On the Cameron and Clegg revolution…

You get the impression listening to Stormont politicians that Westminster is doing nothing but finding ways to make their lives more difficult… If you read nothing else in the FT this week, try this profile of the new coalition at Westminster. [paywall]  This quote from David Laws gives a decent impression of how it is for the cohabitees at least:

“The economic liberalism of the Conservative party and the social liberalism of the Liberal Democrats have been convincingly combined. And the liberals in both parties are now firmly in charge.”

That’s not far off how it feels on the Tory side of the house. And despite differences over Europe, it’s the depth of the cuts in state spending that’s likely to keep the right wing of that party sweet for some time to come. And politically:

Instead of embodying weakness, the coalition represented about 60 per cent of voters and held an 80-seat majority in the House of Commons, offering a sturdy political platform from which to put ideas into practice.

But do read it all…

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