POTD – Producer and Oscar Nominee Damon Quinn

The Oscar nominations were announced today and Damon Quinn, one of the Hole in the Wall Gang, from West Belfast, is in the final short list of the Best Live Action Short film category, with the first film he has produced ‘The Crush’

Some might say it’s all down hill from here but congratulations are due. The film has already won 2 nd place at Booby D’s Tribeca Film Festival but the lack of success at  Robert Redfords Sundance Film Festival just shows how arbitrary these nominations and awards are.

Looking at the nominees there’s few left field/indie nominations in the main categories but i would like to see Jennifer Lawrence win Best Actress for her performance in ‘Winter’s Bone’ if only to make the one dimensional Natalie Portman (nominated for ‘The black Swan’) take notice of how to act.