Fianna Failers bailing out on Taoiseach before impact…

Despite having won a very pragmatic vote of confidence in the parliamentary party, dissent is building up inside Fianna Fail, perhaps they are lining themselves up behind Conor Lenihan’s idea of Fianna Fail Nua:

Former minister Willie O’Dea has again warned of an electoral catastrophe for the party if Mr Cowen leads it into the general election. Conor Lenihan, Michael McGrath, Thomas Byrne, Ned O’Keeffe and others all want Mr Cowen to resign.

  • There is a lot of melodramatic language in Conor Lenihan’s piece without a lot of analysis to go with it.

    Though it is highly probable that Fianna Fail will be hammered at the election, the idea that they will disappear without trace if Brian Cowan does not resign looks rather fanciful at the moment.

  • Free State Barsteward

    Pure nepotism. Big Brother has all but destroyed his chance of leadership with his tactics in last week’s min-heave and now Conor is screaming from the rooftops.

    Pure Fianna Fail !!!!

  • Free State Barsteward

    Cowen gone!!!!!!!!!

  • Coll Ciotach

    What an ignominious demise

  • joeCanuck

    Only gone as FF leader. Staying on as Taoiseach until election.Or so he says.

  • pippakin

    Unsurprising given the last couple of days. It will invigorate the members and may persuade some, who were going to vote against, to stick with the party.


    Can the new leader on Wednesday evening, sack the Taoiseach? Seriously, up north, we have SF whose leader is no longer a member of the assembly but whose deputy is OFMDFM. The Taoiseach cannot be sacked by his leader only by the Dail therefore we have an anomaly of power. I know its only for a short while but still, couldnt they have a leader-elect who becomes the leader-in-fact on the day of the election but who does not actually become de facto leader until then and not before?

    Methinks this is the start of the Dog’s Dinner Dail. I suspect the next Dail’s composition will politically resemble the bar scene from Star Wars.

  • Greenflag

    @ orwellspen,

    ‘I suspect the next Dail’s composition will politically resemble the bar scene from Star Wars.’

    So not much difference from the present one then ;(

  • Mack

    FF support at an extraordinary 8% according to a poll in tomorrows Sindo!

  • DC

    FF support at an extraordinary 8% according to a poll

    Good. I can’t believe that FF are even making such a fuss over leadership and election concerns. It’s over – in terms of any leadership they are already as irrelevant as Gordon Brown is today what ever that party does or doesn’t do – except for some bizarre reason FF seem to think they have some sort of chance of turnings things around.

    The way I see it is – as they continue to make more fuss such as this crap talk of ‘leadership’ the more the poll ratings just drop further.

    Ireland has been technically bankrupted by its banks and FF were just too close to it all and duly implicated (and rightly) – and then to read about the spectacle of Bertie Ahern reaching out from his sick bed in support makes me writhe all the more in disgust – the man with no bank account – reaching out in support of a Taoiseach on the golf courses with the bankers. Corruption eat your heart out! This financial mess proving that Ireland’s parliament deserves its reputation of being very weak on scrutiny and legislative grasp and any accountability. (Can someone tell me just why is Cowen and his ministers still there in the Dail being paid big sums for failure, and can someone tell me how it can be justified given the circumstances?)

    I don’t know what others think but to me this is just utterly irrelevant stuff, the more I read the words Fianna Fail I think why is this party still here – why is it even being talked about and considered for something – and why hasn’t it and its partisans gone away already. Cue further reduction in votes.


    @Greenflag : as the camera panned the front bench, I heard the strains of The Monster Mash.

    As for 8%, I dont buy it. Theres not enough altetnative local boys to vote for.

    My prediction :: FF 35 seats : FG 45 : Lab: 20 : SF 15 : 12 fingered web footed independants: the remaindet