UUP special advisor suspended following sexual favours allegations…

Danny Kennedy has just sacked his special advisor Brian Crowe on foot of some very serious allegations in today’s Belfast Telegraph (H/T Rory) that he claimed in an internet chatroom that he’d used his position to unduly influence Ministerial decisions. Adds UTV report:

  • Pigeon Toes

    “he claimed in an internet chatroom ”

    Says it all really….

  • Turgon

    “to unduly influence”

    Mick, I have always respected you, even looked up to you but now you have shattered all my views of you “to unduly influence” I mean look at it man. I know Folwer allows it but really you and I both know it is not acceptable: you may try to change it by editing the blog but we have all seen it. Mick

  • Turgon

    Mick as I said above it is awful. Mick you split the infinitive.

  • Rory Carr

    All very titillating (and I do so love a bit of titillation) but when may we have, as m’learned friends would say, ‘further and better particulars’ ? If the Belfast Telegraph can print the ‘serious allegations’ may we not be allowed to know what they are, please ?

    If the details are really juicy the whole affair might be grounds for reapplying to have the UUP/Conservative link re-established as there is nothing quite like a good sex scandal to reinforce one’s worthiness to mix on equal footing with the Tory boys.

  • Rory Carr

    I was able to see ‘further and better particulars’ on the BelTel web site here:


    All very sleazy and sad but the real puzzle lies not so much in the rather pathetic sexual detail or in the willingness of lobbyists to demean themselves, all of which is hardly new and will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever read Shakespeare, but rather in trying to understand why a man in his position would, if the allegations are well-founded, be so absolutely bloody foolish as to expose himself in this way on a public site. Homer Simpson would have more nous.

  • DC

    Well there is one positive aspect to it, at least he wasn’t doing it for money.

    For god sake Dr Crowe – Amsterdam man, Amsterdam. Not in backyard!

  • chewnicked

    He must have been a bit of a clever dick to be promoted so high and this is borne out by the fact that he easily identified a few tossers in the voluntary sector as well as sussing that our local journos would give very little back in return for access to DK.

  • Turgon

    I have never met this man and only vaguely knew of his existence. However, for one as brilliant and clever as is being suggested he seems to have been remarkably, even epically stupid. This is a level of pelvic thinking of catastrophic proportions. To think the UUP used to have the likes of Esmond Bernie: he was truly clever and I cannot conceive of it even crossing his mind to do something inappropriate (the wife also knows his wife and neither I nor Esmond would be brave enough to cross our spouses: however, I digress).

    If any of the stuff being alleged is true there is no way he could continue and Danny Kennedy has done the sensible thing by sacking him. This may well stop the rot from going any further on this issue. A sex scandal is not that big a deal in this day and age: however, the idea of selling sex for access is very unacceptable.

    The overwhelming stupidity and arrogance of boasting about it to a complete stranger on the internet is, however, the bit I cannot get my head round. Then again if Dr. Crowe was the mastermind who thought that the Tory link up would solve all the UUP’s troubles maybe his not as clever as he thinks.

    Yet again I point out that people who think they are clever should get their doctorates the way I did: by correspondence from South East Ards Bible and Catering College.

  • Zig70

    God love his wife and kids. Imho it’s more walter mitty than casanova. Are lobbyists that desperate?

  • Rory Carr

    One thing that really becomes clear in the UTV clip is that Danny Kennedy is in serious need of a new special advisor – one who will advise him on dress sense. Pin stripe suit, striped shirt and ghastly striped tie, one half expected him to mount a zebra for the ride home following the press statement.

    He makes Sammy Wilson appear like Beau Brummel by comparison. His minders should insist that he sticks to radio intrerviews.

  • Rory Carr

    …and I should stick to small words that I can spell correctly.

  • Driftwood

    How does one get to be a ‘Special Advisor’? I assume the post was advertised? And a full transparent job description and qualifications needed available online? Otherwise people more cynical than I may think there is one hell of a Gravy Train operating at Stormont.
    The fact he was a clergyman should have alerted the authorities he was likely to be a complete chancer at best, and probably a lot worse.

  • Comrade Stalin

    How does one get to be a ‘Special Advisor’?

    It’s usually a senior member of the Minister’s party or someone who is otherwise a confidante or person the Minister trusts. They’re political, but not politicians, and they’re not civil servants either.

    Think Jonathan Powell and Tony Blair. Same idea.

    I assume the post was advertised?

    Nope. Doesn’t have to be.

    Otherwise people more cynical than I may think there is one hell of a Gravy Train operating at Stormont.

    That’s true in one sense. However it’s very unwise (as we have seen in this article) for the Minister to appoint someone who is clueless just to hand out favours.


    I’ve never understood these hyerbolic descriptions of party apparatchiks. ‘Intellectual giant’ etc. Tell me, seriously, how Mr Crowe was an intellectual giant within the UUP? Did he write and publish a series of academic papers on political, social and philosophical matters that received plaudits from peers in the world of academe? I’m not being personal, I’ve said the same about such hyperbole when David Milliband was being lionised last year – I ask the same questions about him.

    As for the lobbyists – getting on one’s knees for audience with the Pope or Obama can be almost understandalbe but Danny Kennedy? A nice but let’s face, not-that-important face in a minor political party of a minor political legeslature in a backwater of the UK. Does Mr Kennedy have some special secret knowledge that he hides beneath a bushel of insignificance?

    I’ve always said that ultra religious people cannot be healthy as they ingore the animal instinct that God blessed us with. No amount of bibles and pastoring can calm the swells of the tides of lust.

  • Munsterview

    Rory : “if the allegations are well-founded, be so absolutely bloody foolish as to expose himself in this way on a public site……”

    Access to and the exercise of power is of itself an ‘sex turn on thing’, one has only to recall Kissenger was no oil painting and yet he had the pick of Washington female glamour to grace his arm for social occasions and presumably to share his bed afterwards !

    As for indiscretion and stupidity, it is part of the drama queen act in the spin world that these ‘advisers’ inhabit where they make their own reality as ‘Masters of their universe’, those good at their job either totally believe their own hype or are complete cynics who are prepared to sell snow to Eskimos on behalf of their clients.

    What the average person would consider to be aspects of sexual deviancy like other excesses, seem to to be the norm in these power circles, one has only to recall the antics of Maurice Oldfield ‘cottaging’ in public toilets while Maggies most trusted man in the Six Counties. However like ‘Iris-gate’ and the DUP, it do I suppose show that Northern politics are on the road to normality when we have a UUP sex scandal dominating a staid broadsheet.

    [Careful now, Mods]

  • vanhelsing

    Schoolboy error [some would say in more ways than one].

    All ministers have at least one special advisor [some more than 1]. Not advertised. Think there are about 6 in OFMDFM.

  • Mick Fealty

    Yep, OFMdFM was given three each in the run up to the last Assembly election.

  • Neil

    It boggles the mind that anyone would have sex with anyone for access to Danny Kennedy. Or any other NI politician. Creepy.

  • Given we now know the currency and the rate of exchange is there an equality issue here? How do male lobbyists curry favour with the spads?

  • Turgon

    ” I suppose show that Northern politics are on the road to normality when we have a UUP sex scandal dominating a staid broadsheet.”

    Except of course the Belfast Telegrah is pretty far from staid these days. Oh yes and it stopped being a broadsheet on 24th March 2009: two years and a day ago.

    I guess it shows how much MV knows about Northern Ireland and how often he visits it.

  • tinman

    The Telegraph’s article alleges that Dr Crowe claims to have sold political favours for sexual ones, not that he actually did so. There is no discussion of whether any of the acts described actually took place – which may indicate that the Tele has no evidence that they did (and presumably they must have looked for some).

    Not that you would know that from reading the article, where it all comes across as this huge sex scandal they have uncovered, rather than some tawdry online fantasy.

  • Reader

    articles: Given we now know the currency and the rate of exchange is there an equality issue here? How do male lobbyists curry favour with the spads?
    Excellent point. It looks like they would be stuffed.

  • andnowwhat

    Does it not say all that needs to be said about NI that this man is the nearest we have to Matahari (I’k guessing that’s the wrong spelling)?

  • fordprefect

    LOL@DC and Neil, 100% DC, don’t S**** on your own doorstep!

  • Mr Fealty, there are three Special Advisors assigned to Peter Robinson and three to Martin McGuinness but am I right in thinking that does not include the one assigned to Gerry Kelly and the one assigned to Robin Newton.

    Which would actually make eight in the Department.

  • drumcairnharp

    See in yesterdays edition of the BT that Mr Crowe bragged “that he had done similar favours in the past claiming they were made at both party and departmental level”. This could well be another embarrassment for a party already in disarray. Could this be another “Iris” moment or maybe two.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Yet another churchpeople-being-weird-around-sex story. Well, imagine that.

  • tinman

    Looks like it was just a disordered online fantasy after all.