Jude Collins, Eoghan Harris & an ill-conceived wager

It’s sometimes hard to predict what people will say or do when the heat is on and the blood is up. Eoghan Harris must be rueing the moment he thought it a good idea to goad the assembled crowd at West Belfast’s Talk Back event in August 2007. On that occasion, he seemed to relish informing the largely republican audience that Sinn Fein would be finished off by Fianna Fail in the next General Election. Seizing the moment, writer and broadcaster, Jude Collins, made a very public bet with the veteran anti-republican Harris, with the latter offering odds of 10/1 on a £100 bet that Sinn Fein would win no seats in the next election.

 Now, predicting the voting intentions of the general public a month prior to polling day is normally a precarious occupation, but doing so several years ahead of a return to the polls is downright careless….and, it appears, costly.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    I wonder did Eoghan’s bullish and optimistic support for FF also lead him to have a dabble in the property market around that itme as well?

  • Nunoftheabove

    What a discussion that must have been. These two big mouths have been so remarkably consistently wrong in their pronouncements and predictions about Irish politics north and south since I can recall ever hearing either of the two of them that they must be due some form of award.

    Harris was on backing Brian Lenihan for FF leader almost exactly a month ago. He can sue me for every halfpenny I own if he didn’t say ““Brian Lenihan, when he’s speaking in full flight – while you’re listening to him, you forget the misery and the doom and the gloom, he energizes you and he lifts your spirit”.

  • 10/1 though! What an idiot!

    You sure he didn’t say 10/1 on?

  • Mark

    A prostitute never pays a bet . Never …….

    The last face he has to see every night is his own , and that puts a smile on mine .

    A cun! of the highest order ..

    A Hooker’s Hooker .

  • Rory Carr

    Now, now, Mark. whatever our personal opinion of Harris may be we must assume that he will honour the bet in the (most likely) event that he loses. Indeed if one feels really, really antagonistic towards him then any attempt on Harris’s part to welsh on the bet would probably be the best outcome as in that event his name would be mud throughout a land that takes such matters very seriously.

    But, as I say, I am sure that Harris will honour the bet and am equally sure that if he by any chance should suffer a memory lapse then the good burghers of the parish of Slugger will be more than happy to remind him.

  • Mark

    Rory , I know what they’d do to him at the OK Coral ….. and I know you would aswell

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Maybe Harris laid off a bet on the Greens getting a landslide victory. Theres not many people I really dont like but he is one of them.

  • Rory Carr

    For me, quite aside from his general obnoxiousness, it is that improbable mustache

    . If a man chooses to cultivate a mustache then unless he can grow a proper upper-lip adornment in the way of Stalin, Emiliano Zapata or Saddam Hussein, to name three notable fungus-faces, then he should leave it alone. But these fellows who wind up with what appears to be a little hairy caterpiller crawling along under their nose really give me the heebie-jeebies. The Mexican painter, Frieda Kahlo made a better job of it than Harris and she had the handicap of serious testosterone deficiency on account of her being a woman for most of her life.

    It is a well known fact supported by much general agreement among the cognoscenti during pub lock-ins that such men as maintain these scabrous upper-lip furniture are not to be trusted and most especially not to be trusted to ever baby-sit one’s defenceless leprous armadillo. But this is only a generality and we cannot surely apply such reasoning to the case of Senator Harris. Can we?

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    Anyone seen a diary of election events e.g. time and location of first result expected, time of results of RTE exit poll (usually very accurate) time of most results?

    Cant see anything on the RTE or IT websites.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Mr Rory Carr is indeed right.
    I would never trust a man with a moustache…and I have one.
    Take Peter Mandelson for example.
    With a moustache……not to be trusted.
    Without one……to be trusted.

  • DoppiaVu

    Pretty blatant man-playing going on here.

    Was that the whole purpose of this post? Make Harris the ball so everyone can kick him as hard as possible?

    If so it appears to have succeeded.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    When is a man not a man?

    When he is a ball.

    If someones silliness (or alleged economic illetracy in Gerry’s case) is the ball – then it is man and ball every time.

  • ItwasSammyMcNally

    Illiteracy – perhaps not the best word to misspell

  • Nunoftheabove

    Moustache slagging rather than man-playing per se for the most part and when it comes to self-promoting careerist loudmouth commentators and them taking bets on which of them is talking the most/least pish then let’s try not being quite so schoolmarmish with the refereeing here, yes ?

    These guys are paid to tee up 50:50 challenges in argument for a living so, like, get a little perspective here people.

  • Rory Carr

    No need for sensitivity on your part FJH. It is not mustaches per se that rankles but rather the quality of the ‘tache. A magnificent under-nasal adornment can be the making of a man – a clean-shaven Errol Flynn in Captain Blood looked positively anaemic but he was a full-blooded mustached hero in Santa Fe and went on to be a peerless hirsute Robin Hood with whom pink-lipped Kevin Costner could never cross swords.

    Remember that little caterpiller that Séan MacStíofáin once had sitting above his mouth? It was all downhill for him after that.

    In the matter of mustaches then it is not whether to shave or not to shave but rather to get it right or else shave. I’m sure that you have it right.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Rory Carr

    No mention of David Niven in your ‘tache-tastic round-up ? Merv Hughes…Darkie Hughes…Salvador Dali…Clark Gable…..Gerry Kelly…Cliff Thorburn….Frank Worthington….Andy Tyrie…Dick Dastardly.

    For me, the MacStíofáin attempt only really worked when he had the eye patch thing going on too – well ‘Clockwork, that combo.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I think Yosemite Sam has the best ‘tache in the business. I am not noted as a style icon……my own facial hair is down to retirement and laziness.

  • DoppiaVu

    Being follically challenged of both face and head (and chest and oh I think I’ll stop there) I’m right at the front of the queue when it comes to tache-bashing. But comments such as “A cun! of the highest order”??

    Or maybe it’s just in my naivety I’m misunderstanding what cun! means, silly me.

  • Mark

    Dickie Davies ( the World of Sport ) Huggy Bear in at least one episode of Starskey and Hutch. Same goes for the two cops . Billy Beaumont and Tom Selleck and your man he worked for , Higgins ….

  • Mark

    Doppiavu ,

    I didn’t want to sound horrible …

  • Nunoftheabove

    Dickie Davies is a superb shout. And it’d be a shame to render Alan Whicker entirely mentionless.

  • Mark

    It would be a crying shame as would leaving out Willy Thorne and my sister in law in Thailand …

  • Mark

    Bob Anderson and Derek Lilley should also make the grade .

  • The Word

    Was Harris not on the Neo-Aristotelian Sisyphusian side of politics, like the Sinn Fein replacement of el duce?

    Yesterday’s thugs are good for their post events justification of what is right and what is wrong. Someday one of them will say that I was wrong.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Derek Lilley ex Leeds United? or Dennis Lillee (Australia)?

  • Mark

    You’ll have to ask Driftwood that ! and while I”m racking my brain to find what you’re good for , you could certainly get a fistful of dollars for anything on Lee van Cleef’s face .

    Jack Bauer’s real life wee Da is another as is the outlaw Josey Wales which brings us back to your first point ….

  • Rory Carr

    We’re going off thread here, lads. Remember this is not about those really good mustaches which serve only to embellish a man who already has great character (see below for my favourite example)


    this is about really bad mustaches which serve only to highlight the cretinous obnoxiousness of he who wears it.

    I can’t avail of any examples off-hand. Perhaps other readers may have examples in their photo cache.

  • Mark

    To be honest Fitz , it was a total typo as I meant Dennis Lillie which leads me to Denis Waterman back in the sweeney days and of course Mike Slemen as Seymour pointed out just last week …

  • Mark

    I can’t find that picture of me and Yul Brenor from Woodstock but how did we forget Peter Mandelson ffs ?

  • Mark

    ooops , sorry Fitz ,

  • Nunoftheabove

    All very firmly in the debit column:

    Lawrenson, Rush, Souness…McDermott (enough said), Mick Mills, Ronald Spelbos, Brookeborough, Stalin, Pik Botha, Mark James, Ron Jeremy, John Spencer, Ronnie Bunting, Flanders, Ron Mael, Felix Healy.

  • Mark

    I see you’ve brought your ” A ” game again this evening .

    Ron Jeremy has taken it to another level …… lol

    Back to the drawing board for me …

  • Mark

    Mick Fealty ?

  • aquifer

    £1000 to annoy Jude Collins and a roomful of shinners?

    And a long shot of waving the tenner in Gerry’s face.

    Maybe Harris though it was worth it.

  • Nunoftheabove

    I was tempted to place Ron Jeremy (not an) inch in closer proximity to Brookeborough on the run-down but I have enough writs from TUV sympathisers to be dealing with right now so….by the way I’ve unforgivably omitted from the roll of dishonour…..

    Brian Potter
    John Redmond
    George Jones
    Michael Fish
    Farrokh Bulsara
    Gino Gallagher
    John Bolton
    Glen Ponder

    On the credit side, Vincent Price and, of course, Mister Mackay.

  • Mark

    and who could forget …

    Jesse the Body Ventura
    Tessa Sanderson
    Bernard Hill ( himself and Souness sitting in the nightclub )
    Sam Torrance
    Mick Fleetwood
    Joe Bratty
    Maurice Gibbs
    Howard Marks
    Virginia Wade

    and last but not least Don Tidey ( who wasn’t very )

  • Nunoftheabove


    Maurice Gibbs ineligible I fear – flagrant ‘other (connected) facial hair’ violation. John Oates is surely owed an apology from us both though, likewise the family of James Joyce and Sam ‘The Stranger’ Elliott.

  • Mark

    Nunoftheabove ,

    Nun ,

    Sir Elton John Cleese insists on me checking the guest list again as does Mark Rollerball Rocco for that matter .

    Ron Jeremy called again looking for his poppers ( goes the weasel Harris again ) which suggests there’s more than one old pric! looking for / standing to attention.

    Fidel’s Castration is what’s looking us in the face and not before time .

  • qwerty12345

    Sometimes facial hair can end a discussion