NI Water: ICO launch ‘depth’ investigation of emails…

And, so according to the Daily Mirror today (attached), the saga continues. Weather permitting, the Information Commissioner’s Office is sending a very senior investigative team to Northern Ireland Water before Christmas to look at two sets of issues surrounding regarding FOI requests for specific email correspondence.

One will examine an allegation that the text of one email was altered before being offered for public release. The other will look at a separate allegation that the existence of an email exchange was denied in response to an FOI request, before the PAC meeting of July 1st.  So far as Slugger knows, neither case directly concerns the deletion of an email in Mr MacKenzie’s inbox back in September.

Footnote: There is no doubt that all of these requests for information through FOI is putting an almost unbearable burden upon the civil servants concerned. At some point there must be an opportunity to make a fresh start and begin over.

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