Poll Report: Fine Gael building a substantial lead…

Tomorrow’s Independent has the latest poll figures:

Fine Gael 38 (38)
Labour 23 (20)
Fianna Fáil 12 (15)
Sinn Féin 10 (10)
Green Party 1 (3)
Independents 16 (14)

The figures for Sunday’s Red C are in brackets. But in comparison with the last Millward Brown on 2nd February, there’s much greater movement with FF and SF both losing out and Fine Gael perhaps sucking in new, previously undecided voters:

FF 16
FG 30
Lab 24
Greens 1
Sinn Fein 13
Independents 15

  • Mark McGregor


    Any idiot calling poll returns will know SF were bound to drop after they revealed they weren’t contesting every constituency. That was anoher +/- 2% along with the margin this fortnight.

  • Mick Fealty

    Really? You’re absolutely sure about that?

  • pippakin

    The poll was conducted before the rtedeb so its not an indicator of how that went. It may be that this is people testing their ideas before they actually vote.

  • redhugh78

    The ‘Independent’ now there’s a paradox if ever there was one.
    Their rabid hatred of all things to the left, and in particular Sinn Féin is laughable,