Sinn Fein and Fine Gael jostle for extra seats in Cavan Monaghan

Here’s how bad it is for Fianna Fail in a constituency where they held three seats in 2007 (albeit one was held by the Ceann Comhairle), according to today’s Anglo Celt front page story:

in Cavan Monaghan, an opinion poll undertaken for The Anglo-Celt by students from Cavan Institute gives the party 38.2% of the vote – a figure that is in line with the projected national vote of the party. However, Fine Gael’s quest for three seats in Cavan Monaghan may not be achievable on this occasion.

According to our opinion poll, the party will comfortably win two seats but are short for a third. It predicts the likely outcome in the constituency as two Fine Gael, two Sinn Féin and one Fianna Fáil.

Cavan Monaghan is one of three constituencies we’re watching for RTE for polling day. We’re holding a meet up in the Farnham Arms Hotel in Cavan first thing (ie just after nine), with some of the candidates and local voters, Facebookers just to get a feel for the mood, and what the local gossip is.

We should also have one the favourites to take a seat from Fianna Fail along to our Roscommon ‘meet and tweet’ at Hannon’s Hotel, the inimitable Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan