More than a whiff of hypocrisy in the southern treatment of Adams…

Ed Moloney hitting some hypocritical nails squarely on the head:

…when I heard that the new Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin had challenged Gerry Adams to tell the truth about his past membership of the IRA, to “come clean” about his “baggage from the past” as he put it, I have to confess that I laughed out loud and long. “There is a fundamental problem for Gerry when he continues to deny his membership of the IRA”, said the bold Micheál, “because every time he talks in this debate during the election about honesty . . . it jars very much with his own position about the past.” Indeed it does Micheál but you didn’t have that problem back in 1998, did you?

Micheál Martin was not only a minister in the Fianna Fail cabinet from 1997 onwards, during the key years of the peace process when there a special premium on Adams not telling the truth, but he is a former Minister of Foreign Affairs whose civil servants not only helped Adams hone to perfection his  dissembling skills but often led the charge, employing a special sense of viciousness, against anyone who questioned the Sinn Fein leader’s honesty.

Micheál Martin, more than most people, has known for a very long time that, in relation to Northern matters, Adams and the truth have often been strangers and the fact that he chose this time to let us all in on the secret is a sure indication that in the forthcoming election the Fianna Fail party is headed down the toilet. Truth suddenly acquires virtue when political destruction stares you in the face. There was a sense of desperation about what he said, as well as artifice, and I suspect the Irish voter picked it up.

But go read it all…

  • “It is, of course, the job of government to lie and deceive or to connive at others’ lies in the pursuit of implementing policy. And many will say that telling lies in the quest for peace in Northern Ireland was not only excusable but laudable.”

    I presumed that lies were told to protect major institutions of government and commerce in the rest of these two islands; continuing unpeaceful activities in Northern Ireland could always be branded domestic housekeeping.

    I’m unaware of Moloney’s motives but I found his Secret History of the IRA quite illuminating when I sought to gather together additional pieces to improve my understanding of the NI political jig-saw, a jig-saw with many missing pieces.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Mick, to apply the old comparison of used car salesmen and politicians, Martin is telling you the car had one lady owner, when you really know it was used by a family of 4 girls to learn to drive in, whereas Gerry is telling you the car is red when it it is obviously blue.
    Whats more interesting in Ed’s article is his bit about Marty McG, he trying to sell you a written off car, but well patched up.

  • There is no hypocrisy here at all. The Sinn Fein/IRA campaign was built on a tissue of lies and they had to be spone to and moles activated to get them to stop killing. McGuinness played a key role in this and Moloney doubts McGuinness’ integrity.

    Mary McAleese’s husband and others spoke to Loyalist leaders and probably held their noses while doing so.
    The South needs neither Gerry Adams nor the wrteched form of politics he represents.

    Incidentally, Moloney levels serious charges against both Adams and McGuinness. Will they sue?

  • Neil

    There is no hypocrisy here at all.

    How are you defining hypocrisy there Maskey? Using the English language definition, as Mick has, the hypocrisy in question has been explained above in terms a child could understand.

  • Accepting Moloney’s article, Adams belongs in jail. From the point of view of civilised people, it is good that the psychopaths have stopped their serial killing. Like all serial killers, there is a chance they will start again but plamasing them has stopped it for now. They have been weaned off their blood lust.
    Because P O’Neill has stopped does not mean P O’Neill belongs in government or in Leinster House. If P O’Neill ordered the abduction, torture and murder of Jean McConville and if he organised the decades long tissue of lies that followed the dastardly act, he should not be the TD for the area criminal psychopaths buried her like a dog on the orders of P O’Neill.

    Michael Martin, supported by Mesrs Kenny and Gilmore, pointed out this simple logic to Adams, who Moloney refers to as P O’Neill. Geddit.

  • Neil


    Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the meaning of the word ‘hypocrisy’ you’ll be able to re-read Mick’s post in which he explains in terms a child could understand where the hypocrisy lies. That is all.

  • Neil: Hopefully, you will learn logic and common sense and how not to lie. But if you take your cue from Adams and McGuinness, then you most likely will not.
    The Southern government had to deal with these savages and get them to disarm and “give up their old sins”. That does not make these savages fit to govern.

  • Neil


    Your statement There is no hypocrisy here at all. is factually incorrect, as explained in Mick’s post in terms a child can understand.

    The hypocrisy is evident for anyone with a brain cell, but some people will seek to redefine words in the English language to suit their arguments.

    If you cannot accept the fact that your statement is either a lie or simply incorrect (possibly due to your failing to understand what the word hypocrisy means) then that’s your problem. That’s my only point.

    The hypocrisy is fairly easy to spot, one would have thought an idiot could manage it. How wrong I was. I have nothing further to say on the subject as you cannot accept that you’re talking horseshit intentionally or otherwise.

  • iluvni

    Any word on a west Belfast by-election?

  • Neil, in relation to my first post, not only do we not have open government but Ministers were able to come to the dispatch box and despatch answers which they probably knew at the time were untrue. Mayhew also put out a story which contradicted Dick Spring when the latter let the cat out of the bag about the mechanics of the secretive inter-government secretariat.

  • “More than a whiff of hypocrisy in the southern treatment of Adams…”

    I’m more concerned about the ongoing sanitisation of the slightly constitutional SF. Martin’s comments IMO are probably too little too late for electors exposed to a diet of pap about our wonderful peace process.

  • between the bridges

    hypocrisy and Adams in the same sentence, well i never..

  • Mark

    If its good enough for the north ……

    Sinn Fein are not in Gerry Adams , Gerry Adams is in ….

    The last time I checked , Gerry Adams still only had one head and is campaigning to get his arse on one seat … and only one seat . It’s starting to annoy the electorate that certain people with agenda’s ( personal and professional ) want to link all Sinn Fein future seats to Gerry’s arse .

    Speaking of Gerry , its sad and pathetic that certain cynics have started to call him plain oul thick and stupid. That’s below the belt . You cannot hide the fact that his heart is in the right place . He might not be an economic guru ( I’m sure SF can get their hands on one ) but how he gets up every morning with a smile on his face knowing he will have to face savage criticism day in day out …. Gerry Adams coulda wooda shoulda walked away any time he pleased … but he didn’t , not after been shot and nearly killed , that’s dedication my friends as Roy Castle would say …

    So come on Cynic2 … put your hands together and clap … that’s it ….

  • “If its good enough for the north ……”

    Mark, I doubt if many of his critics in the Black North would wish him on the South; the Plain People of Ireland are suffering enough already.

  • The Word

    “Moloney paints Adans and McGuinness out as serial, pathological liars. ”

    I tried reading his book onthe IRA but threw it out as it was so seriously displaying the rather silly and naive belief that even some of what Gerry and Martin were saying was true.

    Clearly no-one told Moloney the truth or I presume he would have stopped his endeavour. He was only allowe to fill people full of bullshit.

    I actually believe that that Adam’s claim to have never been in the IRA was partly true. What he seems to mean is that he was a soldier, and there were others that he regarded as the “leadership”. The “leadership” were the real IRA and he wasn’t nearly as bad as those guys, and he is reluctant to take the blame for their deeds or commands.

    So he didn’t order the disappearance of Jean McConville or Bloody Friday. That came from above.

    Is this the truth? How could it be otherwise? Nobody is that good a liar that he doesn’t even flinch, blink or change tone when he addresses these issues. It’s either that or he’s a sociopath, and I don’t think he is.

  • between the bridges

    mark remind me did mien geraldo leave something he was never in or was he in something that never was gone? i do belive dear leaders star is waning a seat in the lords beckon’s…

  • Mark

    You don’t need to tell me that but thank you anyway .

    He’s going to get in Nevin , like it or not . And as Greenflag says , its about the party and the movement and the fact that people have decided that SF should carry the torch of modern day Republicanism . The south and her middle classes can’t turn their nose up at SF anymore . And I don’t think they are going to.

  • Mark

    Good afternoon Mr Bridges ,

    Who cares really ……… certainly not young nationalists looking for an alternative or indeed looking to mark their first venture into voting . I’d say its a nice feeling knowing your first X can reallly make a difference when it comes to finally Uniting Ireland .

  • between the bridges

    mark old mate you can’t be putting ‘modern day republicanism’ and ‘the south’ in the same statement it might look silly..

  • “SF should carry the torch of modern day Republicanism”

    Mark, why would young people vote for folks with links to developers, a record for cronyism not to mention connections to organised crime? Aren’t FF getting kicked for the first two?

    BTW, surely you wouldn’t be using an X 😉

  • The Word: Calling Gerry Adams a sociopath is an interesting step. Ireland is full of sociopaths, psychopaths and the rest. Most never hardmed a fly. Many throw themselves into work or a hobby. People can blot out anything. People caqn convince themselves they weere never in the IRA; it is called believing your own bs.
    Even supposing, for argument’s sake, that Gerry Adams was not in charge of the IRA – and this goes against all the anecdotal evidencer. In that case, he should simply dernounce PIRA and call for the arrest of those who murdered The Disappeared. Martin McGuinness should state that all PIRA volunteers were traitors to Ireland. That would be a start.

  • between the bridges

    mark i can just see you encouraging those young nationalist voters to vote early and often.

  • “vote early and often.”

    btb, it’ll be all right if they put an X after the SF names 😉

  • Mark

    Here Dad ” define middle class will you ” I asked my old man one day .

    Go ask your mother ( or mudder as me best would say ) . Jesus , I donna Mark she said , your father was a bit of a financial whizz kid she says . What did he say ? He said you were locked in the toilet of an airplane by scottish rugby fans when you were working in Aer Lingus .I didn’t know you worked ? Oh yes i did , some one had to save for the bed sheets . OH so we weren’t just loaded when I was young . Jesus son , are you mad ? Both of us worked until you came along ……those dreadful middle class bastards who have the cheek to carve out a living for themselves ,and two holidays , who do they think they are ,the bleedin royal family …

  • between the bridges

    there are many scenarios, i own personal favorite is that if someone was allegedly not involved with what hasn’t gone away one would have nothing to worry about. but however if one was allegedly involved up to your oxers in what was very naughty stuff even by the naughty standards of the day, well then you have to keep stumb. either that or the anti-interagtion course is still kicking in 30 years later.

  • Mark

    Lol Nev

  • Cynic2

    “Any word on a west Belfast by-election?”

    Why hurry. It’s years since they have had an MP anyway

  • The Word


    “Even supposing, for argument’s sake, that Gerry Adams was not in charge of the IRA – and this goes against all the anecdotal evidencer. In that case, he should simply dernounce PIRA ”

    “anecdotal evidence” – the first thing we hear about Adams is that he was on the streets, not participating in, but organising the rioting of mostly children.

    I knew those boys. I grew up with some. The bosses of bosses? I think not.

    He can’t denounce the IRA – even if he actually objected to some of these things – because he was a soldier in the same army. That’s the way it appears to me, considering that smile on his face when he abdicates responsibility for these extreme actions. “It was not my doing,” he says. ” I might have been there but I’m not bad enough to have ordered these things.”

  • The Word, are you suggesting that GA was an officer but not a gentleman?

  • Mark

    When you’re annoyed with someone/something in Thailand , you kick a dog ! really ….it’s not cool to show any outward anger so in order to vent , you kick the nearest dog .. it’s a budda thing …

    I’d say there are a few Unionist Mutts feeling a little anxious thinking about next weekend’s walk in the hills . I’d say the dogs are quite worried aswell .

  • Mark, I don’t know about Unionist apologists but I’ve got a lovely mutt. I wouldn’t dream of kicking her; she’s a great companion. I don’t do hills, maybe beaches and riverbanks. Do have a special, er, interest in Thailand 😉

    In relation to Moloney’s long article, will any child be brave enough to point out that Emperor Adams has no guns (OOPS) clothes?

  • Zig70

    I believe Adams when he says he wasn’t in the IRA. But I reckon he means he was never sworn in, never a foot soldier. Too cute by half.

  • Mark

    Sawadee Krap Nevin ….. I knew there was more than one Farang on here . In fact , We are in very good company as I believe we have a few more with special interests in that neck of the woods .

    Kicked any dogs tonight Alan ….

  • Dixie Elliott

    So Adams was never in the IRA? However he stated more than once there would never be peace in Ireland until the Brits were removed. Therefore he built a career encouraging others to do what he was unwilling to do himself?

    Or He’s a liar and was in the IRA.

  • Mark

    Dixie ,

    Rumour has it that you have crystal ball , does it say anything about Gerry Adams admitting down the line , he was a member ?

  • Dixie Elliott

    Mark you know what I’m saying…Was he an agitator or is he a liar?

  • Mark

    Dixie ,

    I read the Quill and and understand you are a serious man who deserves a serious answer . My own view is that if he wasn’t in the IRA , he was certainly their top consultant . He certainly had enough clout to hang with the big dogs back then . I remember what Gen. Glover of Brit army said about him in the 70’s and that still stands today . I’ve no link re Glover comments but they’re there somewhere .

    There’s a certain Je ne sais quoi about Adams . No one could have survived at the upper echelons of Republicanism with telling a few white lies along the way . I’ve a funny feeling next week after he’s elected , he may well be a litttle more economical with the truth …. ( thats if he’s brushed up on his economics by then )

    Re McConville , she was a brussels , everyone knows she was a brussels and when you play with the big boys , you have to play by their rules .

    PS Dixie , keep up the writing , I really enjoyed you’re story about the oul drunk …..

  • between the bridges

    mark i am sure as well as been a keyboard jedhi you will of course be actively supporting mien geraldo on his door step tour (along with the rev frazer), perhaps your little walk about will give you the chance to explain your theories to Helen McKendry.

  • Mark

    Between the Bridges …

    I don’t need to qualify my credentials to you or Helen McKendry . All this keyboard warrier / jedhi reference means nothing to me . I was asked a question and I answered it . The jedhi thing is the standard idiot comeback for people like yourself . Do you not have something original to say ? .

    How’s good old Denver getting along anyway ?

  • Jean McConville was a vulnerable woman. PIRA could have kneecapped her (horrible, blaspemous action that it is). They could have done many things short of killing her. The could even stopped at killing her. But they hid her body for decades and lied about it.
    If Gerry Adams was involved in this and if he ordered it, he deserves a living death himself.

  • Mark

    Ok Alan ,

    She may have been vulnerable but she still worked as an agent for the Brits and her information could have cost people their lives . You’ve mentioned 4 Square before and the battle between Provo Intel and Brit intel ( this is well before scap etc when the Dark was running things ) . As the whole V. Heatherington mess in the Crum showed , the Brits were very dangereous and capable of just about anything .. and McConville already had one strike against her name . IRA had to be ruthless because they knew their foe ( brits ) were absolutely so as proven by their lethal decision to insist McConville keep working for them . The IRA didn’t have a choice …….sad but true .

  • between the bridges

    mark, padwan, i belive Denver Dan the super fan is well (after all the false accusations have been cleared up, funny how you did hear that old bean, eh?) as for ‘More than a whiff of hypocrisy’ it would seem that mien geraldo’s not the only one, now as i know you struggle to An dtuigeann tú? if you can accept the fact you have clearly managed to fool yourself we can build from there…

    Alan. is that not the whole point? i mean if mein geraldo was to admit to membership of the boys scouts is not the next question ‘what did you do as a member of the scunt’s?’ he is not as thick as he makes us belive. (talking about geraldo there mark in case you misunderstandingabating)

  • The Word


    I think you’re very far gone if you believe all that.

    I can imagine how these people think. She’s a “Protestant” so she’s someone who doesn’t play by our rules.

    Helping a British soldier. Maybe. Better put that practice to an end. Oh she’s Prod. Better send out a message.

    British soldiers “absolutely ruthless”. They play by rules most of the time. They dig trenches and shoot at each other, then run at each other’s guns.

    What they do tends to be stupid. The IRA – well, they tend to be very aware of the evil thing to do.

  • Mark

    He’ll always be Denver to me Bridges ….. and somewhere in that wardrobe of yours I’m sure you’ll find a blueshirt which you can stick one and heckle Gerry at his post election bash . That’s if you can get past security ( maybe Denver can get you on the guest list lol ) .

    You wanna start swotting up on that poetry amigo because you’re gonna need it .

  • between the bridges

    padwan mark, now i do realize that page one of ‘republicanism for dummies’ states


    page two is a bit more revealing in it was ‘the proddyorangebigots in uniform fault’, but actually mark it was a ‘low intensity jihad’ as people of low intensity such as your self (and your proddy dupeoganger), went out and murdered men women and children for the crime of attending/going occasionally/never attending a different place of worship to the place where they attended/going occasionally/never attended….hypocrisy never never never!

  • Mark

    helping a british soldier ….. or spying for the enemy ..

    Lets not 12 rounds again about the merits / agruments of the conflict / war etc …

    How can an intelligence paly by the rules most of the time ?

    Thatcher and Pinochet having a cuddle , Blair and Gaddafi hugging eachother …

    You can’t have it both ways .. we’ve either made up or we haven’t …..

  • between the bridges

    padawan, ‘ jihad’ not ‘conflict’ is lesson one in making up, lesson two the blame game.. CNR ‘it was the brits fault’ PUL ‘it was the ira;s fault’
    now dig out the stats and compare the number of brits killed to the number of people killed by the ira.
    then compare the number of ira/inla killed by uff/uvf to the overall number killed by them, and you will see the high levels of importance attached to these excuses,hypocrisy never never never!

  • between the bridges

    padwan, at the mo in between educating yourself, i am tuning a few drums, then i have to be at the OO hall early as i am putting the band colour party (no mark, thats not what it means they are all caucasian) through its drill. you see we are out walking (sorry i mean marching playing music and scaring the bejusas out good folk) early this year! some old taig thing going on in march, 17th i think? and we got an invite….. so watch out mark we could be offending you!! ‘what’s that coming over the hill…? is it a Denver?’ ,hypocrisy never never never!

  • Mark

    I have to warn you Bridges that my daughter is on midterm and I took the week off so that I could really enjoy the oul run up to GE11, the warrior in me couldn’t help it .

    I never been fond of lessons or digging for that matter …and I don’t need to be a genius ( though I have been called a bit of a one , and there’s your ” in ” for your reply btw ) to understand how the political landscape of the country is going to change .

    Gone are the days when the Denvers of this world can march around thinking they own the place . Share and share alike is what I say . I do notice however in your last little pearl of wisedom , that you don’t offer the Unionist Establishment as a cause for the mayhem …… interesting?

    That you guys feel the need to advise the southern electorate about what choices they should make is nice in a nieghbourly way and seen as you’ve had SF as your daddy’s or wee da’s ( to coin a phrase from a new pal I’ve made ) for the last few years , we are going to listen . How do you feel SF has done governing you in the last wee while ?

    Answers on a postcard ( just don’t give them to wee Sammy ) by friday ……..

  • between the bridges

    padwan, sein finn and ‘wee da’ in same statement similar irony to ‘modern republicism’ and ‘the south’, damn i was really up for believing someone called you Genesis, was it Phil?

  • Mark

    You must tell me what the Irish for bridges is !

    And it’s funny that you mention Phil because its has been against all odds thats you’ve been able to keep up for so long ……..

    And the OO , are they still giving lessons to kids on how to take pictures on one’s mobile ?? another sordid mess they’ve got themselves into , wouldn’t you say there me oul mucker …

    Do you like Rugby by the way ,,,,,

  • The Word


    “We’ll pay you back later”


    More dreaming from the dreamers. More threats from the thugs. I’m sure the gangsters won’t be saying that.

  • The Word

    With regard to the nurse, I’m sure some of your seniors will explain the twenty-one year retreat that that comment caused.

  • Mark

    caused to who ……. ?

    I was responding to you . and remember , I know your form so stop with the seniors bit .

    You’d say mass given half the chance …?

    So back to your bible please ….

  • The Word

    Don’t issue threats, Mark. There are clearly things that you don’t know.

    And what if I was a priest?

  • Mark

    Steady on there cowboy …

    There are clearly things I don’t know , you’re right … what I do is that you’re full of shit …

    Having been educated in a Holy Ghost , I have a lot of time for some priests esp the one who helped put my family back together after the loss of my younger brother .

    What I don’t have time for however is your crap . If I knew where you were coming from ….. but you change tack like the wind .. one minute you’re on the blower to Rome , the next you’re implying you’re the brains behind the the latest sdlp revolution …

    Are you a priest ??? answer honestly and then we can take it from there ….I’m all for the Oblets ……father .

  • Mark

    typo – Holy Ghost School ….lol

  • The Word

    I have many roles, Mark.

    You seem to be keeping an eye on them.

    “full of shit” – Most republicans have been on a Mushroom farm for the last couple of decades.

  • Mark

    Bless me Father for I have been silly …..

    I’m sorry for that comment . I should know better .

    Off all the characters on Slugger , you’re a bit of an odd fish there Padre …

    Mushroom farms … I own 2 in Thailand , they cost me about 30 euros each …… but they’re great for the odd herb or too.

    You’re not Miriam O Callaghan by any chance …..?

  • So what does Bob Geldoff’s old school have to do with Sinn Fein invading the South?
    Let’s getr back on track.
    Are decent people wrong to oppose the Sinn Fein takeover?

  • Mark

    Nice … he once drove his old man’s car accross the senior cup team’s rugby pitch . The priest’s went beserk . But what are you gonna do the future king of the World …..

    Sabadee Mi Krap …. even Opium den’s have door policies ….

    Re your question ? Decent people like you and I need to stop fixating on the past and need to live and learn … just like the Thai’s ..

  • between the bridges

    padwan..droichead is a bridge, you are duine ráscánta, Coimhead fearg fhear na foighde, Beagan agus a ra go maith,

  • Mark

    The lads from one hour photo are on RTE 1

  • between the bridges

    padwan, tut tut personal abuse! first rule of interweb jedhi don’t let the proddyorangebigot get to you!!! Go mbeadh cosa gloine fút agus go mbrise an ghloine, Is dócha nach bhfuil seans ar bith ann? .

  • Mark

    Gboshite is a term of endearment where I come from .. as for the last bit ….you might aswell be talking to danish internet warrior …

    But man , it looks cool and nice to see you promote the Irish lingo in such an euthusiast manner … we’ll make Pam Ayres out of you .

    They’re was a young man named bridges ,
    Who went to Dublin in Stitches ,
    After a few to many drink ,
    And not enough winks ,
    Him and his mates started to call the local bitch??

  • between the bridges


    there was a modern republicain
    from dub in da south
    intellalick was some what plain
    and he had a little potty mouth

    how he wished to be a combat ant
    instead a it’s career as as banker
    time to drop the short pants
    we all know your a complete……..

    Ag fein truaillaithe

  • “How do you feel SF has done governing you in the last wee while ?”

    No experience of GA’s economic prowess, Mark, but Conor Murphy has created a bit of a problem for his officials on the rigorous financial scrutiny front and, by slipping in a crony as an additional NI Water NED, looks like a bit of an FFer. Was there not a trap for CM in the GE11 derby?

  • Mark

    I’ve been called a merchant banker ! is that the same as a banker ….it was a taxi driver on the mainland who say it .

    It’s intellect not intellalick …. although I’m sure you can get your tella licked in that new sauna in derry ….

    Time to drop the short panks …. Is there anything you want to tell me or were you just practicing for one of your marches ?

    You really get should get off to the leaba now as you seem tired and defleated …….

    Oiche mhaith agus yada yada …. and pleasant dreams mo chara …..

  • Mark

    Nevin ,

    I’ll talk to you in the am ……….going to bed .g/night

  • between the bridges

    Go n-ithe na péisteoga thú, Báltaí!!!

  • Mark

    The early ean catches the worm bridges …

    Can we have less of the Gaeilge profannity today ? and what do you say if we pick a language that we both understand and can respond to in the usual manner . It keeps the playing field even and I know with you been a NI football fan , you’re all for even …

    That you continue to promote both our native tongues is sweet and long may it continue . I alas came remember that faithful day when my wee Ma came down to the school to complain that her boy genius had got 4% in his Gaeilge exam …

    Don’t worry your little cotton socks , the priest told my wee ma , he only needs it for UCD and he’s not planning on going into politics any time soon , is he …. jesus Father no , he’s talking about becoming a chef , I mean a chef ffs , sorry Father …

    It is a crying shame that most people don’t include Gaeilge in a wish list of ” could I speak a second language . That it’s not the first word that comes out of every bambino born here is a scandal but we won’t go there …. if case your wee Ma’s poetry teachers don’t get upset .

    Back in my day bridges , Holden Caulfield’s adventures seemed a alot more exicting than Peigs , ye know wha I mean der bud …….and while I’ve got my regrets like everyone else mo chara , it’s somthing I’ve learned to live with ….although the woods did seem to come flooding back when reciting my poems to the American nurses and tesco checkout sheilas from hull on holiday in Ibiza .

  • Mark

    Nevin ,

    When isn’t there a trap set for any SF politician today ? It seems hunting season never stops for some people ….

    I think somebody once refered to Mr Muilleoir as the Rupert Murdock of his generation ….being from that neck of the woods yourself Nevin , would you agree ?

  • Mark, my thread title might have been ‘More than a whiff of hypocrisy in treatment of arch-hypocrite Adams’.

    Suggesting that politicians are hypocrites is ‘playing the man’ but it appears that some will ‘get the boot’ soon; the subs may be more sub- than super- 🙁

    The politician tag doesn’t really do justice to folks who are a cross between gombeen politician and Mafia godfather – the Rafia and the Lafia. The latter are much less popular at the ballot box but President McAleese, presumably on behalf of the Government, glad-hands both.

    The name’s Ó Muilleoir – and don’t you forget it wee lad [jocular imagined retort :)]. The two gentlemen, and I abuse the term loosely, are not in the same league; think of a pimple on the arse of humanity.

    Máirtín – perhaps a reformed Marty – made a brief appearance in the farce ‘Flaming NI Water NED’ as an extra and disappeared before the snow landed on the daik/dyck in winter, a winter of great discontent.

    Questions had been asked and he departed to spend more time with his family [OOPs] party; the great conductor jumped From the Balcony with no baton in his hand.

  • between the bridges

    mark as my next garlic statement would be ‘ my hovercraft is full of eels’ i am happy to move on, in return mon chara can we have less of the ‘life history and memories of a modern republican’? back on topic yes of course there is ‘More than a whiff of hypocrisy in the southern treatment of Adams’.
    now while mickey martin’s hypocrisy is not quite at the same level as George senior deciding that saddam membership of the Illuminati should be cancelled ,it can be suggested politicians abide by a separate set of moral guidelines than the rest of us, ie none.

    somehow we all accept that our politicians will lie and if caught will lie again, but come on now lets be honest mien geraldo stretches it a tad, having not been in what hasn’t gone away! i hope he squeezes in and eventually makes it to Aire Airgeadais, now that would be poetic non diplock justice.

  • Mark

    Nevin ,

    No retort today Nevin …..and apologies for no O ,

    Is there an O in consigliere ? of course there is ..

    Have you been to Isaan ?

  • Mark

    I hope he squeezes in aswell Mr B…even just to see the looks on the faces of the boys at TV3 ….esp Ursula’s …

    The southern treatment of Adams has been a disgrace from Day 1 . If it’s good for the goose springs to mind …

    I wonder what Ming’s moral guidelines look like .. someone was saying , he was caught with a little blow back in the day ( no pun intended ) and its no problem for people as long as its not Gerry .

    Bridges – The next dail will be grat craic and SF’s hecklers will make a show of Enda’s Dream Team and I’m sure you guys will find it amusing to see the snobs of Irish politics squirm having to answering tthe tough Q’s been lobbed over from the other side …they’re good at lobbing ..

    And thank god for no hoovercrafts as I had enough difficulty finding out what a Baltai was . I thought you had it with nan bread…..

  • I’m not a traveller now, Mark, I live in Ulster’s Isaan!

    Ó Muilleoir, an gcomhairleoir has a certain ring to it.

  • between the bridges

    mark, valid points, i agree a dose of hemp before attending the dail would go along way to solving the ‘on loan 26’ probelms! but for true comedy affect the ‘big un’s’ not doing much these days you’s are taking the wrong baron! hypocrisy never never never!
    my name would be oráiste uisce beatha scoláire

  • Mark

    Between the Whiskey experts …..

    They have a Whiskey in Thailand called locow ……….and it’s not a good idea to get on a motorbike after a couple of shots ( which is one too many ) …..

    What are we going to do when Gerry retires ? I’d imagine it leave the same void in our lives that Fergie’s retirement will leave . And while the black eyed peas will still play live , it won’t be the same.

    Btw , I like your idea of compulsory bongs for all incoming Td’s .I cant see it making Enda Kenny more paranoid than he already is …….

    I’d say our friend of the turfcutters has a few ways of passing any urine test he may have to face and I’d imagine anyone with performance enhancing drugs in kildare st would clean up come next week …

    Oh and Mr Bridges ….mi casa tu casa if you keep the hoovercrafts off the pages tonight ….

  • Mark

    Nevin ,

    Have you ever drank the locow on your travells to that glorious country ?

    How many times has that ring been kissed by the capos ?

    The Bruno Ginelli of Isaan …?

  • mien geraldo stretches it a tad, having not been in what hasn’t gone away! i hope he squeezes in and eventually makes it to Aire Airgeadais, now that would be poetic non diplock justice.

    LOL. Very funny.
    The South’s whuiff of secrecy wil get wiped out by the North’s silent and very deadly.


    Decent People Vote Fine Gael
    Simply Irish

    I wish could post a fake election poster as this post would have been funnier for it.

  • I’m TT, Mark. I quite like an occasional drink of buttermilk but it’s not as good as my mother used to make!!

  • Orwellspen, this is one I made earlier [jpg]

  • Mark

    Would that be fresh straight from the udder cluchie buttermilk Nevin?

  • Mark, you seem to know as much about cows as that bullocks Adams knows about economics 🙂

  • Mark

    I was married to one Nevin ( lol ) …

  • Mark, are you admitting that you’re not a great judge of character? 😉

  • Mark

    Not when it comes to gorgeous Asian women half my age , as I’m sure you know well Nevin ….LOL

  • Mark, when it comes to gorgeous women, character might slip down the tick box list. Asian or otherwise, they might improve the gene pool – and question time in the Dáil.

    I suppose you’ve probably got signed copies of those great Adams’ thrillers, “Before the Don” and “Falls Mammaries”.

  • Mark

    Nevin , I’m more of a courtroom drama man myself ….

    And the only thing of significance that I have signed is a monthly Western Union slip to keep my Mushroom Farms ticking over ..

    Which brings me to the tick box list . Assassination bids would not be on my list , neither would purchasing imaginary land or buying an elephant as a wedding gift but there you go … you live and learn ….

  • One of my Corrymeela acquaintances from the Donegal Gaeltacht was a realtime translator in the Dáil. She got caught up in a little piece of drama in the chamber. Someone from Connaght got up to speak. She turned to a colleague and said something like, “Not that old goat again”. The old goat wasn’t amused; she’d forgotten to turn her mike off 🙂

  • between the bridges

    it might might take mien geraldo awhile to get used to a few things..

    a) taking a seat ( all that standing can’t be good for you)
    b) not having to wear a wire (as the place is already bugged)
    c)not been able to play poker (the proddyorangebigot card)
    d) economic matters (counting with socks on)
    e) pond life ( small fish bigger pike)

  • Niall

    Sorry, but to go off topic and break the cardinal rule of not playing the man – BUT, Between the Bridges, for a self professed ‘infrequent poster’ could some of those infrequent posts that you infrequently make, please leave out the phrase “proddyorangebigot”, its getting to resemble a mantra I’ve read it so much. No one is attacking you, your views, background or culture, so for once stop being on the defensive all the time and try offering something resembling a positive contribution to discussions. And leave off with the self-deprecating conceited crap – “proddyorangebigot” and the like.

  • EdgarDavids

    I thought Micheal Martin was spot on went he made reference to the Sinn Fein leaders past. I don’t see the hypocrisy and I’m not sure about the ‘southern treatment of Adams’ bit as Micheal Martin is not ‘the south’ so to speak – he’s the leader (ie 1 man) of an All-Ireland Party and has members in each of the other 32 counties who would concur with him on most issues.

  • between the bridges

    nail humble apologism oh master keysabre, it’s a finely toned defencing mechanism that Dr. Thomas Schirrmache told me would only affect the equally challenged…ps do you own the site? are you the interweb police?

  • Did we all have a laugh when suspected IRA godfather Gerry Adams suggested in Leinster House that Fine Gael were money laundering? The respectable TDs had a good laugh on this, as did all of us who watched the news reports. of them laughing at the Baron.

    Next he will be accusing them of disappearing their constituents.
    Fair play to Kenny asking Adams to use Leinster House to tell us what he knows about the crimes of Sinn Fein.