“as someone who only moved here a week or two ago…”

The Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, Gerard Adams, has defended his lack of knowledge of “the minutiae” of Ireland’s economic policies.  From the Irish News

…last night Mr Adams claimed he should not be expected to know the finer details because of his recent move from West Belfast to contest the Dail election for Louth.

“I wouldn’t be expected – as someone who only moved here a week or two ago – to know the minutiae,” he said

“I was asked 20 questions and I answered 15 and I admitted when I didn’t know those details.

“But I know the fundamentals, the problems and – what is more important in all of this – Sinn Féin knows the solutions.”

Of course you do…

Adds  A “week or two ago”?

Mr Adams arrived into the court, which was held in the chamber of Louth County Council, just before 5pm yesterday. He presented Ms Ahern with a letter which it is believed was a declaration that he is now residing in Louth. [Added emphasis – Belfast Telegraph report 10 December 2010]