The five, five words of Christmas (incomplete)

Christmas messages run through Wordle. Does what they say a lot, say a lot?


Christmas, God’s, Northern, Ireland, birth

Sinn Féin

Sinn, Féin, Ág, águs, leis


Northern, Ireland, Unionist, People, party

SDLP: No Christmas message as yet

Alliance: No Christmas message as yet

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  • Mark McGregor

    Now that I’ve noted the above I’ll say what jumped out at me.

    The only reason I thought to do this was when I clicked on a link to Tom Elliot’s message the main thing I noticed was how often he managed to use ‘Northern Ireland’.

    I compared that to the DUP and they had a more seasonal/christian focus.

    The only one left to compare was the shinners and they topped out on name checking themselves for Christmas.

    Means little but kept me amused for 10 mins.

  • 241934 john brennan

    “A Saviour has been born.”

  • gréagóir o frainclín

    A very happy ‘Christ’s Mass’ to all NI Protestant and Catholic folk!

  • joeCanuck

    And season’s greetings to our very own ((Irish but) Jewish Catholic or Protestant as identified by MV, for no good reason that I can see. Perhap he will reveal all to expain his apparent racisim/biogtry

  • pippakin

    Seasons Greetings to everyone. Blessed Be.

  • Comrade Stalin

    “A Saviour has been born.”

    That’s not a Christmas message, they’re talking about John Hume.

    Blessed Be.

    Spare me.

  • pippakin

    Comrade Stalin

    Not a fan of JH but there’s no doubt he saved lives.

    Spare you?

  • JeanMeslier


    The local Bethlehem branch has condemned the recent influx of travellers into some stables in the city centre.
    A spokesman believed the donkey and other animals have fouled the roads and paths.
    “This type of behaviour will in no way help us in our efforts to put Bethlehem on the tourist map.”
    He finished by saying he had received assurances from the local legionnaires that the intinerants will be moved after the census

  • The Word

    SF message

    Unto to us is born a king. And he tells us that everything we believe in is wrong.