Did Murphy mislead the public over ‘Golden Handshake’?

I have to say for those neutrals in any doubt that the Minister has serious questions to answer, try Jim Allister’s rather impressive briefing on the matter. It’s appropriate I think to highlight this note of serious concern that contains at least one outstanding and highly pertinent  detail of the last year in and around Northern Ireland Water:

In August 2010 the Shortridge inquiry was established to investigate the Paul Priestly issue. The report has been with the Head of the Civil Service for 2 months, effectively buried. Will the same happen here, on the premise that the more time passes, the more memories of Murphy and NIW’s failings will fade?

But yesterday’s post on his website asks the most pertinent questions of Mr MacKenzie’s resignation package:

In the space of just a few minutes on today’s ‘Nolan Show’ DRD Minister Murphy demonstrated shocking ignorance on the issue of the day. He, wrongly, advised the public that whether someone is sacked or resigns, they are still entitled to a package.

As malairt has pointed out in a previous comment zone, MacKenzie was not made redundant, since the job still exists, He was not sacked and we are being told he resigned of his own free will. So why did the Murphy appointed Board pay him anything at all?