Strong words

The DUP have taken a somewhat populist line on water charging, jumping on comments by John McCallister . Calling charging proposals a poll tax, is indeed strong stuff:

targeting struggling householders who are trying to keep up mortgage payments, meet the expectations of their children at Christmas and also hold on to their jobs…Rather than tax people more we’re in the business of making government more efficient.

However does this attack have all that much credibility, given that less than a year ago Sammy Wilson was openly talking about charging for water as something of a fait accompli?

Delivering the PC10 efficiency savings will ensure that water charging, when the DRD Minister brings his proposals to the Executive, will deliver the lowest possible bill to consumers.”

  • Drumlins Rock

    But the DUP just anounced a budget where they will tax people more by increasing the rates bill.

  • andnowwhat

    It’s not just the DUP that have came out against Mc Allister. according to this morning’s Nolan Show, Ronnie Crawford chastised him online last night and said that his remarks could harm the party.

  • Andrew

    Rates will rise in line with inflation meaning that there will not be an actual increase in the Regional Rate.

    McCallister was stupid to make that remark. No point defending the indefensible. Has UUP party policy changed now?

  • dwatch

    NEWSLETTER: UUP man defects to DUP

    THE Ulster Unionist deputy mayor of Castlereagh has joined the DUP, it has emerged.
    David Drysdale issued a stinging criticism of his former party, saying it no longer functions but has descended to “internal conflict and bickering”.

    “I was appalled to hear the deputy leader of the party calling for the introduction of water charges yesterday, at a time when people are struggling toand uncertain about their future,” he said in a statement last night.

  • Comrade Stalin


    I think the most interesting thing is that the UUP’s new leader hasn’t managed to ensure that his own deputy is on message. The next most interesting thing is the way the UUP press office tried to cover up the mistake by saying that McAllister was referring to a 2007 policy, when it was clear that he was not. Then you have Ronnie Crawford appearing on Nolan speaking in terms that are close to rebellious.

    The UUP is a disaster zone.

  • emanonon

    The UUP has descended into farce, we rush to align ourselves with the Tories to stop us losing votes to local Tories and leave an open goal for the DUP. e.g. why talk to the franchisee when you can talk to the franchisor, vote UUP vote for Tory cuts, the UUP have no policies only the coalition’s, I’m sure they will come up with much better before the election.

    Local Tories might possibly have cost us a couple of seats, the Tory franchise will cost us many, many more, another case of machine gun and foot from the leadership, in particular our chairman – will they all pack up and go before more members resign and we finally vanish?