Six Nations 2011 – Week 2.

OK, we have:
England v Italy and Scotland v Wales today. Tomorrow Ireland host France.
Plenty on the BBC.
The Guardian makes Scotland favourites.
Murrayfield is not a nice place when confidence is low….some of us have nightmares about 1951 (from British Pathe – a nice site..).
…7 joint leaders of our prediction contest btw.
As to’s a moment of truth according to the Irish Times.

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  • Greenflag

    ‘Lets hope the Germans don’t take up Rugby’

    Say no more Mark

    The eh Dusseldorfer Dragons v RC Mainz .

    Lets hope the Geermans ( as Stan Boardman would say ) don’t take up Rugby

  • Mark

    Danke Schoen Greenflag , you’re always one step ahead of the posse ….

  • Mark

    and very informed comments re the Gaddafi thread …