UUP’s unforced errors could undermine its own campaign…

Stephen Nolan is having a ball with the gift that keeps on giving, aka the Ulster Unionist party. David McNarry (whose base in Strangford probably wants a few dog-whistle issues like the OFMdFM non issue) has accused two party colleagues (John McCallister, South Down and Basil McCrea, Lagan Valley) of disloyalty.

All three told Nolan they thought the issue of Martin McGuinness becoming First Minister was a non issue (because it ain’t going to happen), and yet here they are ripping each other apart within days of the start of the election campaign pulling each other’s political wings off.

Like Fianna Fail’s campaign in March, this is about constituency first politics. In the UUP, it is every man for himself. And that may just provide us with some of the election campaign’s most entertaining colour.