The Curse of a Slugger?

I’m sure its not our fault, having never happened before that I know off, but it seems one of our winners has, subsequent to receiving the nomination, been unceremoniously dumped from political office.

Although not actually named it is widely acknowledged that Cllr. Philip Weir from Craigavon was the main organiser of last years DUP conference, introducing the innovations that secured the event success in the  “Creative Engagement” category on Thursday evening.

As one of the judges I was impressed, and to be honest envious, when I heard from those who had attended the conference, the idea of allowing outsiders to express their views at a DUP conference still seems unbelievable to many of us, whereas the simple task of encouraging proper engagement with the “stall holders” sounded like good manners and common sense  often neglected in politics.

A Slugger award in itself does not I imagine carry much weight in the DUP, but the achievements it recognised would normally further the career of the winner, instead of rewarding Cllr. Weir, his local association has dumped him! with an additional blow being given by the adjoining members in Banbridge who also rejected his nomination.

We have all heard of “a prophet being without honour in his own home” and maybe someone of influence locally dosn’t much care for the new “touchy feely DUP”, but it must be a massive blow for the guy, who up to a year or so ago many believed was on his way to the assembly, instead to be dumped from office and relegated to the sidelines.

Politics is a rough game, but the lowest blows almost always come from those closest to home, from the days of Caesar and just as much with today’s political parties the old guard return to restore the old ways over time.  In the next few weeks we may see how further selections, in both our top parties, indicate a start to that swing back to the core support.  In the meantime I just wonder will the DUP conference have the same format next year?

I’m a progressive traditionalist, liberal conservative, left wing captialist, free thinking fundamentalist, am too fond of playing devils advocate for my own good, and a fondness for the occasional shock comment, put all that together with a tendancy to drop in the odd risky one-liner(occasionally even funny ones) would lead me to issue the appeal not to take what I say too seriously.

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