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While Gerry Adams is surely quaking in his boots at having four singles in the current top ten, the real show today is in Leinster House again (live now on RTE).

The Finance Bill that parties either want (FF), or want to pass but not support (FG, Lab and Greens) needs to be voted through a stage around midday. If the Finance Bill falls then an election will be triggered immediately. Naturally, three independents are, as ever, trying to hold the government to ransom for some electoral fig leaf to cover their embarassment for their previous support for the coalition. Having watched some of the proceeding so far it has a serious end of term feeling to it with lots of goodbyes and thank yous, suggesting that the Bill is about to fail.

The alternatives, such as Fine Gael or Labour abstentions to pass a Bill that they ‘oppose’ (a term that needs to be re-defined in the context of parliamentary practice in Dublin), may push the date of the election back towards March again. It should be noted that if the Bill isn’t passed, most of parties must then fight the election on a Finance Bill that they have adopted contradictory positions on (apart from Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin). An incoming government would then have to push through a Finance Bill. The supposed economic literacy of various parties will then have to be put centre stage in the election. If Fianna Fáil have a political stroke left in them it would be to let the Bill be voted down.

Until someone actually goes up to the Phoenix Park to see the President, though, this Dáil isn’t actually dissolved yet.

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  • Munsterview

    While the Three Musketeers as Ned O’Keeffe did a deal with FF giving the budget a bench vote majority of three and a lobby walk through of two with Mattie McGraw ( ex Fianna Fail) abstaining.

    Unlike John O, I still say that it is hour by hour where any minute there could be another GUBU waiting around the corner. In a way what happens in the Dail is no longer relevant, the people have already made up their minds and whatever happens there now is irrelevant.

    The most significant thing to come out of Leinster House today will be the margin of Micheal Martin’s vote and who the no two will be relative to the rejunivation of Fianna Failed fortunes and if they cam climb back into double figures.

    As to the other shenanigans as Dunne a former independent TD from Dublin said, ” There is a time in the affairs of men if taken on the tide, leads on to great publicity” Boy Oh Boy is the Healy Rea / Lowery tail seen to be wagging the Government Dog. Most of the the eyes of the Nation may be rolling heavenwards but in their own two constituencies it is playing well, very well indeed.

    Like Tip O’Neill said, all politics are local and in truth there is not one TD in that Dail today that do not envy the three their publicity and spotlight, that coverage and publicity just cannot be bought.

    It looks like it will limp on for a few more days now, as the track record of the ‘Three Musketeers’ is that when they are bought, they stay bought !

    It seems that Cowens locals still want him to run, quote from the meeting “This man has been more verified than Parnell” As Tip said, all politics are local.