POTD – Sheltering

Two vendors of the open top bus tours sheltering in the rain yesterday.

I got wet!

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  • Sheltering from the cameraman, MP 🙂

  • Nordie Northsider

    And there was I thinking it was the TUV Annual Conference

  • Niall

    Sheltering from flying coke cans.

    Has anyone been on the Belfast Bus Tour? I haven’t but know a few who have. One went on the tour as part of their college course. He said the bus was hit with half full coke cans with little spides shouting up, “what’ya think you’re doing here” and “why’d you come to Belfast”. Obviously, with an expletive or two thrown in for good measure.

    Other friends who were actually tourists (from the distant lands of Fermanagh) experienced similar abuse from the natives, when they took the tour. In their defence (the tourists), they said they were extremely bored and the pubs hadn’t yet opened yet. Still doesn’t really excuse this behaviour though, I mean, who in their right mind wants to go on an open top bus tour of Belfast?