Helping to govern Ireland better

Hard pressed policy makers in Dublin who are under fire for the state of governance exposed by the financial crisis ought to take a look at this multinational project  to create a new model of governance hosted here by the Institute of Government in London. This is no post-imperial exercise but a rigorous set of comparative analyses which touch many of the points where government affects peoples lives. Examples..

Government better at handling complex issues closer to citizens benefiting from the radical improvements available in information technology

The Swindon Family Life project that for families in crisis, our current way developing policy and funding action militates against problem-solving, producing costly and ineffective services

the radical changes which more transparency can make to the interaction between citizen and government.

the kind of leaders we will need in this new world.

These are the issues on which government wil be measured more and more. What’s missing in this treatment is a frank appraisal of how policy reform interacts with the messy business of politics. But each country can adapt the model for itself.