“It’s going to be a very very strange Dáil…”

As WorldbyStorm says at the Cedar Lounge Revolution

This is all that 2007 was meant to be [albeit without the apostate Green Party, and one wonders what will happen to them short, medium and long term now that they are effectively cut off from both local and national representation], but somehow was delayed four years. It’s going to be a very very strange Dáil, one where the opposition is broken into fractions, but big enough fractions at that. And as with 2007 one element of the centre left will detach to join with Fine Gael. [added emphasis]

And look at Fine Gael, and – in contrast to its former dominance – squint real hard to see Fianna Fáil. Only fourteen seats as this is written at ten to nine. Fourteen. Though they’ll get a scatter more.

Well, it’s a change, and no doubt about it. At least on one level.

Whether on the levels that count it will make any great difference as we emerge from our three week holiday from the economic situation is a different matter.

It’s not a long post, but there’s a healthy discussion in the comments zone.

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  • perseus

    Can anyone recall a time where 50% of elected reps are new faces?
    in any developed county in the last 100 yrs?
    its an amazing statistic !

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    The only melt down of the Fianna Fáil proportions I can think of is Canada several years ago. The demise of the British Liberals is just short of a century ago.

    Re the Greens…I see them returning to what they used to be….a pressure group or even a series of groups. Some of the interviews Ive seen today give the impression of little love lost in the Green Party.
    I suspect in ten or so years much of the People Before Profit types will return to pressure group activism. Not sure just how many 20th century “political parties” can actually work in 21st century.

  • Comrade Stalin

    The Green Party are damaged goods now and will be stuck that way for some time. In the past they would have been considered fairly harmless and picked up a lot of transfers as a result. That’s all gone now, and the party has only itself to blame especially given that it backed its leadership to the hilt.

    Most of the people before profit types will be a flash in the pan. They’ll fail to make any kind of impact and the protest votes they came in on will melt away, especially if FG are able to make good on their promise to get the country back on its feet again by 2015.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Wondering what way the SF group in the Dáil will be organized. I doubt that Gerry will set himself up as the group leader there, given how he loves to keep himself a little aloof from the real work. It would make most sense for Doherty to lead the group and put Ó Caoláin out to pasture.

  • Frame

    The Trots will be fighting like cats in a bag shortly and that’s only between the SWP and Militant, not internally.

  • Mark

    Someone handed me this today ( too shy to post it themselves ) , they’re lookin for feedback ……and hoppin a ball as well …

    Top Boy – Enda

    Tanaiste & Enterprise , Trade , Innovation – Eamo

    Finance – Mickey Noonan

    Justice & Law Reform – Alan Shatter

    Agriculture & Fisheries – Phil Hogan

    Health & Children – Leo Varadkar

    Education & Skills – Ruairi Quinn

    Environment / Local Govt – James Reilly

    Tourism / Culture / Sport – Simon Coveney

    Community / Equality / Gaeltacht Affairs – John O Mahony

    Foreign Affairs – Sean Barrett

    Social Protection – Kathleen Lynch

    Transport – Joe Costello

    Communications / Energy / Natural Resources – Joan Burton

    De Bleedin Fench – Richie Bruton

    I told them I knew a few heads who might know as well …

  • Mark

    Richie Boyd Barrett , fair play to you man ………………….

  • Greenflag

    Dick ‘Cock ” Roche has called for a recount in Wicklow . With a total FF vote of about 7300 shared between him and Pat Fitzgerald his FF running mate, both around the 3,500 mark -our ‘Dick ‘ insists on living up to his name by ‘torturing ‘ the poor Wickla counters into another day rather than be eliminated before his ‘junior ‘ running mate. If Roche is eliminated following the recount then Fitzgerald may leap ahead of Behan (independent FF) on who’s later elimination may scrape the last seat for FF . But with the quota at 11,764 and the combined FF ‘gene pool ‘ vote at 11,800 approx then IF FF make it it will be without reaching the quota .

    WIckla had 24 candidates for 5 seats and as of now it’s still open but FG seem assured of 2 seats with SF on 1 and the remaining 2 could go 1 LAB or 1 FG or 1 FF . There should be a Labour seat in Wickla so post mortems will be in order if they don’t win one .

  • Frame

    SF still in with a chance of making fifteen seats.

    Roche is unusually fluent so his departure would be a pity.

  • Mark

    Appartently he was flabbergasted today up in de Club ( botel full of bud , I got wha you need if ye need to feeelllllll a buzz ) and was 99% sure dat he’d retain de seet …

  • Could get very strange on Slugger as well, assuming we’re going to be receiving daily Oireachtas blogs reporting Gerry’s every move. Looking forward to them already.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Could get very strange on Slugger as well, assuming we’re going to be receiving daily Oireachtas blogs reporting Gerry’s every move. Looking forward to them already.

    If Gerry’s attendance at the Dáil is anything like the Assembly I think you can breathe easily.