“It’s going to be a very very strange Dáil…”

As WorldbyStorm says at the Cedar Lounge Revolution

This is all that 2007 was meant to be [albeit without the apostate Green Party, and one wonders what will happen to them short, medium and long term now that they are effectively cut off from both local and national representation], but somehow was delayed four years. It’s going to be a very very strange Dáil, one where the opposition is broken into fractions, but big enough fractions at that. And as with 2007 one element of the centre left will detach to join with Fine Gael. [added emphasis]

And look at Fine Gael, and – in contrast to its former dominance – squint real hard to see Fianna Fáil. Only fourteen seats as this is written at ten to nine. Fourteen. Though they’ll get a scatter more.

Well, it’s a change, and no doubt about it. At least on one level.

Whether on the levels that count it will make any great difference as we emerge from our three week holiday from the economic situation is a different matter.

It’s not a long post, but there’s a healthy discussion in the comments zone.