‘Football’: With a rifle and a pistol in my hand – fuck Bobby Sands …

[UPDATE ]The Northern Ireland supporter deleted the video once they realised it wasn’t solely like minded bigots watching their trip to Dublin – what a surprise.


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250 thoughts on “‘Football’: With a rifle and a pistol in my hand – fuck Bobby Sands …”

  1. oneill
    i am not 100% on this, the guy from the i.f.a. claimed on t.v. that the i.f.a where not in control of the tickets, but that the organisers where (carling/f.a.i) ,not sure, but not the i.f.a.. the i.f.a. are pretty useless at everything they do but if he was telling the truth, then we cant blame them for who gets a ticket, i dont think there we be any major trouble in may from the northern ireland fans, if i did i would not go.

  2. ‘Watch any Ireland rugby game. Tricolours galore and the Soldiers song belted out. Still see plenty of Ulster players standing stoically for the anthem looking a bit out of place.’

    I suppose the difference is that there is no history of Irish rugby fans chanting sectarian slogans or booing players like David Humphreys in the past. Nor do rugby fans add republican add-on’s during the anthem, or display sectarian flags or sing sectarian songs.

    ”i am not 100% on this, the guy from the i.f.a. claimed on t.v. that the i.f.a where not in control of the tickets, but that the organisers where (carling/f.a.i) ,not sure, but not the i.f.a.. the i.f.a. are pretty useless at everything they do but if he was telling the truth, then we cant blame them for who gets a ticket”

    According to the ni supporters forum, many of those involved in the sectarian singing at the Aviva stadium last week were members of ni supporters clubs, so its fair to presume that they acquired their tickets from the IFA and not from ticketmaster. It sounded like the usual IFA tactic of trying to blame someone else for the sectarian behaviour of their own support.

  3. The future’s orange,

    Yeah, I think someone should make an effort to get a single anthem for the rugby matches home and away. Ireland’s Call is rubbish. If it was a good tune people would be happy with one. Carrickfergus is a good tune.

    NI should get a new anthem alright as GSTQ just seems unfair on the Catholic players who try for the shirt. Especially nowadays when they can choose to play for the South.

  4. stewart1
    vis a vis my comments on tickets, i am refering to the up coming game in may(in response to oneills comment)
    As for sectarian fans booing players, when the chap from tyrone (i think) the prod who stop playing because he was abused time and time again including being called a orange bastard to his face by a fellow gaa player, did it make all gaa fans prod hateing bigots, i think not, did it make the gaa organisation prod hateing to the core, no, then please see the reverse for n,i, fans and the i.f.a. .people please stop hypeing this, unless that is you are trying to cause trouble.

  5. To be fair to the decent NI fans,some of them in the past have challenged the sectarian neanderthals in their midst only to be threatened in return with violence.
    It should not be up to the ordinary fan to confront the bigots. Howeve they can nameand shame them to the IFA who should then isue life-time bans to the guilty.I hope that the recent publicity about the intention to ban one such moron is not an isolated token gesture by the IFA to deflect media attention.
    On a wider level,the IFA could send an immediate clear message to the bigots by ditching GSTQ. Did you see McCourt,McGinn et al staring uncomfortably at the ground during the rendition at the Aviva? I personaly know one such promising NI U-17 player who left the NI set-up such was his feeling of exclusion due to the British anthem and unionist trappings associated with the not very cross-community set-up of the IFA.

  6. tapcall tut tut! only thing interesting about it is your take on it ‘ex catholic northern Ireland player gets threats’ hmmmm and i quote ‘now the uda in bells hill Glasgow has been tasked with the operation…they initially they planned to knee-cap him but because he’s a manger they threaten to go further’ poor neil must be bricking himself, now i am sure that this wonderful bit of journalism is authentic and i am also sure that with the vast military operational history of ‘ABC’ company 4th battalion bells end uda Glasgow that there was a pre confirmed code word!!! lol! now tapcall the journalist/novelist that exposed/invented this astonishing abuse of human rights did struggle to link this to the orangebigotnornironfan but your summary in your post did so kudos to you my friend….

  7. ‘but your summary in your post did so kudos to you my friend….’

    In your lingo, BTB, ‘wot dat mean’?

  8. it’s a ronseal statement says what it means and means what it says I’m sure tapcall will decipher the subliminal message to his own satisfaction.

  9. chewnick my humble apologies i am somewhat hungover today it was a busy night being an proddybigot!! anyways tapcall posts a statement which basically says ‘look the proddyorangebigot norironfans are at it again death threats to catholic ex norn iron players’. but no link? no statement of who or where or who by. so everyone who reads that and cannot be bothered to find or buy the mirror to read it will automatically thinks yep there at it again bloody proddybigotnornironfans. but the reality is its a comedy piece (much like this whole topic) read the article and its a complete joke in fact the joke is really clear its bell end uda, get it bell-end, bell end uda Glasgow, anyone heard of them? i haven’t and according to posters on here I’m an orange bigot zorro mask wearing gnome worrier so i should know the buggers as after all where all the same! so as i said before tut tut tapcall shame on you go and sit on the naughty seat.

  10. BBC reporting that one of the sectarian singers is none other than one of the Ballymena Defenders-the football team not the Billy Boy band,that is…

  11. i think the follow up story is set to reveal that some of the others may have been protestants…

  12. Sorry , you’ll have to speak english to communicate with me . Didn’t you , Republicans come in all shapes and sizes , as well you know . But go on , I’m all ears .

  13. its alledged (on some site somewhere,ill bet) that some members of the real.ira are also members of the gaa.

  14. Looks like you and Denver won’t be gracing the Copacabana in 3 years . Maybe I’ll have come up with a translation for your little riddle by then .Still feeling a touch moby ?

  15. This in indeed proof that all northern ireland fans are bigots and that all non northern ireland fans are not.

  16. mark i have a head like a busted sofa, re Gaeilge hanging on me wee ma’s wall is the cert she got for an all Ireland poetry competition she won, now the fact that she was forced to learn Irish by a country that persecuted her and her co religion community in no way deflects criticisms of any and all bigotedly in any and all forms including mine and yours.

  17. I going off track a little here, But do footballs bosses have the right to ban someone for life for singing songs that others find offensive, under the european human rights laws child rapists cant be put on the sex offenders register for life, they must be given the right of appeal. its just a ? i am not sticking up for anyone.

  18. @ Republic of Connaught.

    Maybe everyone needs to wise up and stop getting offended at every word or action from “them’uns”

    Should people not use the tricolour or use the irish anthem at rugby? I think thats a silly idea even if I don’t really have any time for either the symbol or songs. The majority of Irish players and supporters as you point out are Irish so, like the camera line, I’ll be one of the ones standing looking at the turf.

    But it’ll work both ways. At an NI game you’ll get the ulster flags, union jacks and GSTQ because those are the symbols and songs of this country whether some people like it or not. Any sort of paramilitary flags or songs should be removed as I find them offensive the same as any other normal person.

    Are you really so fragile over a union jack or a tricolour though?


    Plenty of recorded history of Lennon and his antics. From spitting on Rangers scarves and calling people Orange Bastards. Don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s whiter than white. While getting death threats, bullets in the post and kicked to hell and back on the streets of Glasgow can’t be condoned – there are reasons he attracts such attention at a more disturbing level than say a McGinn or McCourt.

  19. There are a couple of hangover cures I could recommend but they are both in Cork so I’d be wasting your time .

    That your wee Ma learned to count to 11 never mind get those words to rhyme is a mystery to me as the last time I did an Irish exam I got 4% . That shouldn’t excuse wee Denver’s alleged persecution complex and the fact that he’s a local role model makes it even worse . But as a dad yourself , you know that . But fair to you for the olive branch which will go on my oul dear’s wall beside her hockey medals for Leinster ( work that one out ) .

  20. mark i think i worked it out….your mum played hockey for leinster…did i get it right? do i win a prize? even in my hungover sate i will refrain from insulting your wee ma in tit for tat exchange ala me and you in the playground shouting my DA’s bigger than your DA.

  21. mark slightly of the comedy topic but you mentioned being a republican, i was just wondering what is your view on sein finn becoming the largest unionist party?

  22. Where did you come from pal ?

    How the fuc! did you get that from my old dear playing hockey for Leinster ?? You’re more hungover than I thought ( or you thought ) . Get off you’re high bleedin horse and understand that I don’t need to bring my Mother’s medals to debate the finer points of Denver’s demons .

    You’d swear it was you that got screamed at and threatened last week , not the kids and elderly of Dublin .

    Now stop bitching like a little girl and take it on the chin like a man .Accept your responsibilites and stop excusing the inexcusable …….ffs .

    I realise I’m at your level now and regret even responding to your taunts earlier but there you go .

    Watch you don’t whack your head on the way up the stairs .

  23. mark no i am not Jeremy but you are doing a good impression of Michel Howard, i imagine that he probably stamped his little feet in a tantrum as well. Go n’éirí an t-ádh leat

  24. What are you like ? Call it like it is …..

    You came on here 2 days ago claiming you never post on slugger because …….. yada yada

    You were the spokeman for the idiots with the pissing problems ….

    And now good old Denver and his antics has made a show of you .

    And now you’re sick and all the poetry in Ireland ( all 32 counties ) ain’t gonna change that ..

    So read em and weep Nazis Boy ….

  25. Mark what are the hangover cures in Cork?

    I am on my 9th lager and the night is young. May need some advice.


  26. Lemhdearg ,

    When you said schizophrenia ? Was the implication that I or btb was schizo because of what we wrote in the last few posts and in the context that schizos have 2/3 personalities ?

    It will be interesting in what you have to say ? whenever you get the chance , no rush .

    Tomorrow ..

  27. Orly,

    What you’re advocating is just continued division with no desire to find common respect. Have you noticed 43 per cent of your “country” don’t regard the Union Jack or GSTQ as their anthem? I don’t know of any NORMAL state on the planet that picks official flags and anthems that ignores nearly half of its own population. That’s an archaic Unionist atttude from the 1920s which is stating Northern Ireland belongs to the Prods and the Catholics have no say on flag and anthems.

    Re: the All-Ireland rugby. If Protestant rugby fans from Belfast, Ballymena or Larne etc make the effort to go to Dublin to support an All-Ireland rugby team then I don’t think it’s too much to ask to show those people some respect by having one accepted 32 county flag and anthem to truly represent the whole island. Waving a tricolour or singing Amhrán na bhFiann is clearly for nationalists alone, and isn’t conducive to making Protestant players or fans feel an integral part of All-Ireland teams.

    Of course if your desire is for continued division and sectarianism in Ireland then why change anything.

  28. BTW the record is at least 250…i recall there was something about bobby sands a few years back that went to 300.

  29. The immediate question is what are the IFA and Ballymena United going to do in response to the disgraceful sectarian behaviour of Gage?

    Gage has played for the NI Junior team as well as Ballymena.
    Clearly Ballymena knew that Gage had been identified as one of the perpetrators yesterday but still thought it appropriate to play him for the first team yesterday.A very disappointing reflection on the manager and Board of that club.

    Releasing a statement that Ballymena United is an equal opportunities club and is committed to the Irish FA’s ‘Football For All’ campaign and UEFA’s Ten Point Plan against racism and sectarianism and then rewarding him with a place in the team is hypocrisy and a disgrace.
    What message does that send out to the bigots? No wonder the crowds are so paltry at Irish League games when sectarian neanderthals like this brainless oaf are given a free run.

    Nothing more than lip service from the Club-Actions speak louder than words……

  30. ah mark old chap first rule of keyboard warrior is don’t let it get you, now i am the first to admit that your child like debating style has its its own charm, however when you starting making a fool of yourself your are doing my job for me….Tá m’árthach foluaineach lán d’eascanna. Ní leor teanga amháin.

  31. Nothing more than lip service from the Club-Actions speak louder than words…… chewknickers pray to tell me of the vast advances and actions of the gaa fan base to provide the comfortable cross community love in that we current find in this sport…..

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