POTD- You can’t eat flags but you can burn them


These are a couple of mosaics made up from the corner blocks of pallets that were awaiting their firey fate prior to the annual 11th night bonefire.

When i took these individual photographs around 4 years, i was conducting workshops up the Shankill road . As the bonefire was being built i wandered amongst the pallets and assorted rubbish and concentrated on the colours of the corner blocks. I did this to get the participants to think out the box and to look and see.

They thought i was an eejit, that is until i showed them what i’d been doing, and i know that a couple of the fellas saw and hopefully still remember that things do not always have to be the same.

So with that in mind and the political flag waving (posturing) in Downpatrick

Biodh lá Fhéile Pádraig den chéad scoth agaibh uilig\Hope you all have a great St Patrick’s Day one and all\Blythe Saunt Paitrick’s dai yin an’ aw


Not that i think it’s a language (as i see it a dialect), it would be nice to be able to say the same in Ulster Scots (parity of esteem etc etc) so if a helpful reader knows the translation(?) please drop it into the comments and i’ll amend this post.

(Thanks to Drumlins Rock for the translation i took out the word country which was before dialect)