6 weeks to go – No campaign launches.

The BBC report on today’s launch of the True Wales “No” campaign in next month’s referendum.
The launch takes place in Newbridge RFC (…my home village Rugby Club…hmm).
Rachel Banner, True Wales spokesperson, is quoted:

“We don’t want more laws. What we need is for AMs to focus on education and health and the economy and to build up these things so we can have a prosperous Wales.
“We don’t believe new laws will achieve that.”

I love that “We don’t want more laws”
a) What? Ever?
b) The current system allows for new laws – just slowly..
Meamwhile, on the side of the angels:
Max Boyce is voting Yes..as is John Hartson. Quoting that Mirror snippet:

…..More big names are to follow in a country enjoying a cultural renaissance ahead of March 3’s referendum on greater devolved powers.
I like the way the campaign is marshalling genuinely committed stars. This should avoid cringey It’ll be Alright on the Night political bloopers.
Ginger Spice endorsing Labour in 2001 flopped when it emerged she wasn’t registered to vote.
And Michael Caine with Cameron last year was comedy gold when the actor appeared to praise Labour.
Actors are advised never to work with animals or children while politicians take risks with celebs.
One final thought: If John Hartson campaigns like he played, I fear for his opponents.

Shame the referendum isn’t tomorrow to be honest….

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