A St Patrick’s Day bouquet or poisoned chalice?

The Belfast Telegraph reports a St Patrick’s Day bouquet for Northern Ireland.  The moment of decision on corporation tax seems to be drawing nearer.  Owen Paterson choses Washington as the venue to ramp up expectations further after that  odd briefing from the Treasury. But will US investors bite?     So far, it’s about yet another “major consultation” coming on top of the NI Select Committee of the Commons’ inquiries into the pros and cons  of  locally reduced corporation tax and the idea of making NI an enterprise zone.   

 The Government, the Treasury and ministers in the Northern Ireland Executive “are looking at some really radical measures to help make the private sector flourish and attract new investment”.

He will tell the Ambassdor’s reception in Washington: “One of these is to transfer responsibility for corporation tax from the Treasury to Stormont.

“I’ve been promoting this for the past three years and believe that it has the potential to make Northern Ireland a beacon for foreign investment…