POTD – It’s a lottery redacted

10 day have passed and the intimidatory and sectarian comments have been redacted

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  • PJ Maybe

    Pity you can’t “redact” the bigotry out of a persons head isn’t it MP? But then that this was possible, you’d have nothing to photograph. And, I’m sure I speak for many, when I say what a loss that would be, as nothing gives a better insight into ingrained sectarianism than your photos.

  • PJ Maybe

    obviously that should read “But then if that was possible”

  • HeinzGuderian

    P J’s………I agree wholeheartedly,that camera sure has a one sided view of things……………;-)

  • Rory Carr

    Poor Heinz, poor sectarian bigots. Always being blamed for being sectarian bigots. It’s just not fair.

    You complain that Moochin takes a photograph of offensive, hate-filled sectarian words that were sprayed on walls for everyone who passes to see. That’s like a convicted flasher complaining that it was the woman who reported sight of his dangly bits who was the real guilty party.

  • lamhdearg

    What if the lady in Q Would only open her eyes when she was sure there was a flasher to be seen. The man see’s what he wants to see and disregards the rest. I have tired of m.p’s pics on his pet hate, and therefor i will no longer open his post’s, which is a shame as some of his posts that are not based on Ulsters sectarian loyalists where quite good..My last word on the subject.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Mooch is more like the lady who complained about the flasher she could see using binoculars at the top of a 10ft step ladder.

    There are fascinating gray walls though aren’t they?

  • Zachariah Tiffins Foot

    More fine work from the one-click-pony.

  • between the bridges

    killroy wuz also ere?

  • Mac

    “Mooch is more like the lady who complained about the flasher she could see using binoculars at the top of a 10ft step ladder”

    Actually, he comes across as someone who is appalled by the casual racism and sectarianism on display in the vicinity of his home.
    The fact that he points it out in loyalist areas does not mean it is absent in republican areas, in the same way that you and others screaming like children at him that it exists elsewhere does not make it magically disappear from around his home.

  • joeCanuck

    MP just can’t win. Condemned for showing an ugly side and condemned for showing that someone else has removed the filth.

    Ignore the complainers, MP.

  • Cynic2

    Unionists need to confront this.

    Nationalists also need to confront the casual racism and sectarianism in their community – and its just as bad

  • between the bridges

    let him without sin cast the first aerosol tin

  • changeisneeded

    Mac 100%
    As i see it MP is posting what he see’s everyday. As i drive around Belfast and the north it is what i see as well. The loyalists graffiti and flags etc. are everywhere and they are far more prevalent than anything republican. It is something that unionists/loyalists need to confront and deal with. We can see that instead of saying “thats the sort of stuff we need to deal with” they resort to shooting the messenger, accusing you of being “sectarian” and in one case of writing the graffiti yourself!

  • qwerty12345

    The graffitti here (and the unionist unwillingness to accept it) reminds me of an incident in the Fermanagh village of Lisbellaw some years ago. Some loyal folks decided they would mark the catholic homes in the area with a painted X.

    On the local council Unionist Sam Foster said that those responsible should desist as they were “taking the look off the place”

  • between the bridges

    queer54321 we refer to it as Hamasbellaw!! jew to the number of star of davids…mien you newtowm don’t want the prods offending the offended…