Behaviour in the presence of strangers not Masons

Hearing the news yesterday of the appointment of Edward Stevenson as the new Grand Master of the Orange Lodge i dug out this little book i picked up last year down at St. Georges market. It’s dated from 1943 so without doubt some of it will be out of date.

In the section ‘The Charges of a Freemason’ (reprinted from the version published in 1730 by Bro John Pennell, Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Ireland) and under the heading  ‘The General Heads’ section VI  is titled ‘Of Behaviour’ dealing with how a brother should act in various situations i.e.,  In the lodge while constituted, After the lodge is over and the Brethern not gone, When Bretheren meet without strangers, but not formed in a lodge, In presence of strangers not Masons, At home and in the neighbourhood and lastly Towards a strange Brother.

Given the guarded and faltering comments by the new GM yesterday i thought it apt to reproduce section 4  Behaviour in presence of Strangers not Masons……

“You shall be cautious in your Words and Carriage, that the most penetrating Stranger shall not be able to discover or find out what is not proper to be intimated;and sometimes you shall divert a Discourse, and manage prudently, for the Honour of the worshipful Fraternity”