Chubby Cherub, Hungry Customer

If there’s one thing I can’t stick, it’s bad customer service. Case in point: I recently bought one of those Groupon vouchers for a takeaway pizza at the ‘Chubby Cherub’ pizzeria in the city centre.

However, after having battled through the snow yesterday to get down there to swap my voucher for a pizza, they informed me that they weren’t taking them in December.

If it had have been clear at the outset that this was going to be the case, that would have been fair enough- after all, Christmas is usually a busy period for restaurants. But there was nothing on the Groupon site and nothing on the voucher stating such a limit to its redemption. The hilarious thing was that the place was empty save for a couple of people at a table, so it would have actually given the kitchen staff something to do!

Now I know it’s not the staff’s fault- such diktats ultimately come down from on-high. But if a restaurant is going to use a site like Groupon to build up its custom, it’s clearly bizarre to turn people away who have already paid for a pizza and simply want to pick it up. What are they thinking?

There are lots of people coming into Belfast for Christmas to do shopping and the like. Is this type of myopic pedantry really part of the image the city wants to portray? Perhaps we ought to name and shame other establishments around town which aren’t up-to-scratch when it comes to looking after customers…