“in an open, transparent and independent manner…”

As the BBC reported on Thursday, the Northern Ireland Department for Regional Development has advertised for applications to a new permament board of directors at the troubled NI Water to replace the interim appointments made earlier this year.

According to the advert in the Irish News

It is expected that a Chair will be appointed in early 2011, with the remaining Non-Executive Directors being appointed in the Spring.

Although, if the DRD statement in the BBC report is anything to go by, Spring may be late next year…

In a statement the Department of Regional Development (DRD) confirmed that it had launched a “full appointments process” to replace the chair and up to four interim directors.

The DRD said the process was expected to take six months to complete and would be “carried out in an open, transparent and independent manner”.

Terms and conditions appear to be the same as before.

And if it does take six months that would be beyond the original remit of the interim NED appointments – which, from June 30, was for “an initial period of up to 9 months”.

Assuming the interim Board of NI Water will remain in place until their permanent replacements are appointed.

Speaking of which, when does Máirtín Ó Muilleoir actually “step down” from the Board?