Peace Processing: “…people often didn’t know when to claim victory and move on”

Interesting little piece from Trina Vargo who says support in the US Houses of Congress for the International Fund for Ireland is coming to an end now budget cutting Republicans have taken over the lower house. Trina makes an interesting general point, not least about some of the functions of the Peace Process™ years:

The Republicans control the House now and a House staffer just told me that the IFI is ‘on the chopping block’. Republicans in the House introduced a bill specifically to eliminate funding the IFI. The IFI’s own annual reports have stated that it’s not seeking any more funding as of 2010. A regular problem in the peace process was that people often didn’t know when to claim victory and move on. Friends of Ireland should let the IFI die a quiet death – otherwise, they will put everyone associated with the IFI in the unenviable position of having to answer to the litany of waste. Ireland has had enough bad press.