words

  • USA

    I just watched the ending again and feel the actual wording used was in fact much more subtle than I had initially given them credit for.

  • As someone that usually votes DUP: I liked the positive first part but if it were up to me I would have chopped the negative ending.

  • vanhelsing

    iluvni “The DUP must be in horror that this hollow drivel is in the public domain today, of all days”

    Wouldn’t agree, in fact this is a time to remind us of the forward progress the province has made. I assume you reference Ronans murder – as his mum said its the future that counts. CIRA and Eorgan Ne Hiran may want to take us back but most people seem commited to the future and not the past.

    I also enjoyed the trippy music 🙂

  • Cynic2

    UUP Election Strategy and DUP Response revealed

  • Driftwood

    I suppose having the couple walking through a garden centre would have been too obvious.
    The end was as subtle as a Sam Peckinpah film, a bit like that public service film about drowning in a pool, I’ll be back..back..back. With the hint of Marty as the reaper.

    All clean bland homogenized fun. A bra strap in a DUP election broadcast, I’ll be damned.

  • andnowwhat

    As someone that usually votes DUP: I liked the positive first part but if it were up to me I would have chopped the negative ending.


    I wonder if this was filmed before the debate that took place a few weeks ago on the FM issue? I really would hope that they would have learned from the reaction of the vast majority of people to this type of negativity.

    They should have followed Kilsally’s advice.

  • Driftwood

    There we go prod kids..


    be sensible, Marty is behind you..

  • Was the young lady in the PEB wearing a wedding ring?

  • Dewi

    Just a tiny bit Stepford Wives.

  • Cynic2

    I thought they seemed to have a very narrow bed to lie on.

  • Ben

    You know the whole bra thing must be a message to the DUP base that Paisley really is out of the picture. Compare this add with the round from the last round with Robinson in front of Stormont saying something like “At the DUP, our hand is firmly on the wheel and our foot is on the brake.” I don’t like the cut to darkness and the obvious allusions, but perhaps this is a bit more evolved than “Never, Never, Never!” Probably you’ll tell me I’m wrong though…. Ben

  • MonkDeWallyDeHonk

    “I’m looking forward to the UUP political broadcast where the party can get it’s message across”

    In the equivalent UUP broadcast, they spend the whole time arguing about what wallpaper to use and then half of them walk out..

  • the lone ranger

    the whole broadcast is rather very bland. its an appeal to the middle classes. (though i take it the home the couple have just moved into is rented rather than bought as no one seems to be able to get a mortgage loan unless you have 20% deposits) the dup are trying to potray everything as normal. people can now have their breakfasts (although during the troubles believe it or not people still had time to have such a luxury, particularily on the malone road were very little interupted their lives)

    the whole broadcast to me speaks of papering over the cracks. (bit like sammy’s budget) the only thing unusual in it is the time they get up at. is this the change that dup has made on the people of northern ireland? instead of getting up at say 08.00 hours its been moved to 20.03 hours. the change being that northern ireland has moved to the nightshift!! bring on marvin gaye

  • Fair Deal

    Nightrider & FJH

    Yes wedding rings are worn in the ad