Irish Veterans Project

Cork based photographer and Documentarian Damian Drohan has been collating a series of portraits and interviews of  Irish veterans of WWII.

The portraits are simply lit, pared back and devoid of any background to distract. It’s about the veterans and their stories. Combined with audio recordings it’s surprising to think that this aspect of Irish history has not been covered in such a way before.

Drohan took 5 months to conduct the interviews compiling an invaluable but by no means exhaustive series of portraits.

Set aside some time and go visit

Photograph of Brian Smith copyright of Damien Drohan

A more indepth interview/overview on the BBC


As a courtesy i contacted Damian to let him know i’d blogged about the project. He has informed me that he has been working on the project for a year and to date has documented 25 veterans. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] if you know of any veterans that might wish to be involved.