Sammy Brush on McGeough’s conviction

Pete has a blog on McGeough’s conviction for the attempted murder of Samuel Brush below and has also covered the suggestion that Sinn Fein might use its influence to try to help McGeough. Today the Belfast telegraph has a piece about Mr. Brush’s reaction to the trial and conviction.

Brush has met Michelle Gildernew and says he was touched by the gesture of her coming to see him and said “I have spoken to her on several occasions since she visited me. I would speak to her if I met her today and I get on very well with her father Liam, who is on the council.”

However, he is extremely critical of Gildernew’s call for McGeough not to be sent to gaol for his crime:

“Michelle has lost her marbles. We can’t simply throw out the law when we don’t like what it produces.”

“You can’t have one law for Irish republicans and one law for the rest of us.”
He said: “I am not keen on the fact that my attacker expresses no remorse and will only have to serve a maximum of two years, but it is something people voted for under the Good Friday Agreement so I have to accept it. So should she.
“You would think that he was being put away forever.”

Thus far Ms. Gildernew has not commented