Hell hath no fury like an Adams hater scorned……..

Let’s recap, shall we?

First, we have a queue of unionists salivating at the prospect of humiliating the detested republican enemy, Gerry Adams in the Mother Parliament.

What should have been a mere footnote reference, worthy of the bit columns in the newspaper, was turned by the Adams haters somehow into a lead story on the local news.

Then, when the moment of triumph appeared to arrive, just look at the thread headlines churned out by some of our regulars here.

But if that wasn’t enough, when the triumph proved a false dawn, frustration clearly triumphed, prompting a further barrage of attacks aimed at compensating for the lost opportunity to put some much-needed manners on the malcontent.

As I indicated yesterday, some people appear utterly incapable of observing events through the eyes of others. An Irish republican who has refused to take an oath of loyalty to the British Crown during his tenure as Member of Parliament was never going to accept a British title on his leaving. Indeed, the tens of thousands strong majority of nationalists who have made Sinn Fein the dominant Irish nationalist party in the Six Counties have voted for the republican party on the clear understanding of principled abstentionism from Westminster.

Given that unionism is supposed to be engaged in efforts to convince nationalists of the merits of remaining in the Union, those gleefully hoping for a moment of humiliation to savour would need to consider quite how they can square the two. Should a progressive-minded unionist party not be more interested in making the British Parliament a more friendly environment for those of an Irish nationalist/ republican persuasion? Unless, of course, persuasion is only meant to be a one-way street….

Unwittingly, the Adams haters have provided the Sinn Fein President with a neat little victory, ironically in a battle he was too busy elsewhere to even know he was fighting. Plus ca change…..

  • joeCanuck

    In other words, we still have some distance (time?) to go before we have total parity of esteem. But, of course, this is a two way street; republicans are not averse to doing their own crowing.

  • Michael Shilliday

    Ok, if Adams is a reality denier and believes that there is no British influence in Ireland, why stand for the British Parliament in the first place? Particularly after election to a functioning Assembly? And having taken the decision to do so, how can you then justify being happy with one end of the process but not the other?

    It sounds to me like some chuckie jobsworth in the office decided to make an issue of this. If Adams had his head screwed on about this he would have done what he needed to quietly and there would be no issue.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Mickey S,

    re. “some chuckie jobsworth in the office decided to make an issue of this”

    I have heard Pete B. called many things on Slugger but hey…

  • Them Unionists are a disgrace. For it was that Brit Featly who first brought the subject to Slugger http://sluggerotoole.com/2010/11/15/adams-to-apply-to-the-crown-for-job-in-the-chilterns/ after spotting that Free State royalty-loving politics.ie blog highlighting the story first.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    The enumerating of metaphorical fowl (as the boul Flan O B might well have remarked) was much in evidence.

    …as indicated on the other thread poor Davey having to get his secretary to ring the Gerry hotline and apologise just adds another layer of humour to that of the Unionist glee turning to consternation at an alleged British-SF stitch up.

  • dennis the menace

    so much for republicans respecting Unionist history and traditions.
    Thank god there wont be a United Ireland any time soon.

  • Comrade Stalin


    For a person who thinks this is all a non-issue you and the other rent-a-chucks contributing here seem to be devoting quite a bit of your spare time to it.

    But by all means, please continue to deploy the victim complex arguments in full view of the Southern electorate. I think we’ll both have fun seeing how far it gets you.

  • joeCanuck

    In the words of one of my Ma’s favourite sayings, “Little amuses the innocent and less the fool”.
    And in terms of my own comments, the lyrics of an Antony Newly song come to mind: “What kind of fool am I?”.

  • Michael Shilliday


    I don’t think a member of the Alliance Party will make me laugh as much, in the way intended. again “Rent-a-chuck” is my new favourite term. No question.

  • From what I read there was only an apology that Gerry heard it first off the TV. Aw. Precious.

  • Rocketeer

    To be honest I would consider myself to be a pretty objective and apolitical observer of local politics but I will admit that I, like many other people across Ireland had a harmless laugh about Gerry Adams predicament: not because I am an ‘Adams hater’ – of which I am not – but because of the sheer irony of the situation. Does it really matter if Adams did not apply for the title because at the end of the day he still has the title whether he wants it or not? In regards to an apology, it is interesting to note that the Irish Times has only reported that David Cameron’s private secretary apologised to Gerry Adams because he was not informed of the decision beforehand but that David Cameron did not, as claimed by Sinn Fein, personally offer his own apology to Adams. One suspects that Gerry Adams, who has a considerable ego, is perhaps more angry about the fact that he was so publicly derided in public and in the House of Commons than the actual title itself. Would it have been better for Adams to have tried to make light of the situation rather than become so angry?

  • Comrade Stalin


    Please keep laughing. I’ll promise to be solemn when I’m standing outside the Public Records Office for the ceremonial occasion when the UUC deposits its papers there after having decided to wind itself up.

  • cynic49


    Chill out! There were more than Unionists having a quiet laugh about this all. I suspect that the biggest belly laughs were being had “south of the border”. Go on Chris have a wee chuckle and get over it.

  • Comrade Stalin


    I think that is a fair and accurate assessment of the situation. I don’t think the unionists where rubbing their hands with glee TBH. For most people with an interest, it was either fascination with the technical idiosyncrasies of the House of Commons, or having a good old guffaw at the place Gerry managed to find himself in (or not, depending on your interpretation of things).

    I also think that we’re really somewhat past the point where Gerry-hating was considered a major virtue. We have a fairly stable powersharing government now and people seem to get on quite well there, the odd slip notwithstanding. We’re not all at loggerheads anymore and we should stop acting like we are.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Chris, thought you were going to say something in this thread but its just the usual whine from the oh so persecuted ones.
    Lets get things straight, Gerry made this mess in a pig headed attempt to create an issue that was never there, I will state it one more time, it is not a title it is a JOB, a makey uppy Civil Service Job, that’s it, sign the dotted line and get on with it, becuase in the meantime he remains the MP for West Belfast.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Stalin, medicine is progressing, but I still odubt you will live for at least another 100 years 🙂

  • Chris Donnelly

    C Stalin
    I have been quite amused about the coverage of this issue for days, not least because it appears to have gone by most republicans until the last moment.

    Look at the thread authors (and headlines) over the past week and you’ll see that it has clearly been Slugger’s unionist fraternity of all shades that were excited by this.

    I don’t honestly know anyone outside of Slugger talking about this story. Don’t know about you, but idle chat in my workplace has been dominated by the Andy Gray/Keyes resignation and much speculation about what would happen if our own staffroom was bugged during lunchtime…

    And, as for political chat, it’s hard to look past the fascinating happenings south of the border at present, not least because of the electoral buzz that’s abound.

    But the point I’m making surely stands. Republicans aren’t seeking victimisation. In fact, Adams has not been the one making an issue of it and appears not to care less. If the Brits decided to play hardball and keep him on as MP, then I’ve no doubt Sinn Fein would just lump it- but not before pointing out that it was because the Brits were seeking a pound of flesh as the price for accepting the resignation (and that was confirmed by Cameron’s performance in the Commons.)

    As for ‘rent-a-chuck?’ How do you want me to respond?
    Alliance luvvies as ‘rent an NIO appointee???’

  • “into a lead story on the local news.”

    So BBCNI is a member of this Adams Haters Club but the ole reprobate only makes page 14 in the Irish News. Can we expect Máirt to throw himself From The Balcony at such a snub? 🙂

  • Chris Donnelly

    D Rock
    ‘whine from the oh so persecuted ones’

    At that late night medicine again, DR? It will consume you, ya know……

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    This Slugger story has been an absolute classic – everybody agreed it is trivial but then continued to post frantically.

    First out of the blocks were the Unionists (bloggers) who couldnt get enough of it and Republicans didnt have a lot to say and then as poor Davey got his constitutional protocol in a twist and had to apologise (however it is dressed up) to Gerry the premature celebrations by over-excited Unionists on the backbenches turned to anti-British suspicion.

    Pete B, then decided to announce this is the last thread on the subject having wisely opted to fold up his tent and move on. Michael Shillers then tried to re-spin what had now become Unionist muddle and disappointment into a victory.

    A few of us requested more threads from Pete B, but even Pete could tell this one, which had started so promisingly had now, like many of the Gerry threads, gone off in the wrong direction. Next time Pete perhaps, next time.

    And then Chris appears hardly able to contain his pleasure as the story continued to backfire on his Unionist colleagues.

    Let this trival and brilliant story run.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Mr Donnelly.
    I congratulate you on an excellent post. You say much of what I wanted to say.
    Your position as a first tier Sluggerite (thread starter) means that you can say the things that second tier Sluggerites (commenters) cant say.
    The Office under the Crown nonsense reminded me of the statement on the website of supporters of a well known Scottish football team.(not my favourite) which states that by entering the website supporters of the other well known Scottish football team (to which I have certain affection) are acknowledging the fact that their team are second best.

    The sniggers of the people you call Adams-haters were rather similar. Ho Ho Ho. Gerry Adams..Republican…….Officer of the Crown. Laugh? I thought Id never start.
    They just dont get it. Adams wasnt going to jump thru hoops after he was elected and proffered a proverbial two fingers in the general direction of Westminster so he was hardly going to jump thru hoops to leave the place. His resignation letter was another two fingers.
    They just dont get it. To those who dont understand, no explanation is possible. To those of us who do understand, no explanation is necessary.
    It is not the duty of a republican or nationalist to have respect for such nonsense. Respect is a two way street. And precious little is shown to Mr Adams. He may not be my favourite person but in not extending courtesy to Mr Adams, people are showing contempt for those who actually elected him.
    The difference in republicanism and monarchy is the people come first not quaint ceremony.
    In their glee, the “Adams-haters” overplayed their hand. While there is a comment above thatthis a excuse to play the “injustice card”……actually not the case. The greatest weapon in the republican/nationalist arsenal is the total inability of unionists to understand it or even to want to understand it.
    The same game of football is being played with one team playing on a different pitch to the other. The British/unionist demand “to play on our pitch” is arrogant and irrelevant as Westminster is a sideshow. The real action is on the other pitch…..here.
    The SDLP read the situation well.
    Adams resignation process was entirely in line with the logic of his election process.
    Im totally indifferent to abstaining from or attending Westminster. Its not relevant except in providing nationalists/republicans with alternative strategies. And of course relative in measuring relative strengths.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Sammy Mac..etc etc etc……I think youve overlooked Mr Brian Walkers contribution.

  • Who are these ‘Adams haters’? Surely the pantomime was a helpful little diversion from Adams – economics guru 😉

  • Comrade Stalin


    Slugger’s unionist fraternity of all shades that were excited by this.

    I have to agree that it wasn’t necessarily for a zillion different Gerry threads. However, all the obvious SF types jumping on screaming “none of this matters, we don’t care” only added to the pantomime atmosphere, for me anyway.

    And, as for political chat, it’s hard to look past the fascinating happenings south of the border at present, not least because of the electoral buzz that’s abound.

    Yeah, and there have been stacks of Slugger articles about that matter over the past two weeks. You can’t really say it’s gone uncovered.

    Republicans aren’t seeking victimisation.

    Not over the HoC matter, but in other areas this is still the card being played. Adams opened up that radio interview a couple of days ago by whinging about how the preceding spot was anti-SF. When are the party going to start learning to respond to the brickbats instead of crying to mummy ?

    As for ‘rent-a-chuck?’ How do you want me to respond?
    Alliance luvvies as ‘rent an NIO appointee???’

    That old chestnut. Aren’t we all NIO appointees now ?

  • Pete Baker


    If you’re going to “recap” then some links to what you’re complaining about would be appropriate.

    Unless,of course, those links wouldn’t support your assertion…

    Oh, and Fitzy. Sammy Mac doesn’t pay any attention to trifles like the facts of the matter.

    Pete B, then decided to announce this is the last thread on the subject

    Do you Sammy?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    “think youve overlooked Mr Brian Walkers contribution”

    Yes, good point. The boul Brian tried to report the facts in middle of the escalating bun fight.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Pinhead dancing or what?

    You said

    “Room for one more post”.

    I said you said

    “Pete B, then decided to announce this is the last thread on the subject”.

  • Pete Baker


    *shakes head*

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Bakery…..I really enjoyed your work this week.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Never in the field of Internet Conflict have so many fish been shot in so many barrels.

  • DC

    …by so few.

  • redhugh78

    What’s that saying? ‘They don’t like it up em’ 🙂

    Fair paly Chris!

  • Secret Squirrel

    Let’s have a nice space planety thing Pete.
    I thoroughly enjoy them.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Pinhead dancing or what?

    That’s your standard response when asked to comment on a point of detail. I guess you’re not a details man.


    What’s that saying? ‘They don’t like it up em’ 🙂

    If people are making too much out of this Gerry matter, then surely it must equally be said that the rentachucks are making too much out of non-republican comment on the matter. As I said above, I enjoyed the whole farce behind the thing. Most people with any sense would have known that a man who makes a virtue out of not taking his seat would be unlikely to be damaged that much by the process by which he resigned, irrespective of how it was done.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Comrade Stalin,

    So would you like to supply Pete’s (missing) reposnse for him if indeed it is not pinhead dancing?

    Or are you just (as oft times before) indulging in making a generalised negative point without supply the necessary detail?.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Chris, there may be an element of Gerry Bashing in the comments, but I suspect many if not most like myself dont really care who the personality was but generally have an interest in all this ancient mumbo jumbo, what I have argued all along is there was no real issue apart from misconceptions over a job title, but Gerry made it an issue.
    As FJH said Gerry gave Parliament the two fingers, which is childish, petty, and counter productive, we all come up against silly rules and complain about them everyday, but your stuck with them unless you get a way round them or work the system to get them changed. A rude little scrawl, on the back of an envelope probably, is not how you resign, and ample other ways of doing so were available.
    Gerry made this mess and it looks petty in light of the Irish election issues, I still maintain it hasn’t gone away and he remains MP for West Belfast.

  • Brian Walker

    Chris has only half a point. Republicans are equally expert nigglers over symbolism,.traditions etc., they aren’t more purely rational than their critics.

    Next , it was moving story launched I think by the BBC’s Michael Crick asking the question – how will Adams resign?

    The final stages featured in PMQs and business questions in the Commons over 2 days.

    Westminster is a perfectly friendly enviromnment for nationalists unless they can’t stand the every presence of Brits I don’t know of any sitting NI member down the years who thinks otherwise. Of course many people of all parties think some of thre customs are contrictung and daft. Adams is not alone there.

    But the idea of Irish people deserving some kind of special treatment is fading fast as the peace process beds down. We are all equal now. Principle is respected but civility is important. The obligations are not all on one side.

    For me, these are the lessons of this little kerfuffle.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Drumlins Rock,

    If your resignation denial had any basis surely Deputy Dodsy or other of the now disgruntled Unionists – who were claiming in Westminster that there was a British-SF stitch up would still be jumping up and down?

    Are they?

  • Neil

    Chris, there may be an element of Gerry Bashing in the comments, but I suspect many if not most like myself dont really care who the personality was but generally have an interest in all this ancient mumbo jumbo, what I have argued all along is there was no real issue apart from misconceptions over a job title, but Gerry made it an issue.

    How exactly did Gerry make it an issue? He was never going to take an office of profit under the crown, which as we all now know is the ‘only way’ to resign as an MP. So the issue was always going to be there, for the British. But as I’ve consistently argued Gerry tendered his resignation, the British in response and in order to avoid the embarrasment of dealing with a man who couldn’t give a monkey’s toss about Westminster regulations assign him a job as you say.

    So the British call Gerry Steward and bailiff etc. But the British can call us what they like, we won’t listen. They called Irish people British for long enough, and we ignored them. They called Gerry and his cohorts of the past 3 decades criminals, but we didn’t pay much heed to that either. The truth is the British can call us what they want, we’ll certainly call them worse, and in plain reality we’ll all just ignore each other. For Gerry – resignation tendered, end of story.

    As FJH said Gerry gave Parliament the two fingers, which is childish, petty, and counter productive, we all come up against silly rules and complain about them everyday, but your stuck with them unless you get a way round them or work the system to get them changed.

    But among other rules we have seen Gerry stick two finger up towards are don’t support bombers, don’t support terrorist organisations etc. When you look at Gerry’s actions the one thing they do have is consistency, at no point did he ever express any respect or interest in Westminster’s rules.

    As for Gerry ‘working with the [British] system’, again, when did he start that carry on? News to me. I’ve anticipated Gerry’s course of action fairly easily, it just seems wierd to me that others expect him to behave differently to the way he has behaved for the majority of his life – and for ideological reasons – making it all the more unlikely that he would change his behaviour.

  • Frame

    If Adams was able to send in his claim forms to the House of Commons Fees Office (significant name) and sit in the hated Stormont parliament he can’t have it both ways.

    By the way, what is the salary for being Steward of the Manor of Northstead, a position he will now hold until someone else resigns?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    It was a nice little skirmish with a clear victor and no real need to call in the Conflict Resolution team. You win some. You lose some. Most are a no-score draw.
    The losers will retreat ..sulk a bit……and come back with a Royal (sic) Visit to cheer them up. The winners might go for a Darron Gibson/IFA thread.
    Looking forward to it already.
    The very real prospect that SF will lose a couple of seats and the SDLP gain a couple should cheer them up wonderfully. Its basic stuff that SF will do their level best for all the people of what unionists call the “province” with minimal involvement with what unionists call the “mainland”.
    Thats the point that the people Mr Donnelly calls “Adams haters” missed. That wasnt Michael Cricks fault.
    Sinn Féins problem is that with Caitriona Ruane and Conor Murphy their level best is nowhere good enough.
    Of course unionists see SDLP as an alternative to republicanism but as usual they miss the point that SDLP version of republicanism is more pragmatic and less rhetorical.
    There Ive got the “Adams haters” off the hook. A nice internal SDLP-SF row. Cue some SF partisan saying that the SDLP are in meltdown and we can all go back to normal.

  • Neil

    If Adams was able to send in his claim forms to the House of Commons Fees Office (significant name) and sit in the hated Stormont parliament he can’t have it both ways.

    Yes he can. Watch and see.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Drumlins Rock.you are far too polite. A rude little scrawl on the back of an envelope is EXACTLY the way to resign from an institution you dont respect.
    He resigned from a job ….and never even managed to turn up for work in 20 odd years. Thats brilliant stuff. Nobody who actually voted for him cares.

  • Fionn

    fitzjameshorse1745, unlike the entire unionist political representation who then went business class to London for a long weekend to ask a childish question about the matter,

    Is this really value for money or the political representation unionists want, come the next election people like Dodds will scratch his head as once again garden centre unionists can’t be bothered to vote for this rubbish.

    4,000,000,000 in cuts, people losing their jobs, negative growth in the UK last quarter (has any DUP MP raised any questions about negative growth this week) and people scoff at stories that working class unionists might be voting SF instead of for those idiots,

    Is it any wonder Robinson lost his seat, he would have been asking the question if he hadn’t lost his seat.

    Think the whole thing shows the journey some people had made in recent years and that others are still rooted in the mire

  • Fionn

    Incidently won’t ‘True Blue’ be running in the by-election, where is he for his sensible insights on matters like these

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    The wedding of William or Harry to Kate Middleclass should cheer some unionists up. There might be some mileage for them for synthetic rage if Martin McGuinness declines his invite to go fishing or watch Man United on TV. Or there might be some SF councillor who blocks a sycophantic good will message.
    Meanwhile some local firm might get an order to supply table napkins for the big day.
    Theres actually quite a lot for unionist bloggers to look forward.

  • Rory Carr

    Speaking of Royal weddings and the need for civility that Brian Walker felt was lacking in this brouhaha I am reminded of an polite refusal by the late Peter Cook to a dinner party opportunity to meet a betrothed Royal couple:

    David Frost rang Peter Cook up some years ago. “Peter, I’m having a little dinner party on behalf of Prince Andrew and his new bride-to-be Sarah Ferguson. I know they’d love to meet you, big fans; Be super if you could make it: Wednesday the twelfth.” “Hang on… I’ll just check my diary.” Pause and rummaging and leafing through diary noises. And then Peter said “Oh dear. I find I’m watching television that night.”

  • “Its basic stuff that SF will do their level best for all the people of … the “province””

    fjh, I think you’ll find that SF will put Strand 2 before Strand 1. After all, the AC is the legitimate government of (the island of) Ireland. I should imagine that Conor Murphy has a Mutual Water utility (or some such) for the island in mind. He’d obviously wish to stuff the NIW Board with folks favourable or compliant to such a project.

    For those who keep an eye on possible conflicts of interest they might wish to look at the pedigree of the Commissioner for Public Appointments. Felicity Huston continued as a NED in Mutual Energy after her watchdog appointment. Her name is still on the ME website as a NED even though she resigned from the position in September 2010.

    Perhaps the Equality Commission should have a look at ME membership:

    “There are thirty members who were appointed by the board on the recommendation of the Membership Selections Committee.”

    Is it a bit like a golf club? There seems to be a great dearth of women even though they make up about half the consumers. There’s only one in the list of 24 names.

    PS The people of Rathlin Island can’t be too happy about the West Cork ferry operator SF’s Conor Murphy gifted them, the forthcoming swinging cut in the ferry subsidy and no new ro-ro ferry for some years to come. Perhaps it’s just as well the Electoral Officer has decided to remove Rathlin’s one and only voting station.

  • These past few days of fun, along with the LMFM interview, Newsline etc, entirely at Adams’s expense. It has been fun. But to hate Adams? Why? He provides such great entertainment. Long may the joke continue.

  • madraj55

    ‘Given that unionism is supposed to be engaged in convincing nationalists of the merits of remaining in the Union….’
    Anybody who was expecting the DUP to engage in that would need to watch Dodds and co during the exchange with PM on Wed. They know an election is coming up so the last thing they’d be seen doing is reaching out. It’s clearly not Adams they hate as they’re busy sharing power with Adams party, but nationalist voters as their majority is gently receding and Belgffast is virtually neutral already. It isn’t Marty as FM the DUP fears, it’s how the British voters will see NI as no more unionist as it was contrived to be. There’s no threat to NI in the Union anytime soon, but there is a threat to a Unionist dominated NI.

  • Cynic2

    “manners on the malcontent”

    Whys he a malcontent? Look at the victories he has delivered fro Sinn Fein

    * seats in a British Parliament at Stormont
    * removal of the Irish States constitutional claim
    * a guarantee that NI remains in the UK as long as the majority of her people vote for that
    * the dissolution of the IRA

    As a Unionist I really think Gerry has delivered for us.

  • Marcus McSpartacus

    Thank you, sincerely, for an actually rational response to this entire kettle of nonsense.