Butchering more English than….

The X-Factor ‘Hope for Heroes’ single makes a return after a year off (are those cheering masses I hear?), this time the RNU are the republican group to take up the challenge of creating a ‘parody’ video (it won’t last long on Youtube).

éirígí orginiated the mock X-Factor video idea in 2008 and despite their version of ‘Hero’ being removed from most streaming sites it is still available on their website

The Republican Network for Unity effort certainly won’t have the same ‘shock’ value being repetition of an old idea but also because they spell ‘heroes’ as ‘heros’ throughout. The main attack ends up being an attack on the English… language.

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  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Actually its a good idea.
    And about time someone challenged the whole notion of these “heroes” which is nothing more than a cynical ploy to get the British people on board with an illegal war.
    The whole poppy nonsense now seemingly compulsory…..the inability to attend a football match without “heroes” all around.
    At last Republican dissidents do something worthwhile.

    And ongrats to the Garda for intercepting a bomb on its way north too.

  • Drumlins Rock

    try this too Mark, its more up RNU street I imagine.

  • Drumlins Rock

    or how about a wee bit more of your sorta heros

  • Dixie Elliott

    Sure even when running from the German army at Dunkirk the British were ‘heroes’ ffs!

  • Dixie Elliott

    Oh and even their pigeons were heroic during WW2, so what chance had the rest of the world against a nation that gave medals to bloody birds?

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    What a great video — hopefully whoever did the captioning won a nice new box of crayons.

    Pity they forgot to tack the official figures for ‘the troubles’ onto the end: Roman Catholics killed by the British Army 266 / Roman Catholics killed by Republican Paramilitaries 381. Heros indeed.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Mark, they also spelt Sunday as Sunaday.

  • Irregardless of spelling mistakes and it apparently being an ‘attack’ on the English language etc…

    The message of the video is that the British Army has been responsible for scores and scores of cold-blooded murders of Irish citizens. Not least during the recent Conflict, one just has to listen to and read today’s news….

    Ardoyne victim, Micheal McLarnon was gunned down by British troops – need I say more?

  • pippakin

    Republicans killed more Irish people than the British and they can say that in any language they like its still true.

    Anyone who cares about Ireland should care about that.

  • Mark McGregor


    I know the intention behind it, a little effort on a spell check before letting it go out in your group’s name wouldn’t have been a bad idea though.

    As you see above you not only face agitprop from republicans more careful, like eirigi, but video pieces by those with real issues with republicanism who have equal access to youtube.

  • JJ Malloy

    The people who took the time to make this video are the real ‘heros’.

  • Nunoftheabove

    ArdEoin Republican

    Do you support the ‘resistance’ in Iraq and Afghanistan and, if so, on what basis you lend them your support other than that they are the enemies of the British army ?

  • billy

    “pippakin says:
    1 December 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Republicans killed more Irish people than the British and they can say that in any language they like its still true.

    Anyone who cares about Ireland should care about that.


    In the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, more blacks were killed by fellow blacks than were killed by the racist whites.

    Does that render the ANC’s cause unjust too, Pip?

  • pippakin


    It does not render the cause unjust it renders the method unjust

  • Nunoftheabove


    There are at least two bigger difference:

    (i) the whites lost; and
    (ii) it wasn’t armed action (black on black OR black on white) which inflicted the defeat.

    Your point about black on black violence rather highlights the problem with your own argument. It was both wasteful AND counterproductive (leaving aside, if you really want to, the morality of it) and if anything prolonged the conflict.

  • Tweedybird

    JJ Molly & AE Republican; would you please get that massive chip of your shoulder and take the blinkers off, I can feel the hatred coming through both your posts. We could all quote statistics of the past to justify our individual aspirations or opinions but where does that really get us??
    Furthermore, how do you class the Canadians, Americans and the other international forces out there or is it just your hatred of anything to do with the ‘big bad Brits’ ( in your eyes)

  • Pip, whilst I accept that Republicans killed their fair share of Irish people over the years, this is clearly about the British Army and the pretense that they are heroes……

    Sadly, most victims of the Crown Forces and their relatives have been ignored by the State and forgotten by the mainstream media. Therefore, its not surprising the hostility from some quarters to those who wish to remember and commerate those hundreds of victims…..

  • Mark, totally accept the valid points U make regarding spellings etc and I will endevour to ensure it doesn’t occur in future…Thanks for the heads up.

  • wj

    “Oppose the armed forces in Ireland, (Iraq, Afghanistan)” Couldn’t that be construed to include all armed forces in Ireland – not just British ones, but Republican ones too. Though I doubt if that was the intention,

  • ‘Nun’, in answer to your loaded question…….

    The main reason why British Imperialists are occupying Iraq and Afganistan is because they got away scot-free with all their atrocities in Ireland.

    The community I come from suffered immensely at the hands of the British Armed Focres and its surrogates and we know only too well that the same type of corrupt system of occupation dominates both Countries at this time.

    Anyone who thinks different is living in denial of the terrible and bloody history of the Crown Forces!

  • Jacques76

    Well said, Pippakin. For me, as the result of the bravery of many British and Irish men and women, amongst countless others, we are now free to have these debates and not have to exist in an ethnically cleansed, totalitarian nightmare. Can the horrors of our recent ‘Troubles’ compare to the hell of the early 1940s?

  • JJ Malloy


    I was being sarcastic. Notice how I made fun of the fact that they can’t spell ‘heros’?

  • Nunoftheabove

    Ard Eoein

    So you won’t answer the question then. Further, you now seem to be sdaying that the Cown Forces are in Iraq and Afghanistan…purely because they can be – is that your argument ?

    To be clear, I am in no doubt about their behaviour in Ireland. You seem to be saying that they are uniquely poisoned though as a matter of principle no matter where they are, is this really what you believe ?

  • pippakin


    I understand the urge to condemn the British but to do so is such lop sided way spoils your own argument. Btw I also understand how easy it is to overlook a misspelt word when proof reading, which is why when a small group do their own work, I recommend two people proof read. Believe me its worse when a telephone number is wrong…

  • Skintown Lad

    “Irregardless of spelling mistakes and it apparently being an ‘attack’ on the English language etc…”

    Looks like AR won the crayons Gerry lvs Castro…

  • SeanMac

    So what if there is spelling mistakes, disgust,hurt and anger was the motivation for creating that peace, not a dictionary.

  • 2 frys 2 teas

    Paddy and Mick find three hand grenades and decide they best take them to the local Police Station and hand them over.

    Paddy says “Mick what if one goes off before we get there?”

    Mick says “Sure we’ll just say we found two”

  • joeCanuck

    Anyone care to explain what they think might have happened to the folks on the Falls or in the Bogside if the UK government hadn’t sent the troops into the streets and instead let the N.I. Government send in the “B” Specials?
    Cup of tea anyone?

  • Dixie Elliott


    The British Army were sent into the Bogside because the RUC/B-Specials had lost control and got the sh-t kicked out of them.

    If you think that the B-Specials weren’t involved in the Battle of the Bogside along with loyalists then you are living in cloud-cuckoo-land.

    When the Brits arrived they set up barricades around the Bogside and their guns were pointing inwards. Hardly protecting anyone except those in power.

  • joeCanuck


    I know what happened in the Bogside. But what about the Falls? How many more streets would have been burned out if the Specials involved had been allowed to put their uniforms on?

  • Dixie Elliott

    Again Joe, the British Army were deployed in Belfast against the Nationalist people not to protect them…

    Deployment of British troops
    On 15 August, at the request of the RUC, a regiment of the British Army (The Royal Regiment of Wales) was stationed on the Catholic Falls Road to keep order. This marked the start of Operation Banner. Several prominent republicans, notably Belfast IRA leader Billy McMillen, were also arrested in the early hours of the morning and detained.

  • joeCanuck


    What about the cups of tea?

    We’ll have to differ. I think they were initially sent in to prevent a pogrom. I have no idea what direction the squaddies pointed their rifles or what their inital instructions were.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin



    The Irish intellectual heavyweights are at it again!
    No wonder the ‘Republic’ is in such a crisis today when there are no outspoken intellectual heavyweights at all in the protest camp on this island ….. but just halfwits.

    The heroes song in the UK whilst being a great song by Bowie and it’s a good rendition by the X Factor kids but it is an appalling piece of propaganda for the British MOD. Just as cheap as the thing above that was probably made by disgruntled Irish teenagers.

    Kinda time Irish folk got over our past, the north etc… no wonder we are stuck in the present quagmire. The psychology of folk on the island is so fucked up. Move on and get over it.

  • Willhelm

    You have to laugh at the anti British bigots comments about running from Germany etc. I don’t suppose it was as bad as finding IRA men on Uboats or the disgusting anti Jewish sentiments from Republican thugs and heroes.

    Must be really galling though, to wake up last week and find us Brits had saved that third world, Celtic Tiger from bankruptcy. Bwhha