NI blogger at the heart of much MSM ado about, well, nothing…

Sharon is, amongst other things, an excellent science blogger. She occasionally writes for Slugger on the subject. She’s been off on a prolonged break from her blog the Voyage and has only come back to it because she found a post on her blog was being taken in vain in the Mail, the Telegraph and even the Guardian Environment Blog… I’m sad to say that the catalyst was veteran children’s presenter, Johnny Ball…

  • Thanks Mick.
    The worry is this will become part of the climate debate mythology- “the zealots who called poor Johnny a paedophile.” It’s already started.

    Does anyone have ideas on how I could best go about getting in touch with the journalists who wrote the articles? I’d like to see some retractions.

  • JAH

    The Guardian has its corrections editor.

    Not sure about the others, but one retraction on the G might force them to remove/rewrite.

  • Many newspapers have a readers’ editor, but why not report it to the PCC for a laugh? The process itself may get you blogging again…!

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll take advice on contacting PCC- might be a bit of overkill. But I was in touch with Guardian journalist Leo Hickman on Twitter; have the conversation on my blog: