You take the man out of West Belfast but his MP will (eventually) follow…

I was going to leave this caustic piece of graphic satire from the Bavarian Orange Blogspot to Moochin, who spotted it on Facebook this afternoon, but then someone punted me this post from former West Belfast resident Anthony McIntyre, whose former MP is about to become his bright shiny, new Sinn Fein TD… Clearly, he cannot believe his luck

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  • qwerty12345

    Satire is best when there is some truth in the barb, that said, the first pictorial offering on the link is an utterly bizarre fail.

    Apparently the Shinners have a problem with “Poles, prods, kikes, darkies, nips, dagoes and free thinking catholics”

    Someone invoke Godwins law quick and point the miscreant in the direction of a few facts.


  • joeCanuck

    McIntyre’s piece is very funny indeed.. read it.

  • pippakin

    Very funny.

  • circles

    yeah qwerty (or qwertz as we’d call you here) the first one was so abysmal that it actually prevented me from seeing anything funny in the rest.

  • USA

    Tend to agree that the Bavarian Orange Order stuff is lame.

    Anthony McIntyre obviously writes very well but this was not one of his stronger pieces. Read too much like sour grapes, same with his posters. Lots of personal animosity and little substance, which is unlike Anthony McIntyre really.

  • alanmaskey

    These pieces mock the Master. When the Third Reich was heading for collapse, a RC priest in Bavaria heard a weak joke about Hitler and a sidekick and repeated it (kinda black humour given the way the war was going). The Gestapo heard of it and the priest was Disappeared, then guillotined.
    One of the problems the Third Reich had was that as much of it was based on a personality cult, there had to be zero tolerance towards mocking the Master.
    Where is the anti Adams wing in PSF? We hear of it all the time in FG and FF and even with the Unionists. But Gerry does not like opposition. He disappears them, metaphorically speaking.
    If Adams is made out as a joke, he will be laughed back across the border.

  • joeCanuck

    I hereby invoke Godwin’s Law.

  • Rory Carr

    As USA has already noted, McIntyre’s piece contains “lots of personal animosity and little substance.” USA however seems to consider that that “is unlike Anthony McIntyre really,” while I, among others, happen to think that this is precisely his style and as time goes on his unsubstantiated attacks on the Sinn Féin leadership grow increasingly shrill as his desperation at being ignored becomes acute.

    Of course, insofar as he believes that he has any substance in his opposition to Sinn Féin and the peace process now would be an ideal opportunity for him to test his credibility with the electorate and where could be more appropriate than among the people where he lives and works ?

    He surely cannot allow Adams to contest the election in Louth without putting himself forward as the Truly Madly Deeply Republican candidate. Now if only he can persuade Abraham Van Helsing to be his agent.

  • Anon

    tyre, whose former MP is about to become his bright shiny, new Sinn Fein TD

    That’s still well below a certainty at this point.

  • joeCanuck

    I’m not a big fan of Adams, as you know, but there are some who post here frequently who seem to positively loath him. That can’t be healthy. I have occasionally hated something or someone myself but if it is maintained, I believe the hatred becomes self destructive.

  • alanmaskey

    Mary Harney used to use the same ploy against her critics, Your argument boils down to saying that the vast majority who do not vote should either stand for election or stfu.
    Refugees frmm the North have a whole range of options open to them, from standing for election to supporting anyone but Sinn Fein/Adams.
    From a Republican abstentionist viewpoint, the traditional move was: a curse on all their houses. RSF supporters in Louth will take that approach. Others will weigh in behind local democrats and try to keep the Master out.
    McINtyre, both as a commentator and as an Irish citizen, has a right to play his hand as he will. Making fin of the Master is as good as any. What is the sore point? Mentioning the Disappeared or the Cooley “informers” who are not even allowed the lowest place in Adams’ “no hierarchy of victims”.

    Finally, congratulations to Prince Wiliam and his granny for giving us some nice news to keep PSF’s bs off the front page.

  • keano

    People go on about anti-adams, how could anyone with a heartbeat and half a brain be for Adams. Happy days when sinn fein was about irish freedom, now they are the same as fianna fail/fianna gael, its all about protecting the party. And these shinner activists, do they really believe the sun shines out Adams ass??? Their defending Gerry on every turn has totally turned me against them, i never thought i’d see the day. its almost comical the defence the shinners put on slugger. Sinn fein should now be looked as a bigger enemy of Ireland than the brit government. I suppose they are the brit government. Who could ever have seen the shinners enforcing brit rule in Eire? sinn feins actions are driving people into dissident ranks so I suppose we can thank them for that. Hopefully the only good thing to come from the Gerry Mcgeough situation will be a Tyrone free from sinn fein brainwashing. im sure Mcgeough’s neighbours friends and comrades are wondering whose door will be knocked on next! Gerry Bradley, Anthony Mcintyre, Brendan Hughes, Richard O Rawe, these men are the cream of the crop and look how they have been treated. wake up shinner supporters

  • Of course Adams is regarded by many as an utterly sinister individual not so much with blood on his hands; more covered in the stuff (as well possibly as home made napalm).

    However, for a convicted murderer like McIntyre to be implying that Adams was involved in criminality brings pot and kettle to mind.

  • joeCanuck


    Can you think of a Shakesparean character to compare with? Richard111 perhaps?

  • Joe,
    Not off hand. However, much as I loathe Adams and regard him as a terrorist godfather I find people supporting McIntyre’s attack on him odd.

    Let us remember that McIntyre is a convicted sectarian murderer who is no doubt angry that he wasted 18 years of his life in gaol; refused to wash, smeared his cell with faeces and then tried to commit suicide.

    However, his greatest anger is not the above waste nor the ending of another human’s life but rather that Gerry Adams felt it appropriate to help end (at least temporarily) the IRA’s sectarian murder campaign. That seems to be the central tenant of McIntre’s beef with Adams.

  • redhugh78

    Keep dreaming, Tyrone is a safer strong hold for SF than any other county in Ireland.

  • paul

    richard orawe the 14th

  • alanmaskey

    Turgon. You are a naughty boy. You must first have empathy with your enemy. You must see his side of the story.
    McIntyre was a foot soldier, was he not? Adams was a little higher up the ladder, was he not?
    Who, in your mind, would be more guilty, the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler on the one hand or Adolf Hitler and/or Heintrich Himmler on the other. Rank them. Here is my ranking
    1. Most evil: Heinrich Himmler.
    2. 2nd most evil: Adolf the altar boy.
    3. also ran: the footsoldiers.

    Himmler pips the great dictator for the gold because he was a chicken shit.You would blame the footsoldiers.
    The SS ended World War 2 as Europe’s most ethnically diverse force, a big plus in today’s PC world. Throughout its history, its men were picked for their fighting ability, not for their ability to weave a web of deceit with their tongue. Why were IRA volunteers picked? Say what you like about the SS but they were brave. Adams speaks about bravery: has he ever shown the physical kind?

    ps: You can buy for $1.99 at
    and spread the good news on our leader.

    pps: for thowse of you dropped on your heads as babies: We vuse the SS and friends as we are gauging depths of evil/shades of black.

  • joeCanuck

    For the second time today, I invoke Godwin’s Law. Obsession isn’t just a fragrance.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    “cream of the crop”

    When it comes to blowing up grannies, shooting kids or disappearing youths with learning difficulties, certainly.

  • Sentin

    In the past ten years the unionist vote in NI has decreased by 0% and the nationalist vote has increased by 0%, in a background in which those of “Catholic community background” of voting age have increased by 2%.

    In the quest for a united Ireland this is actually worse than pathetic. Nobody seems to dare point this out however.

  • Munsterview

    Maskey unmasked : come election night you and your Special Branch buddies, retired and otherwise will get your answer. I and others like me will be content to wait for that !

  • Munsterview


    Since there was no chopper load of securecrats from the South slammed in to a mountainside to clear the decks for the Peace Process, there will be a lot of disgruntled, bitter, well pensioned Maskeys who failed to prevent the rise of Sinn Fein, around for quite a while yet !

  • Macbhrad

    Percentage increase in the vote. Control of Belfast city council the bastion of unionism and representation in every county in Ireland. Partition cannot be blamed on the current sinn fein leadership but they must be saluted for going in to dismantle it. Adams will going down in irelands history as an Irish patriot and as for driving people into the ranks of dissidents. Are you for real. No support and not one person come forward as a spokesman. Why doesn’t orawe or McIntyre stand for a mandate to challenge Adams et all. Rem Bobby was the first of the current phase to dip his toe into the electoral process to highlight the injustice in the blocks. No one is administering Brit rule only working to change it and your dissident Heros will only engage in violence for violence sake

  • Munsterview

    Senator Doherty, Sinn Fein, who took a Superior Courts action to protect the democratic rights of Donegall citizens from your friends and fellow travellers is at 40% in the polls this evening while ‘law and order, I will not have Shinner about the place’ Kenny’s is slugging it out with Labor in to avoid last place for the big parties.

    There is his answer……. and yours!