Royal Wedding

God almighty I hate Royal blasted weddings…..

  • Thomas Mourne’s post above is good. Though none of us would begrudge Her Majesty her properties, could they be put to more efficent use?
    I watched and listened to some Bonny Prince Charlie songs yesterday. Charlie, who couldn’t keep his kilt zipped, has been romanticised for leading Scots to slaughter.
    Our sister Scots must have been regulars if they couldn’t figure out what was going to happen at Culloden.

    My question and this applies to celbrity TV as well: is there something in ordinary people that they need tin gods thrust upon them?
    Prince William is serving as a Ft Lt in his granny’s air force. But if i was sinking off the coast f Hollyhead, I don’t know if he would be my preferred knight in shining chopper to rescue me. These royals are amateurs. play the cello, play polo, play at being soldiers more for a laugh or to kill the time. Yet people, all people, worship them as gods.
    I remember when Charles married Diana. I watched it with my workmates on TV. They all said how beautiful she was. I thought she had a nose like an ant eater.
    Later, on assignment in Australia, I was speaking to a babe who told me that years earlier, her aunt had brought her to the Sydney Opera House to see Princess Margaret. She expected a Disney type princess. What she saw was a canary with the nose of an elephant. Aren’t people odd?

    I wonder what the Highlander remnants thought when they found out Bonny Prince Charlie was getting his rocks off in Paris.

  • Procrasnow

    Great news, now we can deal with the Charles Camilla issue.

    He can never be king, not in a ‘Christian’ country anyway.

    His marriage to Camilla may be recognized by the state but it is not recognized by God.

    Matthew 5:32 (King James Version) But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

    and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery. That is Jesus Son of God speaking.

    but poor Harry if William has a son that son will take Harry’s place in line.

  • Procrasnow: Good points and quite right too that no divorceee etc. (We will leave good King Harry out of it). There is however a problem.
    Princess Diana, whom we all still dearly love, had to ,much on the traditions of the peasants of Malta, have a virginity test before she got the ok to go forth and multiply with lots of male heirs.
    I do not think Katie will pass such a test and nor do I think William was the first to drink at that pparticular well.
    But she must have got the Royal approval if she moved into one of Granny’s pads with Billy when “studying”.

    We can all agree that Her Majesty has always thought of England in everything she has done and, if you click through on my profile link, you will see she still soldiers on.
    England, home and beauty indeed.
    Still, down the years, she has had to adapt and us faithfully with her. Diana started off well but Fergie and Celebrity Knock out was probably, in hindsight, not the way to go.
    We still need this figurehead and it is hard to know who will cut it after she goes (Long may she reign over us, lest anyone doubt my loyalty(). Harry is definitely out unless we want a split in the line.
    William looks ok but Katie is not fully kosher. Her mother calls the lavatory the toilet or bathroom (horrible Americanism that) and she chews gum, for God’s sake. And probably leaves it stuck on well upholstered chairs for Royal bums to sit on.

    Finally, I do wish Fitzg surfaces again soon. I do find all this Jacobite music great and i have been going around singing about that pretentious prick Bonny Prince Charlie for a few days now.
    Alas, sister Scotland…..

  • Alias

    Actually, Americans don’t use the word “toilet” as the regard it as a vulgarism. They’ll use ‘restroom’ for public toilets and ‘bathroom’ for private ones.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    There was much talk of “Wilhelm” going off to Australia to be Governor General in the fading hope that his and lates presence will so endear the Aussies to the Mother Country that it wont become a Republic.
    Alas Australia is no longer Menzies fiefdom.
    For the benefit of alanmaskey, I can indeed recommend many Jacobite songs for his enjoyment.
    Apart from those already mentioned, I recommend
    Ye Jacobites By Name ..which is either pro or anti Jacobite as it is coded.
    The Massacre of Glencoe (much missed Corries)
    Bonnie Dundee
    Sky Boat Song
    The Roses of Prince Charlie
    by extension Id recommend Bonnie Lassie of Fyvieo which is mistakenly identified as Jacobite featuring ye heroic men of Fitzjames Horse……but is actually based on a less savoury incident a century earlier.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Oh and Isla Grants “Ghosts of Culloden” rather twee and sentimental in my view but the video on YouTube features spectacular footage based on I think the BBCs Battlefield Britain series.

  • Procrasnow

    Alan, you are not surely suggesting for one minute, no better make that one second, by your comment that our Dear William has been engaged in the first sin of Sodom.

    Mind you Prince Charles dropped a hint that could be interpreted that such was the case in his ‘been practising long enough’ remark, but one would wonder how would he know?

    Now I am not suggesting Homosex, when I used the term the first sin of Sodom, In Jude verse 7 it is listed first, the one Big Ian either overlooked or didnt want to offend those who might vote for him by mentioning it, in his ‘save Ulster from Sodomy’ Campaign. In Jude the first sin of Sodom is Fornication, good old fashioned outside of marriage, straight sex, between a male and a female.

    Now if your suggesting that Alan, go wash that mouth out, Willaim is not like that he is ‘better wouldnt melt in his mouth’ good clean wholesome guy.



    Thank you for that Fitzg. I have stocked up on Corries. No one else seems to playthis stuff.
    Ghosts of Culloden is nice. But it all seems to be full of the romantic wind the Irish alos get intoxicated on.

    Ye Jacobites By Name was apparently a Brit/Campbellite song with lots of ani Papist/Stuart dung in it. Kinda the reverse of Rangers taking the modernly concocted Fields of Athenry.
    Ye Jacobites raises the question of who owns what music. Certainly a fascinating subject which I will follow up when next I am in the Isles.
    Interestingly, I know some RCs still there

    When I started reading your post about Wilhelm I thought you said Austria and it was back to the roots. But Austria was Habsburg turf, right? Those Hanoverians were tough cookies.
    It would be interesting to find out what Highlanders thought when the whole rucus was finished. Guess they weren’t happy little troopers.

    I would also like to know does Ft Lt Wales have to clock in or does he just fly choppers on his day off.

  • Mark

    He didn’t look very royal watching Blackpool yesterday. I wonder did he go into the dressing room for a chat with Ian Mensa Holloway afterwards.


    Mark, The Daily Mail were on the job for us. His mates don’t look they’d be much in a scrap. I’m listeing to all this Corries Jacobite stuff now, so if the door comes in now, I’m stuffe what with Bonny Prince CVharlie stuff blaring out..
    Though we’d all die for Wilhelm, big shots should not dirupt the start of games. Croke Park is notorious for it. Though we are all glad Holloway is a Royalist, he should not have gone to see the future King Billy before the game. Business before pleasure.
    Dix points for you mark, null points for Holloway.

  • joeCanuck

    I thought it was a stupid question, but your quip made me chuckle.


    At leastthe ring will be made in Wales. Let’s hope Her Majesty holds onto the stored Welsh gold so that future monarchs (no, not butterflies) can also use Welsh gold.

    Seems Harry is going to organise the stag. Should be a riot.

  • Mark

    Yes , memories of Johnno elbowing Mrs Robinson at the old Aviva come flooding back. What a great move as a captain ( we were beaten before a ball ( or balls ) were / was kicked , no grand slam that year. Dustin Hoffman would never get a game on that team. It’s a pity Ian Holloway has no latin gene in him. He does look out of his premiership. Kat’s old man did look under protected yesterday, lets hope he uses protection for the forseeable although I could see little harry getting in there on the QT. Alan , I could get used to this form of communication and 10 points for u2 me ol flower.

  • Mark

    Who said republicans couldn’t get on… ?

  • Mark

    Speaking of little harry, is he still going down on chelsy every weekend / going down to chelsea every weekend. I cant see Roman too pleased , all that oil money and the brits still have season tickets . I knew he would sack Ray the crab wilkons , no regaine in butchie’s kit bag . Still , he told a good joke and we won’t forget the cup final goal against brighton n hove rovers in 83. Fat boy slim lives in Brighton and we all know Zoe Ball has alot of away wins in her locker. I thick her ol fella is in the first stages ( been there 4awhile though ) poor johnny.

  • Mark: Yes, Chelsea is an easy mark and Harry would be right at home in there. Word, though, is he is bonking some rich South African babe, who loves him dearly but is cheesed off he is bonking all her mates as well. That’s our Harry.
    Kate Middleton will make a nice queen and perhaps, as you suggest, her dad needs more protection. But isn’t it a bit late for that now?
    I don’t know if Republicans can get on. Queen Vic (Her Majesty not the soapie boozer) was terrified of the Fenians, because they stood up for their principles.
    Seymour (and Dewi): Where do the Welsh fit into this Royalist malarkey? And don’t think the Catholic Crown Irish are not the forelock tippers they always were.
    When His Majesty King George V and Her Majesty Queen Mary dropped in to Dublin in 1911, the forelock tippers were out in force. Why should 2011 – a hundred years later be any different? Kilkenny, for example, won the dubious all Ireland that year, the first of a three in a row and Cork won the football.
    Then there were internationally minded Connolly socialists like my good self, PH Pearse and James Connolly, in alliance with our middle class friends, trying to push the boat of freedom out and others fomenting sectarian divisions. Then, like now, the Catholic Irish were mostly poor, uneducated, unemployed, hopeless forelock tippers.
    Anyway, back to listening to some more of the Corries and contemplating the strange fate of sister Scotland. Does anyone still hate the Donegal people hate the Adairs?
    Finally, if the Stuarts were our best bet, does that say null points about us?
    So much to ponder in a Royal wedding.

  • Mark

    Alan , there always teething problems at first.

    Chesly is the name of harrys long term bird , kates old man is william….. come on your cant just ignore the modern royals , and you an obvious royal watcher.